1971 - KILLER

Nov 9th 1971 Killer released [Date guestimated from Billboard Information.] - Most sources list the release date as November 27th, however that can't be correct. For a start November 27th 1971 was a Saturday, and albums in the US were released on Tuesdays. Secondly the issue of Billboard dated November 27th already shows it "bubbling under" the top 200 (it entered the main charts the following week) so it must have been on sale earlier. The Billboard chart showed data collected 11 days before the cover date (due to publishing run up time) and covers the week before that. That puts 'Killer' as being released on Tuesday November 9th 1971 at the latest. This Billboard discrepancy runs through many of the regularly stated release dates including the ones in the 'Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper' box set. If anyone can explain the inconsistancy better please email!

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Me Alice: Approximately here, the band fly to New York and move into a 42 room Galesi Estate mansion in Greenwich Connecticut.

Nov 9th 1971 Alice leaves London (passport stamp). Alice was due to record an appearance on 'Top Of The Pops' on November 10th but this never happened. His passport notes that his work visa ran out of the 10th November which is probably why TOTP was canceled.

Nov 10th 1971 A poster exists for a show at the Florida State Fairground, Tampa, FL (w/ Duckbutter and Rush (a local band)) Alice's passport stamp shows he landed in Miami on November 9th so it is possible he was on stage in Tampa the following day. Dennis Dunaway seems to confirm they did play a show on this date. The Tampa Tribune also mentions the show several times and to finally confim it happened they have a review on Nov. 11th which states the band where still using the electric chair and only played for 30 minutes!


Nov 23rd 1971 Reports suggest that after travelling on the same plane as the John Mayall band, the guys attended a Mayall show at the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

Nov 25th 1971 Morris Civic Auditorium, South Bend, IN (w/ Jonathon Round) - Warm Up Show?

Nov 26th 1971 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (w/ The Kinks)

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Nov 27th 1971 Saginaw Auditorium, Saginaw, MI (warm up show)(w/ Guardian Angel, Old Rationals) - 'Killer' is "bubbling under the Billboard chart at number 203 so it should have been in the shops before this date but only just. 'Love It To Death is still at 137.

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Killer Tour 1971

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Dec 1st 1971 New York, NY Academy of Music (two shows)(w/ Dr John, Wet Willie) - First show with Alice in the classic 'clown' make up. First Gallows appearance. Confirmed in Ann Arbor Sun (Nov 26th-Dec 9th 1971 issue) listings.
Photos exist by Len DeLessio of the band relaxing between shows. In one shot Neal and Alice are sitting holding a baby.. planting the idea for the famous 'Billion Doillar Babies' photo?

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Dec 3rd 1971 New Orleans, LA, Municipal Auditorium (w/ Dr John) [Billboard tour listings above][Listng in New Orleans Times Picayune November 28th] Confirmed in Ann Arbor Sun (Nov 26th-Dec 9th 1971 issue) listings.


Dec 4th 1971 Orlando, FL, (W.R.) Kemp's Coliseum [Ticket]
Dec 4th 1971 'Killer' enters the Billboard album chart at #83 while 'Love It To Death' is still at #145 after 38 weeks.

Dec 5th 1971 Baton Rouge, LA Independence Hall (w/ Dr John) [Billboard tour listings above] Confirmed in Ann Arbor Sun (Nov 26th-Dec 9th 1971 issue) listings.


Dec 7th 1971 Park Center, Charlotte, NC (w/ White Witch) ???

Dec 8th 1971 Columbus, OH, Ohio Theater (or Akron?) - Columbus confirmed in Ann Arbor Sun (Nov 26th-Dec 9th 1971 issue) listings.

Dec 9th 1971 Radio listings suggest Alice Cooper were featured on WIBA-FM 'Radio Free Madison' from Madison, WI today although whether this was an interview or not is unknown.

Dec 10th 1971 Indianapolis, IN, Fairgrounds Coliseum (w/ Canned Heat, Dr John, Pure Prairie League, REO Speedwagon) (Poster) [Billboard tour listing above] - Two boys were hospitalised for drugs overdoses and 17 other arrested. More then 5,000 attend.

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Dec 11th 1971 Dayton, OH Hare Arena (w/ Cactus and Atomic Rooster) [Ticket] [Billboard tour listing above] -
Dec 11th 1971 'Killer' has risen to 49 on the Billboard chart.


Dec 12th 1971 Toledo, OH Sports Arena (w/ Teagarden And Van Winkle, Bob Seger, Jonathan Round) [Billboard tour listing above]

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Dec 13th-14th 1971 Chicago ,IL Civic Auditorium (part of Roosevelt University) (w/ Dr. John, Poco, Humble Pie) [Billboard tour listings above] - Bob Greene is backstage at show and interviews Alice for the Montreal Gazette published on 15th January.


Dec 16th 1971 Kansas City, MO Cowtown Ballroom (w/ PG&E (aka Pacific Gas and Electic)) Two shows, 7.30 and 11.00 PM. [Ticket]

Photo Photo
Alice Cooper, said to be at the CowTown Ballroom

Dec 17th 1971 St. Louis, MO St. Louis Arena Annex (w/ Pacific Gas and Electric, Dust) [Billboard tour listings above] - Live recording included in the 'Old School' box set. Review in St Louis Despatch 18th December.

