Whiplash Advert

(Packaged photo courtesy of A. Weissman, The Flubber
Gallery, copyright 2006)

in 1973 'Whiplash' was released as the official Alice Cooper Mascara! It is exxceptionaly rare, and one of the most sort after collectables for any Cooper fan.

I know of 2 tubes of Whiplash in existence in the world.
(Renfield, September 1995)

Since this quote, and with the advent of internet auction sites like eBay, a couple more tubes have turned up, including one still in its original packaging, and even an original prototype, which was supposedly sold by Charlie Carnel's Brother for $1,825! Even now though this is one of the most sort after items of Alice memorabilia.

There is a nail polish whose color is alice copper but this is simply a play on words as has no direct Alice connection.

Above: Prototype 'Whiplash'.