Welcome to the SickthingsUK Timelines!

In many ways the timelines are the heart of this site. They consist of my attempt at charting the complete history of Alice Cooper, both band and solo artist, including every show played and every public appearance, with as much supporting evidence as I can find. They are the results of literally thousands of hours of research trawling through newspaper archives, magazines, books, interviews and following even the smallest hint of information to see where it could lead.

Information, corrections and clarifications have come from all over the world for nearly three decades and I'm thankful to every single person who has sent in information. It's always gratifying to realise I'm not the only one insane enough to find the tiniest fact fascinating! Special mention though should go to Andy Michael who continues to supply endless insight and help, listening to some crazy ideas and theories, some of which have turned out to be true! Credit and thanks should also go to Brian 'Renfield' Nelson, Alice's late archivist and personal assistant who was always open to sharing information and ideas.

Unlike many such projects these timelines are separated out not into years, but into periods of time related to each studio album. So for example if there was a two year gap between albums, that timeline would start approximately when the album promotion started, and end just before the next album arrived. This makes sense to me because it avoids cutting off information half way through a long tour and restarting again on a new page. It's not always a perfect method, but it works for me and I hope it also helps people find things more easily without having to jump back and forth between pages. The exception is the early pre-Alice Cooper years up to early 1969 which are all collected together as there's less of a dividing line there.

As always, if you think you have any new information, corrections or clarifications please do email me so I can make the changes. I have a big advantage over physical books and articles, many of which have used these files extensively, because I can constantly update as new information turns up and I'm always happy to receive new info or help out fellow researchers of other artists.

Early Years Pretties For You Easy Action Love It To Death Killer School's Out Billion Dollar Babies Muscle Of Love Welcome To My Nightmare Goes To Hell Lace And Whiskey From The Inside Flush The Fashion Special Forces Zipper Catches Skin Dada Constrictor Raise Your Fist And Yell Trash Hey Stoopid The Last Temptation Summer 1996 A Fistful Of Alice The Life And Crimes Brutal Planet Dragontown Bare Bones Tour The Eyes Of Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds Psychodrama Tour Along Came A Spider No More Mr Nice Guy Raise The Dead Spend The Night Paranormal Detroit Stories Road