This was a fanzine put together by Andy Michael in the '80's and at te time was the only Alice fanzine ever! Andy admits that it's full of inacuracies but I still enjoy re-reading it. It's the most complete Alice history I've ever read, full of stories and 'facts'. How he researched this and the amount of work that must have gone into it is mind-boggling! The mag also featured loads of rare pictures and reproductions of adverts and promo stuff but unfortunatly as it was a photocopied 'zine the reproduction quality isn't up to much and scanning them is a waste of time.

The text of every issue is reproduced here "warts and all", with Andy's permission. However I have added some of the images or similar ones into the text in places.

There were 11 issues in all. :-

Editorial | Issue 1

Editorial | Issue 2

Editorial | Issue 3

Editorial | Issue 4

Editorial | Issue 5

Editorial | Issue 6

Editorial | Issue 7

Editorial | Issue 8

Editorial | Issue 9

Editorial | Issue 10

Editorial | Issue 11 | Constrictor Review Supliment

All text copyright Andy Michael 1983-1986