(Dec 18th 1971 Muskegon, MI, L.C. Walker Arena (w/ Dr John, Edgar Winter) - Source???)
Dec 18th 1971 'Killer' is at #27 on the Billboard chart.

Dec 19th 1971 Detroit, MI Cobo Hall (w/ Dr John The Night Tripper, White Trash (Edgar Winter)) [Billboard tour listing above, Show listing in Findlay Republican Courier December 12th and Detroit Free Free 10th December] - John Sinclair is said to have dropped in during AC's Set [Ticket]

Reputably photos of Alice Cooper at Cobo Hall.

(Dec 20th 1971 Cleveland, OH, Cleveland Public Hall (w/ Sha Na Na, J Geils Band) - Listing in Mansfield, OH News-Journal 19th December - Date is wrong see 29th December)

(Dec 21st 1971 Toledo, OH Sports Arena - see 12th?)

Dec 25th-26th 19711 Pirates World, Dania Beach, FL (w/ Hot City) [Billboard tour listings above. Cashbox listing, Miami News Listings.] Broward County - Fort Lauderdale News states 26th and 27th..


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'Killer is now at number 26 in the album chart.
'Under My Wheels' enters the singles chart at 88.

Dec 27th 1971 Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena "Christmas Shower of Stars" (w/ Bloodrock, J. Geils, Manassas) (14,400 attend, $91,000) [Billboard tour listings above. Monessen Valley Independent listing December 1st]

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Dec 28th 1971 Akron, OH, Civic Theater [Ticket] OR Baltimore, MD Lyric Theatre [?] OR Washington DC?[Billboard tour listings above] - The ticket and advert suggests the show was indeed in Akron.


Dec 29th 1971 Cleveland, OH, Cleveland Public Hall (w/ J Geils Band, Sha Na Na, Cactus) [Ticket] - [Review in Cleveland Plain Dealer 30th December and Elyria Chronicle Telegram January 4th 1972.] - Faked posters exist.

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Dec 30th 1971 Ottawa Civic Center (w/ Edgar Winter and White Trash, J Geils Band, Sundance) Show was postponed until January 1st as the band stuck in Cleveland due to a storm. The supporting bill made it thought and played anyway. Two adverts exist showing the different dates. [Billboard tour listings above]

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Facebook comments:
Scott Woodside: "I was there too. Fuzzy memories of Cooper not showing because of weather and Edgar Winters playing all night. A great night!"
Jeff Orange: "You're right about Alice not being there that night - He performed two nights later in Ottawa."
Mike Hudon: "Alice never showed he was stuck in Cleveland,it was Edgar Winter,and Yes Alice came New Year's eve"

Dec 30th 1971 'Dairy of a Mad Housewife' is in cinemas advertised with the byline "See Alice Cooper Perform!"

Dec 31st 1971 Winter Pop Festival, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario (w/ Edgar Winter/White Trash, Dr John, Sundance, Chilliwack, Crowbar) Largest gross for indoor show in Canada up to that point ($125,000) [Ticket] [Billboard tour listings above][Winter Pop Programme has 5 pages about Alice Cooper]

Poster Program cover
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Jan 1st 1972 Ottawa, Canada Civic Center(12,300 attend breaking previous record held by Grand Funk, $61,000)(w/ Elves) This was a replacement for the Dec 30th show
Jan 1st 1972 'Killer' remains at number 26th on the Billboard Chart.

(Jan 2nd 1972 New York, NY Palace Theatre - No listings or adverts in the Village voice. In fact the Village Voice and New York Times list the play 'Applause' featuring Anne Baxter on this date so it looks like it could be a red herring. Possibly confused with the suggested 'Alice at the Palace' project which never happened. It could also be confused with the Jan 12th Palace Theater show in Westbury, CT.) An audio recording exists maked as this, but that could also be wrong, or maybe it was marked "Palace Theater" and was assumed to be NY.

Sat Jan 8th 1972 Atlanta, Georgia, Municipal Auditorium (w/ Dr John (who cancelled), Hydra, White Witch) - Rumour says Alice arrested for using the snake on stage (Publicity Stunt?) but this isn't true. [Ticket] According to Billboard on February 5th this show (at least Alice Cooper and White Witch) was broadcast live on WREK-FM, a college radio station.
- 'Killer' rises to 22 on the Billboard chart. 'Under My Wheels' is at 79.

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Jan 11th 1972 The Orpheum Theater, Boston (w/ White Witch) - Listing in Boston Globe Jan 7th AND Jan 9th confirms as well as a Boston Globe review on Jan 12th that mentions Alice Cooper and White Witch but no Blue Oyster Cult, who have been listed as playing this show in the past. [Boston Globe January 23rd has an interview done before the show.]

Alice on stage, claimed to be at the Orpheum.

12th Jan 1972 Palace Theater Waterbury, CT (w/ The Elves)

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13th Jan 1972 Centre Sportif, Universite de Montréal ('Rock-A-Bye' TV footage shot) - Footage also included in the 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' Box Set.

