Sickcon1 was an Unofficial UK fan convention which was held on November 2nd, 2002, at the Limelight Club in Crewe. Around 350 die hard Alice Cooper fans attended and enjoyed performances by Sadness Killed The Superman, followed by a solo acoustic set by ex-Blue Oyster Cult member Joe Bouchard, a question and answer session, and finally Bouchard, Dunaway And Smith (with original Alice Cooper members Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway) who's stunning set lasted for well over 2 hours. Original Alice Cooper guitarist/songwriter Michael Bruce was also in attendence, and joined both Sadness Killed The Superman (as did Joe Bouchard) and B.D.S on stage, as well as happily accepting drinks from anyone who offered!

The event was a huge success, and you can check out various photos and video from the day below as well as the original 'Administartors Journal' I put together for the Sickcon website after the event.

The Show

Photos: Photos of BDS Live at Sickcon1
Photos: Michael Bruce and B.D.S.
Photos: Sadness Killed The Superman
Video: 'Caught In A Dream'
Video: Joe Bouchard Solo!
Photos: Q&A: "we might hire a belly dancer" says Smith
Video: Dr Dreary 'Sticks' with it

The Story and Theatrics

Prime Suspect
Photos: Police baffled over Murder
Photos: View the baffling note and photos found near the scene
Video: The opening theatrics
Video: See the original flash animated website.
Nowadays this is extremely dated, but it just about still works!

The Fans