Editorial - Issue 9 (February 1986)

The gap between this issue and number eight has been too long - I admit it!! However over recent months, the fanzine has been beset by a number of problems ranging from not finding the time to put the thing together to having past readers tire of waiting for definite details of an album or tour by a certain gentleman. Since the last issue, there have been a number of developments which I'll attempt to put into some perspective.

First, last summer, Alice and Sheryls' second child was born and now Calico has a brother and his name is Dashiel Vincent Furnier Cooper.

With regards recording, Alice has now joined MCA records after constant rumours that he would join either Atlantic (which is part of Warner Brothers) or Island Records. Alice has been recording over the last few months with new people around him and the fruits of these labours should be made available reasonably soon. You will all be aware by now that Alice made a vocal appearance on 'Be Chrool To Your School', a track on the latest Twisted Sister album. Although it as good to hear Alice singing again, it was hardly a momentous track and one hopes that Alices' appearance in the video of the track with Twisted Sister has a little more spark and imagination.

The 'Toronto 1969' album which is available in black vinyl and in a picture disc form has been re-issued as 'Freak Out Song' with a new cover and also a different cassette version with a new cover. This is all facinating for the collector but these are NOT official releases. In Australia, a complilation album has been released called 'To Hell And Back', through Warner Brothers and an Australian label. Although it's a reasonable selection of tunes, it features the shabbiest artwork I've ever seen on an Alice album. Oh for the days of Pacific Eye and Ear.

Going back to Alices latest project, it seems as though any project with Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and others have thankfully fallen by the wayside! However, it does appear that Alices' new theme will unfortunatly by a return to the blood and gore of the past with the inspiration being movies such as 'The Evil Dead' etc. "Splatter Rock" is the term he has used I believe, but doesn't he realise he doesn't need all that? Oh well, we'll see....

A correction to last issue: Sheryls' eyes are brownn (not blue) and she did not move into Alices' house UNTIL they were married, so hopefully that sets the record straight. Apologies for any embarrasement caused etc.

I've been inundated with people asking for information about a bootleg tape which has recently surfaced. Dated July 1985 and having been recorded in Montreal at a concert, many of you have been under the impression that this is our very own Alice Cooper in a performance. Understandably, since the singer sounds UNCANNILY like the genuine article!! However, I can assure you that in Canada, there are at least two very good Alice Cooper imitators, one called Guy Jones and another who is introduced sinply as 'Alice'. When the real thing finally hits the boards again, you'll all be able to tell the difference!

Other bits and pieces, Alice made an appearance at a Chicago nightclub last Halloween where he took part in a magicians act including the old 'sawing the lady in half' trick!

The movie he made in Spain in '84 now titled 'The Bite' remains in a vault somewhere gathering dust. No doubt it'll be rush released if Alices' next releases are hits!!

On a sadder note, David Carron who wrote 'Clones (we're all)' died last August.

For the second time in a year Alice featured on Radio Ones' 'Three Of The Best' series, the tracks being played this time being 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'Elected' and 'Only Women Bleed', the latter of which, DJ Janice Long said 'I was going to say this is brilliant but it's not, it's MAGNIFICENT!'

Further versions of 'Schools Out' Dept: Joining 45 Grave, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Hazel O'Conner are Krokus and Annabella (formally of Bow Wow Wow). Ho hum...

By the way, a band called Sexagisma are now using an electric chair on stage... and apparently Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. is wearing theigh high leopard skin platform boots onstage. Now I'm sure someone else did all that 13 years ago... now who WAS that??

Oh and in a brief report in the British press last year, Alice is quoted as saying "My new band are full of musical muscle. They're musical Rambos." Another item of news is that Alices' sister Nicola married Frank Crandell, who co-wrote 'Dance yourself To Death' for the 'Flush The Fashion' album. The Cooper connection goes back as early as 1973 when Crandell was in a band called Jet Black whom Michael Bruce was interested in producing.

Glen Buxton fans will be pleased to hear that he is currently in a band called Virgin who do their own inimitable versions of past Cooper classics. Alice himself has various mentions in books by or about Derek Jarman (film maker), Diana Ross and Mae West.