Jan 14th 1972 Providence, RI, Loew's State Theater (Photos exist)


Jan 15th 1972 Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (w/ the Chambers Brothers, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen) Show sponsered by Electric Factory [Ticket]

Clipping Clipping

(Jan 16th 1972 Tucson, AZ (Real to Real recording exists with this info marked on it) - Could be unlikely due to the distances involved from the previous days show in Philladelphia. No mentions in Arizona local papers including AZ Republic and Tucson daily citizen which seems VERY unlikely should the band be playing in their home town.)

Jan 21st 1972 Evansville, IN, Roberts Municipal Stadium (w/ Wizard (from San Francisco), ZT Peacock, The Herd (from Evansville)) (Ticket exists) - Alice Cooper canceled due to "a member hospitalized for surgery" but show went ahead without them with Rare Earth replacing them on the bill. [Show Preview in Evansville Courier And Press January 9th and cancelation mentioned on January 15th and 16th. There's also a review of the Rare Earth show on January 22nd confirming Alice Cooper canceled. Mention they only had 8 days to advertise the revised show, so any Alice Cooper adverts will be before then.]


Jan 28th 1972 A Gymnasium likely Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke (or Salem), VA (Staying at the Roanoke Holiday Inn - Rolling Stone article mentions they are there the day before new Jersey "Roanoke was not like the deadly follies they'd see in New Jersey the next night." and later "this theater being the Passaic Capitol Theater in New Jersey" so the date is right. It also mentions that Baltimore is the night after Passaic so it all fits. Also a couple of eye-witnesses on the net who suggest Roanoke Civic Center but maybe Salem Civic Center which is close by.
UPDATE: It appears the Roanoke Civic Center and the Salem Civic Center may be the same place.
Quote from Roanoke.com: "Cooper made his first Roanoke Valley appearance on Jan. 28, 1972 at the Salem Civic Center — then called the Salem-Roanoke Valley Civic Center." Local newspapers DO refer to the "Salem-Roanoke Valley Civic Center" as well as every other combination of the words as well as "Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum"!! Adverts for other shows refer to Roanoke Civic Center. However someone else remembers them being different places.....
Also mentions Dave Liebert now tour manager.

Jan 29th 1972 Passaic, NJ Capitol Theatre (w/ NRBQ) [Ticket] [Billboard listing confirms] - 'Killer' remains at 21 on the Billboard chart. 'Under My Wheels' is up to 59.
(the above two shows were on back to back nights according to RS article)

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Jan 30th 1972 Baltimore, MD, Civic Center (w/ Momma, Scott Redbone, Bloodrock) The party at the Tic-Toc strip club According to Rolling Stone article (see 28th).


(Jan 30th 1972 Alexandria, VA, Alexandria Roller Rink (w/ Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels) - Eye Witness But this bill played on March 12th.)

Feb 3rd 1972 Berkeley Community Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Howlin' Wolf) [Listing in Oakland Tribune and Hayward Daily Review]

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Early 1972 Edgewater Park, Cleveland, OH - Article in the Daily Kent Slater on January 12th mentions a benefit show for the Kent Gay Liberation Front is "planned for next month" so that could be this listing, although there doesn't appear to be any more mentions of the event/connection.
Also there were festivals during the summer in Edgewater Park, at least on July 9th (dated photo and news reports, WIXY "Spirit of 1972 Appriciation Day" with James Gang, Buffy Ste Marie, Country Joe Macdonald and others. Adverts don't mention Alice Cooper, 80-100,000 turned up causing traffic and parking problems. Rain ventually stopped the festival).
There was also a "rock show" called "A Day To Remember" on May 20th which raised $20,000 for two local drug clinics organised by local radio station WMMS with pulled 15,000 people so this may be the best bet. Bands on May 20th included Fanny but Alice Cooper were elsewhere that day.

Feb 3rd 1972 Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA (w/ Howlin' Wolf)


Feb 4th 1972 Hollywood, Los Angeles, Paladium (w. Howlin' Wolf, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen) [Ticket] On day of show, the band get their gold "Killer" awards at WB office but 'Killer' drops four places to 25 on the Billboard chart.

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Feb (7th) 1972 - Killer released in UK

Feb 11th 1972 Seattle, WA, Seattle Center Arena (w/ Earthquake) [Also listing in Seattle Daily Times February 6th and other minor mentions. Support mentioned February 11th. Promoted by Concerts West][In a "review" the Seattle Daily Times February 20th mentions shows at the Paramount Northwest Theater and that they have played "twice this year". This would actually be July 9th and 10th 1971, but the show described in the review is the 'Killer' Show.]


Feb 12th 1972 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Park, Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC (Ticket)


Feb 16th 1972 Tucson, AZ, Tucson Community Center (w/ Redbone) - A small number of fans caused trouble at the show which got quite a bit of local press. Tucson Daily Citizen 19th February has report that rock bands that have "the potential for causing trouble" would be banned after the Alice Cooper show. [Review 17th Febuary in Tuscon Daily Citizen)] - There was a press conference before the show.

