Editorial - Issue 3 (April 1984)

Felicitations upon you my children and may your gronkies never be withered and may your brand new pair of shoes never smell of rotting wallaby.

As always, thanks to everybody who wrote in with kind words etc on ACA 2. It gets you right here....Any road up, what news be there? Well, as I told you Alice appeared on the Grammy awards presentation on Feb. 28th amd although he did not win the Best Video LP section, he at least got the nomination and he presented an award to The Police. By all accounts, Alice looked great!! I am indebted to Andy Blackhurst of Huyton for the following:

(photo copy of letter - text transcribed below)

From: Royal Court Liverpool
                                                     21st October 1975

Dear Sir

I very much regret that you were disappointed by the short
appearance os ALICE COOPER in the film "WE HAVE COME FOR 

May I assure you that the management of this theatre were under 
the impression clearly given by Columbia-Warner Distributers LLtd.,
the makers of the film, that Alice Cooper had a staring role.

In order to compensate you for your disappointment, may I invite 
you to attend, with a guest, any forthcoming production atmthis
theatre to your liking. Tickets will be issued to you at the Box Office 
on production of this letter.

Yours faithfully,

David M. Liddy

It would appear that a cinema full of Alice fans ran riot through the above theatre when Alice was only on screen for a few minutes during the above film. The film is of course, the one I described in the last issue as 'Medicine Ball Caravan'.


T'would appear that ex-Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry will be joining Alices' 'new' band according to a report in music paper 'Sounds'. Let's hope it's a creative union. Also, according to 'Kerrang!' magazine, Alices 2 year association with Warner Brothers is over and a new deal with a new label will be announced shortly. 'Kerrang!' also says that Alices next LP will be a follow up to 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (I think your gonna like it....)!!!