Editorial - Issue 7 (September 1984)

It's been quite an interesting few weeks for Alice fans just recently. Although there is still yet no concrete news on the album or tour, Alice has had thrust upon him a great number of mentions in the media while the media has been spotlighting other artists. The main piece of news (and I'm delighted to report it) is that Alice and his wife have been re-united following their seperation. it seems that the talk of divorce was premature and now the Cooper family of Alice, Sheryl and Calico is as it should be. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing them all the happiness there is for the future.

Now for the mentions and publicity which has recently come Alices' way: Well, Twisted Sister are obviously influenced by early Alice and in recent interviews, Dee Snider has been both complimentary and critical of Alice. In interviews with W.A.S.P., Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks, Alices' name was mentioned on several occasions. In fact, Alice was rrecently working with Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks but apparently their labours bore no fruit. Hanoi Rocks were recently working with Bob Ezrin and in fact they included their own version of 'Under My Wheels' on their live video. Boy George recently appeared on TV in the USA and also gave Alice a namecheck. Appearing on 'My Top 12', Culture Clubs' drummer, Jon Moss, chose 'Elected' as one of his all time great tracks. Whilst appearing on BBC's 'Pop Quiz', Moss was asked a question on Alice after a short clip from 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' (1973) was shown. A couple of weeks later, the questions 'What is Alice Coopers' real name' and 'What does his father do?' were asked with Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Michael Mullins (Modern Romance) supplying the correct answers. On BBC's 'Bobs' Full House', with Bob Monkhouse, the contestant was asked to name some famous Alice's. 'Alice Cooper' replied the contestant on the way to the big prize! On Thames TV's variety show 'Entertainment Express', a girl called Janiz performed a not-bad version of 'Welcome To My Nightmare'....

Radio One also featured Alice on their 'Three Of The Best' series... Appearing on Michael Aspels' chat show, Vincent Price was asked about having worked with Michael Jackson on 'Thriller' and he casually mentioned having worked with Alice in 1975. There have also been two new cover versions of past Alice tracks. American band .45 Grey have released their version of 'Schools Out' and here in the UK, a band called 'The Skeletal Family' have included their version of 'Black Juju' on their album.

Back to Twisted Sister and apparently, on their last album, there is a track, the ending of which sounds remarkably close to the ending of 'Dead Babies' and also onstage they have used a chain fence similar to the one Alice used in 1980 on the 'Flush The Fashion' tour. The recent injuries suffered by Salvador Dali in Spain have led to his life story being told on TV, the radio and in the press and his brief association with Alice in 1973 was also mentioned. Alien Sex Fiend, in the press release for the new album also cite Alice as a prime influence...

Many of you will have seen the 'Live In Toronto' picture disc that was recently released. Can I point out that this is a BOOTLEG item and is not an official release??!

So, it's been quite a few weks for hearing and seeing the name 'Alice Cooper', just like old times... Yet more mentions: on Jonathan Kings' BBC 2 programme 'Entertainment USA' which recently looked at Phoenix Arizona, Alices' store selling Red Indian art was shown with King giving a brief description of Alice ('was' a major artist? He still is Jonathan dear chap), as an influence on video!! Ridiculous! Also, Stiv Bators of The Lords Of The New Church said he and his band were trying to revive the spirit of Detroit as in Alice Cooper, MC5, Iggy etc. Further, on 'The Tube' TV show, Dee Snider, when asked if Twisted Sister were Kiss clones, replied that Kiss and Twisted Sister were 'Alice Cooper Clones'...

Also on British TV, a variety show featuring Womens Libbers and other feminist talent featured a decent rendition of 'Only Women Bleed' and on 'MY TOP 12', Siouxie of Siouxie and The Banshees voted 'Schools Out' into her choices ('I wish I'd been there' she said, talking of past Cooper shows). So, almost everyday, Alices' name has been uttered from various sources at a rate of nearly a couple a month. Even John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) has said nice things about Alice... It can't be long until a triumphant return to mass attention..

Oh! and Rick, in the last episode of 'The Young Ones' gave us a quick rendition of 'Schools Out'.