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Feb 18th 1972 Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM (w/ Cheech and Chong, Redbone) - Albuquerque New Times 17th February has a small piece saying Cheech and Chong and Redbone are opening for Alice Cooper at Civic Auditorium "tomorrow night". Also issue 10th Feb has same info. - Strangely there seems to have been more trouble at this show similar to the Tucson show. Albuquerque Tribune Feb 19th has photo and info clearly stating 'Civic Auditorium' while the Tucson articles clearly state 'Community Center'. Also Albuquerque Tribune 24th February clearly refers to two different shows so there doesn't seem to be confusion. (our original mention of "memorial auditorium" seems a red herring as there appears to be no such place) - Review in Albuquerque Journal 19th February and The Daily Lobo (Student Paper) on Feb 21st.

Feb 19th 1972 Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO (w/ Cheech and Chong) [Ticket] - Many unused tickest floating around. - Billboard today reports the band is working on new material to be recorded at AIR Studios in London. Also mentions their next single will be 'Be My Lover' which contradicts the single's release date in 'Life And Crimes' booklet. - 'Killer' remains at 24 on the Billboard album chart.

Feb 20th 1972 Convention Hall Community Concourse, San Diego, CA (w/ Badfinger, Pure Prairie League)(Review/Interview)[San Diego Union 2st February Review][Faked poster exists] - Photos of Badfinger exist. Listing in University of San Diego 'Bear Facts'.

Feb 21st 1972 'Be My Lover' released as a single in the US [Date from Billboard information]

Feb 26th 1972 Winnipeg, Canada, Winnipeg Arena (w/ Edger Winter's White Trash, Redbone (no show)) [Ticket] [Winnipeg Free Press March 4th has letters about a review of the show while the review was February 28th and lists support from Edgar Winter's White Trash. Advert on Feb 25th. 26th Feb issue adds Redbone mention]. - 'Killer' rises two places to 22 on the Billboard chart.


Feb 27th 1972 St. Pauls Civic Center, St. Pauls, MN (w/ Edgar Winter, Redbone) - Listed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune with listings and review (Minneapolis Star Tribune Feb. 28th).


End Feb 1972 The band receive gold discs for sales of Killer

Rolling Stone March 2nd 1972
"Hollywood Notes: Alice Cooper wound up a triumphant national tour with a gold record presentation at Warner Bros. in Burbank. The whole group, including pet boa Cochina, gathered in the office of Executive VP Joe Smith for the official photo session, only to learn that the gold plaques for Killer hadn't arrived from the plant. So if you ever run across a picture of the presentation, look real hard and you'll see what they grabbed as the last minute, from a pile of gold plates in an adjoining room: Jimi Hendrix's Rainbow Bridge . . "

Mar 3rd 1972 Harrington Auditorium, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA (w/ Blue Oyster Cult) [Ticket]

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Mar 4th 1972 Portland, ME, University of Maine Gymnasium (ebay listing, Photo) - Recording exists - 'Killer' has dropped one place in the Billboard chart to 23.

Billboard Advert

Mar 11th 1972 New York City, NY Academy of Music (w/ Paul Pena) [Ticket] (New York Times Listing (below), Eye Witness
-'Be My Lover' enters the Billboard singles chart at #81. 'Killer' drops to #29.


Mar 12th 1972 Alexandria, VA, Alexandria Roller Rink - two shows (w/ Redbone (didn't play according to review), Detroit) - Although it looks odd driving from NY to Alexandria, VA it's only about 250 miles, so it is possible for them to have done this show between the two New York shows. [Washington Evening Star March 13th has review and lists the show on March 5th and 12th.]


Mar 13th 1972 Ungano's Ritz Theater, Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY - Eye witness who booked the show says this was just after the release of Killer, and after Alice's Appendix operation (the scar you can see on the Killer calendar). "Johnny Podell gave us this gig as a thanks for the bookings in the past..... Alice was getting quite big here at this point and was selling out much bigger venues than ours." [Note: There could be an advert in the Village Voice around this period but the archive is missing issues between January and April 1972.]

Mar 17th - 18th 1972 Shows were booked for a return appearance at London's Finsbury Park Rainbow (w/ Freddie King) but it never happened. Tickets even went on sale [Ticket] for both nights but the venue briefly closed before the show could happen.


Mar 18th 1971 'Be My Lover' has risen to 76 on the Billboard chart, Next week it will be #72. 'Killer' reached 16 last week but is down to 29 today.

Billboard March 18th advert for 'Be My Lover' and 'Killer'

Mar 30th 1972 Phoenix, AZ [Date on Itinerary] - I struggle to believe this date happened. There is no listings or adverts in the AZ Republic or other AZ newspapers which is very unusual for a local show..


Mar 30th 1972 - Rolling Stone runs the "Golddiggers of 1984" story. A week later Alice writes the lyrics to 'No More Mr Nice Guy'(Article mentions they're in the Connecticut mansion.)

Mar 1972 - The famous "naked snake" pictures by Richard Avedon - Yvonne the current snake.


