A hopefully ever growing archive of (mostly) exclusive SickthingsUK interviews

Grahan Shaw Graham Shaw - June 2020
Graham Shaw wrote and played on what many consider Alice's best solo album, 'Da Da', in 1982/3. In this short interview he talks about the album and working with Alice and producer Bob Ezrin.
Ken Mary Ken Mary - September 2015
Ken Mary was the powerhouse drummer behind 'The Nightmare Returns' tour, and the 'Raise Your Fist and Yell' album and tour in the late eighties. SickthingsUK had the opportunity to ask Ken a few questions about his time with Alice as well as his long career, his studio, and his latest project 'The Drumming Hall Of Fame'

Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson - April 2009
With the news that Damon Johnson is returning to Alice Cooper this year we had a chat with the man himself to find out, how, why, and the future for that beard! Damon all talks about Motorbelly, Whiskey Falls amongst other things.

John Tatum

John Tatum - January 2009
Last year I heard from original Earwigs guitarist John Tatum who agreed to do a STUK interview, giving his insights into the beginnings of the group we know as Alice Cooper. For anyone interested in the early years John's memories are facinating, as he was there at the very beginning, at that first Letterman's show at Cortez, in a Beatles wig!

Stef Burns

Stef Burns Archive Interview 1999
Stef Burns is best known for his stint playing guitar in Alice Cooper's band in the early '90s, as well as being in the last incarnation of Y & T. Around the time he released his first solo CD "Swamp Tea" Kevin Julie of Universal Wheels had a chat with him about his work with Alice amongst other things.

Greg Hampton

Greg Hampton July 2008
Greg Hampton, co-producer, writer and musician on the Alice Cooper album 'Along Came A Spider' kindly agreed to chat to STUK about the making of the album. Greg talks about working with Alice, how the songs came together and all sorts of other things in this informative chat.

Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie Archive Interview 1996
This interview was prepared by Fanzine 'Hard N' Fast' just after Ryan's first tour with Alice but never published. We present it now courtesy of its author Alex Richter. Ryan discusses the 'A Fistful Of Alice' show, how he joined the band, and his previous projects.


Renée Ciarra (Jetsetter) February 2007
Jetsetter is the new band featuring Renée Ciarra, daughter of Dennis Dunaway. In this short interview, courtesy of Serge Nadeau, she chats about her influences and the band's new album 'Vaso Verga'.

Mick Mashbir

Mick Mashbir - May 2007
Original Billion Dollar Baby Mick Mashbir chats about his new album, 'Keepin' The Vibe Alive' and his time with Alice Cooper courtesy of Mitch Lafon.

Ryan Roxie

Keri Kelli - April 2007
Keri joined Alice Cooper in 2006. Alongside of that he has his own and Saints Of The Underground and a long list of credits before Alice. We caught up with Keri to chat about these things and many others.

Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie - Athens December 2006
Courtesy of Rockpages.gr who interviewed Ryan in the dressing room before his one off show in Athens 2007. Ryan chats about life, family and Alice in a relaxed setting with close friend Johnny Holiday of Star Star (and STUK was there as well).

Dennis Dunaway

Randy Meullier - Front Of House Engineer - December 2006
Alice Cooper sound engineer Randy Meullier takes time out to chat about life on the road with Alice and what it takes to put on the show you see up on stage each night. Many people forget that without the road crew there would be no show and these guys work incredibly hard each day to make sure you get the best show possible.

Dennis Dunaway

Michael Bruce - November 2006
Mitch Lafon completes his set of interviews with the original Alice Cooper by chatting with the self-proclaimed 'bad boy of the ACG' , the one and only Michael Bruce. After being very active in the early part of the century Michael has been off the radar for the last couple of years but kept himself busy and has news of a new CD of material, reunions, puddings and also his insights into the old days back in the seventies when he co-wrote some of the best know songs in rock.

Dennis Dunaway

Dick Wagner - November 2006
Mitch Lafon continues his halloween quest to talk to the major players in Alice Cooper history with this interview with Dick Wagner in which he discusses Dick's work with Alice, Aerosmith, Kiss and his current projects.

Dennis Dunaway

Alice Cooper - October 2006
Mitch Lafon catches up with Alice for a few minutes and chats about 'Zipper Catches Skin', Touring, the Christmas Pudding 2006 reunion (it was actually announced first in this interview) and various other topics.

Dennis Dunaway

Neal Smith - October 2006
Mitch Lafon catches up with the platinum god, Neal Smith, who talked for two hours about the past and present including the band split, Billion Dollar Babies, and the Christmas pudding reunion show.

Dennis Dunaway

Eric Singer - October 2006
A few words with current Alice Cooper and Kiss drummer Eric Singer on Alice, Black Sabbath, Kiss and the Eric Singer Project courtesy of Mitch Lafon.

Dennis Dunaway

Dennis Dunaway - September 2006 and October 2006
The first interview comes courtesy of Sickthing Matt Parish in which we hear from the legendary Alice Cooper founder member as he releases the first Dennis Dunaway Project album entitled "Bones From The Yard". Any interview with Dennis can barely scratch the surface but here he talks about the early days of the band, his influences, and his career away from Alice Cooper.
The second interview, courtesy of Mitch Lafon, is shorter but includes different questions and some interesting answers.

Damon Johnson - January 2006
The Alice Cooper band's newest member has had a busy career so far! From playing with Eric Dover in 'Chinatown', through Brother Cane to his current work with Alice, The Welfare and new band Slave To The System. Along the way he's come into contract with many a famous name including some collaborations you may have heard and didn't even know were him!

Steve Hunter - October 2005
Guitar legend Steve Hunter first worked with Alice Cooper on the classic 'Billion Dollar Babies' album and stayed with him for the rest of the decade. As one half of the legendary Wagner/Hunter guitar partnership Steve made his mark on many classic albums from Alice to his work with Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, David Lee Roth and Bette Midler.

Erik Scott - August 2005
Erik Scott was an integral part of the early 80s Alice Cooper band, playing on the 'Flush The Fashion' tour, co-writing and playing on 'Special Forces' and 'Zipper Catches Skin' (and co-producing). Now playing with Sonia Dada Erik shares his memories of the early 80s period and lets us know what he`s up to now.

Ryan Roxie - April 2005
Long standing Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie chats.

Chuck Garric

Chuck Garric - March 2005
Current Alice Cooper Bass player Chuck Garric has become a real fan favourite. Playing and co-writing the 'Dirty Diamonds' album as well as working with his own band The Drüts.

Tommy Clufetos - January 2005
Ex-Ted Nugent drummer Tommy burst into the Alice Cooper band in 2004 with a new energy and enthusiasm that powered the more stripped down 'Eyes' shows. He then played on the 'Dirty Diamonds' album and is currently in the engine room for Rob Zombie.

Eric Dover

Eric Dover - December 2004
Eric Dover played with Alice from 2001-2003 before heading off to concentrate on his own band Sextus who's first album "Stranger Than Fiction' is highly recommended.

Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner - October 2004
A second interview with Dick Wagner.

Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner - February 2004
Dick needs no introduction. The key songwriter on so many Alice Cooper classics in the late 70s Dick is a legend in the music world and still writing and recording to this day.