Billion Dollar Baby
by Bob Greene

Me, Alice
by Steven Gaines

The Circus Book
by Steve Demorest

Illustrated Collectors Guide
by Dale Sherman

No More Mr Nice Guy

No More Mr Nice Guy
by Michael Bruce

Golf Monster

Golf Monster
by Alice Cooper

Snakes Guillotines, Electric Chairs

Snakes, Guilotines, Electic Chairs
by Dennis Dunaway

They Call Me Supermensch

They Call Me Supermensch
by Shep Gordon

Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome to My Nightmare
by Dave Thompson

Not Only Women Bleed

Not Only Women Bleed
by Dick Wagner

Not Only Women Bleed

Sangre, Serpients Y Guillotinas
by Marc Gras

Por Un Billion De Dolares

Por Un Billion De Dolares
by Sergio Martos

Le Parrain Du Shock Rock

Le Parrain Du Shock Rock
by Eric Tessier

Remember The Coop

Remember The Coop
by Jean-Charles Desgroux

Bienvenidos A Su Pesadilla

Bienvenidos A Su Pesadilla
by Sergio Martos

Live On Tour | Backstage
| Private

Experiencing Alice Cooper
by Ian Chapman

Welcome To My Nightmare
by Martin Popoff

The Official Alice Cooper Colouring Book
by Rock'n'Roll Colouring

Alice Cooper In The 1970s: Decades
by Chris Sutton

Where Is Alice Cooper
by David Calcano /
Lee Lindsey

Alice Cooper
@ 75
by Gary Graff

Alice Cooper In The 1980s: Decades
by Chris Sutton

Alice Cooper From The Inside
Christophe Goffette

Living and Touring with Alice Cooper and Other Stories
by Mike Allen

Other Random Book-related trivia

At one point Alice mentioned his favourite book was Alice said 'Interview With A Vampire' and he almost acquired the movie rights when the book forst came out. He also used to have a German Shepard in the early 80's named Lestat, named after the main charcter in the book. In an old interview with author Anne Rice around 1977 or 78 she had wanted Alice to play 'Louis' and 'Sting' to play Lestat.

Several times over the years however Alice has named Kurt Vonnegut as his favourite author.

Michael Slade is the writing pseudonym of Canadian author and criminal lawyer Jay Clarke and various collaborates. His book 'Ghoul' has a byline written by Alice, an Alice Cooper dedication, and features a very Alice Cooperesque character. Clarke is a big Cooper fan.

'The Art of Classic Rock: Rock Memorabilia, Tour Posters, and Merchandise' is a huge coffee table book with a ton of music memorabilia photos from the collection of Alice show designer Rob Roth, including several pages on Alice Cooper who also provides a foreword. Well worth picking up as it's normally extremely cheap on Amazon (mine was £3!), in fact the postage costs a lot more then the book!

'What You Want Is In The Limo: On the Road with Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and the Who in 1973, the Year the Sixties Died and the Modern Rock Star was Born' is the very lengthy title of a book by journalist Michael Walker which includes a sizable chunk of text about Alice Cooper's 'Billion Dollar Babies' era.

'Alice Cooper and the Mystery Tits: Backstage Stories of Rock and Roll's Greatest Superstars' is a slim self-published book of photos and stories including some Alice Cooper content. The production values are low and at just 76 pages there's nothing new. Worth picking up if it's cheap but far from essential.

Alice has provided quite a few introductions to books over the years ranging from a few short words to a page or two. Titles include:

  • 'My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning ina Life of Rock & Roll' by David Ellefson (of Megadeth)
  • Not Only Women Bleed by Dick Wagner
  • 'The Art of Classic Rock: Rock Memorabilia, Tour Posters, and Merchandise' by Paul Grushkin
  • 'The Stooges:Head On: A Journey Through The Michigan Underground' by Brett Callwood
  • 'Golf For Dummies' by Gary McCord
  • 'Shock Rock' by Jeff Gelb