April 1st 1972 Richmond, VA, Richmond Coliseum (w/ Redbone (canceled?), Edgar Winter) [Date on Itinerary (see above)] [Show Preview in Richmond Times Dispatch March 26th and a review on April 2nd.] There were some local news reports about the fact Police stood at the door of the venue searching everybody for drugs or alcohol before allowing entry. Anyone found in possession was offered a refund if they didn't dispose of the items. Most presumably just went outside and drunk/used it all before going in! There were no arrests. After an investigation it was decided that while submitting to a search as a condition of entry was legitimate it was the job of civillian staff to do it and not a police matter. 7,753 attended.

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April 2nd 1972 West Indian Isles Mar Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico - Eye Witness believes Alice played April 2nd but as they played at 5AM it could technically be the 3rd. (w/ ELP, BB King, Allman Bros., Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Osibisa, Dr John, Fleetwood Mac, Roberta Flack, The J. Geils Band, Bloodrock, Dave Bedford, Savoy Brown, Poco) [Ticket] - Faked Black Sabbath festical posters exist.

The New York Times April 4th reports "sometime around 5 AM Alice Cooper came out to do his freakish rock routine. For once, the garish custumes, transvestite mannerisms, melodramatically sadistic routines that are his stock in trade seemed relatively inoffensive. Filtered through early morning grogginess, Alice Cooper came across more like the remnants of a grotesque nightmare than a serious rock group."

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April 8th 1971 Billboard 8th April 1971 reports that Bizarre Productions, Straight Records and Herb Cohen have started a law suit against Alice Cooper and Warner Bros. Records claiming contract violations. Cohen claims the they are owed money from the eight songs on 'Killer' as per an old contract.
- 'Be My Lover' is at #59 on the Billboard singles chart.

April 14th 1972 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Redbone) Redbone are listed on the poster but eye witnesses confirm they didn't play. It appears Redbone were booked for the next part of the tour and listed on many adverts, but that they pulled out and Blue Oyster Cult replaced them on many if not all those shows.


April 15th 1972 Lower Athletic Field, North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh, NC (w/ The Byrds, Blue Oyster Cult, Tom Rush. Mick Greenwood) - listed on BOC tour list as Raleigh University in Atlanta, GA. The show was part of an event called "All Campus Weekend" (different eye witnesses). (Byrds Timeline confirms their appearance.) Blue Oyster Cult replaced Redbone as evidenced by a review in the Collegiate student newspaper on April 21st.

All Campus Weekend, a yearly event at North Carolina Sate University. Eye witnesses list various other bands playing including The Byrds, Blue Oyster Cult, Tom Rush, Mick Greenweed and Redbone (who didn't show). The Byrds timeline confirms they played, and Tom Rush himself confirms he played and that there was a skydiving display and that the skydiver ended up landing straddling a 8 foot fence as he couldn't see where he was going n the dark! (Thanks to Hotrails to Hull for the extra info.)

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Sometime in 1972 Alice is given the keys to the city at the Hyatt hotel

April 15th 1972 'Be My Lover' is up to #55 after 6 weeks while 'Killer' is a #43 after 20 weeks.

April 16th 1972 County Hall, Charleston, SC. (w/ Blue Oyster Cult or White Witch) Photos exists claimed to be from this show. Some sources list "The Citadel Auditorium, Charleston SC" but there was no such venue. 'The Citadel' was a military school but there were no band performances there. Originaly info suggested "Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC" but this appears to be wrong according to a review in the 8th May Greensville News which confirms it's Charleston County Hall, SC.

Photo Photo Photo

April 1972 Most of School's Out recorded. Billboard also reports the band are being sued by Herb Cohen and Straight records.

April 21st 1972 Buffalo, NY, Memorial Auditorium (w/ Spirit, (Blue Oyster Cult also listed in some places)) [Ticket] [Letter]

Show Advert

April 1972 Academy Of Music, New York, NY(Listing in Billboard) - Apparently this didn't take place according to eye witness. see March 11th

April 22nd 1972 Long Island Arena aka Commack Arena, Commack, Long Island, NY [Ticket] (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Fleetwood Mac) two seperate eye witness claim Fleetwood Mac played. Mac were apparently supporting Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull at shows around now so not impossible. - Recording exists

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April 23rd 1972 War Memorial, Rochester, NY (w/ Advert states Lighthouse and Redbone but later news report (Democrat and Chronicle 22nd April) states Redbone have been replaced by Fleetwood Mac which review confirms) - Preview in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle April 16th and review 24th April.

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April 28th 1972New Haven, CT, New Haven Arena (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Edgar Winter's White Trash) [Ticket] - This is the same venue that Jim Morrison was arrested at a couple of years earlier. Alice mentions the fact during Dead Babies. This clipping mentions this show. - Recordings exist of both Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult

Rolling Stone Show Itinery from Blue Oyster Cult album advert (Hot Rails To Hull)
Note: There are many conflicts in this listing.

April 29th 1972 Plattsburg, NY, Memorial Hall Gymnasium, State University Of New York. - "Spring Weekend" in 1972

"One of the highlights of the Spring Weekend 1972 was the Alice Cooper concert held at the Memorial Hall gymnasium. For most students the memory of the concert will not be what kind of a performance was given, but rather the damage that was done to the gym! It is perhaps best explained by a letter written at the time by the then senior Pro-Tem, Craig Borner.
'Fellow students, you have outdone yourselves! Somehow you have managed to do close to $3,000 of damages to our gymnasium during the Alice Cooper Concert. Cigarette burns, broken glass, food, beverages, - all these things that you so deftly smuggled into the gym added to the damage.
...They may argue that the damage was done by outsiders not PSUC students, yet the vast majority of people who we confrinted for smoking WERE students here. Granted there were some "townies" there, including a thirteen year old boy walking around with a joint, and a sixteen year old girl flipped out on acid. Some "unknown" student had given her a can of beer laced with acid, unknown to her, and she spent the rest of the night in tears, frightened to death."
(Plattsburg University Cardinal Yearbook 1973)

Advert Plattsburg
Alice at Plattsburg University 1972

- 'Be My Lover' up to #49 on the Billboard chart. 'Killer' at #48

(April 29th 1972 Providence, Rhode Island, Brown College (w/ Blue Oyster Cult) - NOT an Alice Cooper show. This was a Blue Oyster Cult show with Ike and Tina Turner as per listing in the Brown Daily Herald, the University student newspaper. There is also a news report mentioning the same bill. Interestingly according to the Brown archives Alice Cooper were under consideration to play the 1974 Spring Weekend show but of course that wasn't going to happen.).

April 30th 1972 Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall (w/ Blue Oyster Cult ) (Rolling Stone Show Itinery)
NOTE: "Music Hall" was the original name for the Boston Orpheum Theatre although wikipedia states it was renamed long before Alice Cooper played there. However there was also another theater called "Music Hall" in Boston on Tremont Street, which was later the "Wang Theater" after 1983, so it's likely this was the venue played.
[Boston Globe listing April 28th states 'Sold Out' which could explain why I can't find any local adverts.] Billboard 22 April lists Todd Rungren opening this show along with other Alice Cooper shows we know he didn't play. The dates and venues are also not exactly correct. [Review in Boston Herald May 2nd]- 'Be My Lover' still at #49. 'Killer' at #45.

(May 3rd 1972 Raleigh, NC, University Of North Carolina (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Bishopsgate) - possible eyewitness Also see May 9th - The band defintely played in Raleigh just a couple of weeks earlier (April 15th) so it seems unlikely they would be back again. There is an article in the Technician student newspaper dated April 28th talking about a free show (as a thank you for the success of the April 15th show) on the 29th featuring Its A Beautiful Day and The Persuasions, so it seems unlikely they wouldn't mention the big name band who played that original show will be playing again just days later.)

May 5th 1972 San Antonio, TX, Convention Center, San Antonio Arena (w/ Canned Heat, Bang ) [Ticket] [Article in San Antonio Express May 5th has Canned Heat in place of BOC] and an eye witness states BOC did NOT play this show. (Rolling Stone Show Itinery lists this as 7th May)
Also called the Hemisfair Arena named after an event connected to the Texas World Fair in 1968. Hamisfair is also a neighbourhood in San Antonio.


May 6th 1972 Dallas, TX, Memorial Auditorium (Ticket stub exists) (w/ Canned Heat, Bang) (BOC Advert) [Ticket] Alternate advert exists listing Canned Heat rather then Blue Oyster Cult, which a mention in Billboard also says. [Wichita Falls Shepherd Senator 3rd May listing has Canned Heat as does listing in Arlington Citizen Journal May 9th and Dallas Morning News April 30th who have a show preview on May 4th.] (Rolling Stone Show Itinery lists this as 5th May) A BOC gig list shows them playing in Miami which would again reinforce them not playing this show as with the previous show. [Dallas Morning News May 4th has preview]


May 7th 1972 Houston, TX Sam Houston Coliseum, Hofheinz Pavillion (w/ Blue Oyster Cult or Canned Heat, Bang) (BOC advert) [Ticket] (Rolling Stone Show Itinery lists this as 6th May)


(May 9th 1972 Swannanoa, North Carolina, Warren Wilson College - Was this a BOC only show? Lots of confusion over the NC show.) - Likely a BOC only show if it happened at all which is doubtful. )

(May 9th-10th 1972 Rosyln, NY, My Fathers Place - Suggestion of Alice Cooper and Todd Rundgren playing. There is an advert for Todd Rungren only on this date so unlikely Alice played the same show.)

May 12th 1972 Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN (w/ Todd Rundgren, Free) [Ticket](Rolling Stone Show Itinery) - Advert and review apparently exist but no clues as to where.
This show could be the origin of the now famous Charlie Pride Snake story. The Danville Bee June 13th reports the story. Assuming the story is true of course. The truth of the story could possibly be found in a small news item in the Bakesfield Californian a year later.

May 13th 1972 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC (w/ Todd Rundgren, Free). [Ticket] (Rolling Stone Show Itinery) - Greensboro Daily News has preview.

Advert Advert

May 14th 1972 Greenville, SC, Greenville Memorial Auditorium (w/ Free, Todd Rundgren) (Rolling Stone Show Itinery lists Louisville, KT)


May 16th 1972 'The School's Out' single is released in the US

Billboard advert for 'School's Out' from 20th May.

May 19th 1972 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Chambers Brothers) (Rolling Stone Show Itinery)


May 20th 1972 Fayetteville, NC, Cumberland Coutry Memorial Arena (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Chambers Brothers ) [Lumberton Robesinian May 12th has Preview and a review] (Rolling Stone Show Itinery) - 'Killer' Still hovering around the mid-40s at #43.

May 21st 1972 Birmingham, AL, Boutwell Auditorium aka Municipal Auditorium (w/ Blue Oyster Cult) [Ticket]
Billboard lists this as Hampton, Virginia as does Rolling Stone Show Itinery - there is an eye witness who recalls a show with Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult but places it in July/August 1972 (HRtHull).

May 22nd 1972 Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Chambers Brothers ) [Ticket] - Mobile Register has a preview and review.


May 23rd 1972 Tifton, GA The New Woods or Abraham Baldwin College (w/ Blue Oyster Cult)

May 24th 1972 Jacksonville, FL, Coliseum (w/ Todd Rundgren) [Date on Itinerary and Billboard]


May 25th 1972 Pensacola, FL (w/ Todd Rundgren) (Billboard Listing) - possibly at Pensacola Municipal Auditorium as other bands played there during this period.

May 26th 1972 Tampa, FL, Curtis Hixon Hall (w/ Dr John, The Night Tripper, Todd Rungren) [Show Preview and in Miami News May 25th.]

May 27th 1972 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL (w/ Dr. John, Todd Rundgren and Eric Quincy Tate Band) A poster exists advertising "This Will Be The Final Performance, Ever, of Killer." It wasn't as they did it again the following night and for the next month. There were TWO Alice Cooper performances at the venue on the same day, 7.30 and midnight, after the early show sold out. According to Billboard (twice!) Alice Cooper's show was filmed and recorded. - 'Killer' still at #43.


May 28th 1972 Orlando, FL, Tangerine Bowl (w/ Todd Rundgren)[Date on Itinerary and Billboard] - Show was postponed until the following day (29th) according to news report. Preview in the Central Florida Future May 26th.


(? 1972 South Bend, IN Alice slips on liquid from the bubble machine and lands on a metal box, lying there for a few minutes while the crowd tries to pull him offstage until security guys manage to help him)

June 3rd 1971 'Schools Out' enters the Billboard chart at #88. 'Killer' is still at #42.

June 10th 1971 'Schools Out has risen to #63 on the Billboard singles chart. According to Billboard Alice pops home to Phoenix during his promotion duties.

(June 1972 New York - The band played without make-up or props - Me, Alice?)

(June 1972 Elected recorded at the Mansion and the Record Plant NY)

June 16th 1972 Harrisburg, PA, Zembo Mosque (w/ Brownsville Station, Mutt Lee)(Two performances - 6:30 and 10pm) - There is an advert in various issues of the Hazelton, PA Standard-Speaker offering transport the the Alice Cooper show in Harrisburg, PA on June 27th as well as various listings (every issue between June 6th and 27th) for the show on that date. However the band arrived in London, UK on that date so couldn't have been in Harrisburg.

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- 'Killer' down to #51 on the Billboard album chart. 'School's Out' is up to #53.

June 19th 1972 Many newspapers run the same report that the band are in trouble over the panties set to be used in the 'School's Out' packaging. The 750,000 panties failed to pass the Federal Trade Commision's Flammable Fabrics Test. However the distributers think they have a solution in a fire resisitant spray. The Charleston Gazette on June 24th has a longer version of the story.

June 20th 1972 IMA Auditorium, Flint, MI (w/ Mike Quatro) [Ticket] - Flint mentioned in Lancing State Journal 19th June.

from Flintexpats.com:

"Alice Cooper did a warm-up concert in Flint before doing a big tour. It was one of those concerts where the band could get the kinks out of the show and make it better before taking it on the road. The band was based in Detroit at the time, so they were able to drive up to the IMA Auditorium in the afternoon to get ready for the show.
Just before the show started, none other than Micky Dolenz of The Monkees showed up. Dolenz was in town to do a live appearance at the South Flint Drive-In where the movie he was appearing in — brace yourself…the R-rated Linda Lovelace for President — was showing.
Once Micky and the Alice Cooper crew met backstage, they started to party, and they worked out something to surprise the audience at the IMA. The final song of the show was Alice Cooper's "School's Out," and if you remember the song there's a long guitar note/semi-feedback noise at the end. But on that night the long guitar note went into another familiar song — the theme to "The Monkees.”
Once they went into the theme song, Micky bolted out on stage and sang the song with the band. Well, that was how it was planned, but Micky had a hard time doing anything because he was completely plastered after consuming mass quantities of alcohol backstage. They did the song, sort of, but Alice literally had to pick Micky up and carry him off stage. He was that plowed."
(Rich Frost, 2008)

From MyCityMags:

"On Tuesday, June 20th, Alice Cooper broke in his new 'School's Out' tour at a sold-out Flint IMA. Alice's manager, Shep Gordon, now having to top the 'hanging from the neck until dead' finish of the 'Killer' show, had reached into his bag of terrifying tricks and come up again with what promised to be a real winner. At the end of the act, Alice would be loaded into the barrel of a cannon and shot through the air over the audience into a net stretched across the back of the auditorium.
The dramatic staging was transfixing. Alice slowly donned a 'cannon suit' with masterful suspense. As the band droned a solid, throbbing tone, he courageously waved a pathetic salute to an anxious throng, bravely climbed into the weapon and disappeared. Lighting flooded the cannon and the drum roll began. A moment of sheer climax was at hand! Everyone held their breath. There was an ear-shattering explosion of fire and light. Smoke was everywhere. Protruding from the cannon's mouth was a life-sized, sad, rag doll dressed like Alice. Malfunction: the dummy hadn't even cleared the barrel.
The real Alice, of course, was hidden inside the cannon. It was sure dark in there, but he could hear the explosion. He counted to five. The stage lights would be struck by then and the crowd's attention diverted by spotlights on the flying dummy. In the absence of ejection, the lighting operators kept their massive beams trained on the main set. Alice emerged. Now there were two Alice Coopers on stage! Which one was the dummy? Ummm. 'Hi!'
Mercifully, the crowd enjoyed a special treat during Alice's encore. WTAC had brought Mickey Dolenz to Flint in conjunction with a major client campaign, and I escorted him backstage to meet Alice prior to the performance. Alice was thrilled greeting a real 'Monkee' and Mickey was excited to meet Mr. Cooper.
After roadies removed the faulty cannon from the stage, out came Alice Cooper, his band and Mickey Dolenz. The encore turned out to be a spontaneous ten-minute rendition of 'Hey Hey! We're the Monkees!' which Alice and the musicians knew by heart, having watched 'The Monkees' as teens back in Phoenix, AZ. As soon as the crowd recognized Mickey, a loud, rapturous celebration erupted and 6,000 voices joined right in.
(Promotor Peter Cavanaugh, My City Mag)

June 21st 1972 Holland Civic Center, Holland, MI (/w Mike Quatro Jam Band) - Local Spins has memories from the show but no useful images, but mentions the cannon may have been tried a second time here.


June 23rd 1972 Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA (w/ Humble Pie, Uriah Heep to 56,000) Canceled due to flooding. Rescheduled for July 11th. [Ticket] [Ticket] - This is the show that was rumoured to have the band fire Alice out of a cannon (proof needed, we now know they tried it at the two warm up shows above but were they the only times?) however other sources say the show was canceled due to flooding from the nearby rivers and NOT rescheduled. Could they be thinking of the show two days later?

Pulse Magazine Date Unknown:
"Cooper: We'd done the hanging, the guillotine, the electric chair. We'd done everything to poor Alice. So we decided to shoot him out of a cannon. That was about 1975 [Incorrect], and we had this cannon built that was about 20 feet long. So we were in Detroit, and I get in the cannon and escape out the back. And they load this dummy in and light the fuse. The thing goes, "BOOM!" and the dummy comes out about three feet and hangs out of the barrel. The next day we put the cannon away, and a week late somebody in the Rolling Stones saw it and said they wanted it. They wanted Mick Jagger to sit on it as a phallic symbol and make foam come out of it. So luckily, we didn't get stuck for the cost of the cannon.
(Story confirmed as TRUE by Renfield March 97)

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June 24th 1972 Allentown, PA, Allentown Fairgrounds - This show was announced in the Allentown Morning Call along with other upcoming shows.

June 25th 1972, Nazareth, PA Speedway (Muscular Dystrophy Benefit)(poster)(w/ Adam and Mama Lion, Son - another article mentions Humble Pie, Groundhog and Steppenwolf) - Canceled due to flooding. [Billboard 24th June mentions this show] The Monessen Valley Independent reports the Pittsburgh area was hit by hard hurricane Agnes. The show was originally postponed until the following Sunday before finally being rescheduled to July 11th.


- 'School's Out' is now up to #40 on the Billboard singles chart.

June 26th 1972 The first mention of the ill fated "Alice At The Palace' idea which never happened. The idea was to put The Alice Cooper Show on Broadway and it's reported the band have hired Tony award wining choreographer Michael Bennett to design the show that would open in October at the Palace Theater. The article is by future 'Billion Dollar Baby' writer Bob Greene!

June 27th 1972 The band arrive in London just as the 'School's Out' album is released in the US. - An advert exists for a show in Harrisburg, PA on this date but it is incorrect and didn't happen.

June 28th 1972 The band record School's Out for Top Of The Pops. Just previous to it being released in the UK.

June 29th 1972 Truck Stalls in Picadilly and the band party in Chessington Zoo.

Truck Invite

June 30th 1972 Wembley, London Empire Pool (Last Killer Show w/ Roxy Music opening) [Ticket]

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Melody Maker 1st week July 1972 talks about the band being in the mansion in Conn. Evonne is current snake. It mentions the Wembley show as being that week and the 15th July issue has a review/article about it.

July 1st 1972 The band leave London

July 1972'School's Out' Album released