Below is a list of the known titles for Alice Cooper songs that have, generally, never been released. It's is obviously not a complete list of everything that exists, but rather a list of songs that are know to have been written, demoed or even just mentioned by Alice but which have never appeared on an official album.

"I've been sitting here for about 5 minutes and I can remember a bunch of the songs but I'm blanking out on most of the titles. The main reason that most of these songs weren't on albums is that they weren't that good to start with. As far as style goes, it depended on the writer, but I would pretty much say most were basically rock'n'roll. Some of the songs were 'Best Friend' ('The Last Temptation'), 'Underground' ('Hey Stoopid'), 'The Ballad of Alice Cooper' ('Hey Stoopid'), 'Bad Angel' ('Trash'), 'Good Girl Gone Bad' ('Trash'), couple of songs by Blades and Shaw ('The Last Temptation'), a song with Bob Ezrin and Dick Wagner ('The Last Temptation' - sorry, can't recall the title at the moment), 'If 4th Street Could Talk' ('Hey Stoopid'). I'll try to come up with some more later.
(Renfield, October 1995)

"There were a few songs very early on before 'The Last Temptation' took shape ('Invisible Strings' was the name of one). And I think only a couple towards the end ('Blood Brother' was one).
(Renfield, November 1997)

The Ezrin 'Last Temptation' demos are loosely related to the concept. They were done kind of early on.
(Renfield, October 1995)

'Spirits Rebellious' was a concept that Alice was playing with around 1996/7. Alice mentioned in interviews that it was based on a short story and that lyrics were written. The title was finally to appear as a song on the 'Eyes Of Alice Cooper' album.

One of the most talked about unreleased projects would have to be the 'Alice's Deadly Seven', with Alan Menken. I have a whole page on the project here.

Please note that some of these songs were never recorded, even in demo form, and most will likely never see the light of day (comments from Renfield, March 1998 except were noted). Others have actually been released since this list was first put together and have been noted as such.

'Respect for the Sleepers'

Alice says this song was written for GB. To the tune of 'Muscle Of Love' it goes something like this:

Well, I don't really know myself
But, I ain't really tried.
After leanin' on that crazy stuff,
Too many friends have died

I'll be buried in the same old way,
But prob(bly) not for years,
Yeah, I'll be buried in the same old way
From TV, Whiskey, and Beer!

I got Respect for the Sleepers
But the Sleepers are Dead!
(Jeff Jatras, May 1998)

This track is now available on the 'Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper' Boxset.

Call It Evil

From the 'School's Out' day's, was rehearsed by the band, but not put on the album. The Song, co-written with Rockin' Reggie Vincent, is now on the 'Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper' box set.

Dress (AC)

"That one is something of a mystery. I have some hand written sheet music for this song with a few lyrics. I estimate it being written around pre-1970. I think it is credited to Alice Cooper on the sheet music, and I think that indicates it was written by all five members (as in the songwriting for the songs on 'Pretties For You'. Alice had no particular recollection of the title. I know of no recording of it.

Hello, Is Anyone Home? (Cooper, Bruce, Dunaway, Buxton)

Also listed as 'Anyone Home'. No Further Infomation on this one, but it's not the same song as the track on 'A Fistful Of Alice'.

Frontal Lobotomy (Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton)

This one exists in very rough demo form only.

School's Back In

Described by Renfield as 'a goofy' blues song by the original band, his one has been spoken about in relation to various reissues and special projects so a recording does exist. Going by the title, and the fact it's the original band, this must date from 1973-4 at the latest.

Baby Please Don't Stop (Neal Smith, ?)

Sung by Neal and recorded during the 'Muscle Of Love' Sessions. Reasonable recordings of this have been in trading circles for decades. The song turned up on Neal's 'Platinum God' album but isn't the original band recording of the song.

Locked Up Lullaby (Alice Cooper/ Bruce Roberts)

This song was performed live on the US TV-show 'TV Soundstage' in January 1979, with Bruce Roberts doing the main vocals but Alice also there. This is the TV show that also included Alice and Bruce Roberts performing 'Millie and Billie', accompanied by only a piano.

This was co-written by Bruce Roberts and from the 'From The Inside' sessions. It was considered for the box but was deemed not crucial enough. The box was is kinda ballad-heavy already and this would have been yet another ballad. If Rhino were to do a special reissue of 'From The Inside', I wouldn't doubt that it could be included there.
(Renfield (paraphrased), December 1998)

Menagerie - (Alice Cooper/Alan Lee Gordon)

"An AWFUL song which was written and recorded in demo from around the time of 'Goes To Hell'.

Hidden Persuaders

"A very rough demo" exists from 'Dada' sessions in 1982/3.

Don't Blame It On Me (Alice Cooper/Robert William Athis (Kane Roberts))

This was written for 'Constrictor' and recorded in demo form.

Drain The Vain (Alice Cooper/Robert William Athis (Kane Roberts))

This was written for 'Constrictor' and recorded in demo form.

If You Don't Like It (Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)

Written for 'Constrictor' and recorded in demo form. From the title it *could* be related to 'Lock Me Up' from 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' , but this is speculation.

Nobody Move (Alice Cooper/Beau Hill)

This was written for 'Constrictor' and recorded in finished form. There is a test pressing of 'Constrictor' that actually includes this song. It's decent, but nothing to write home about, but would likely be on any quality reissue of the album.

Summer In The USA AKA Hard Rock Summer (Alice Cooper/Robert William Athis (Kane Roberts))

This is from the 'Friday the 13th' movie and is heard briefly in the film on a car radio. It's now on the 'Life And Crimes OF Alice Cooper' box set.

Bad Girl In Love

This is from the 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' Period, but there's no more details.

Low Class Reunion (Alice Cooper/Desmond Child)

This was a demo recorded for 'Trash' album but didn't make the final cut.

The Ballad Of Alice Cooper (Jon Bon Jovi)

'The Ballad of Alice Cooper' was actually demoed by Alice. Both Jon and Alice did their own respective demos of the song. Jon sang a verse and chorus of the song live on the Rockline radio show. IMO the title is rather lame. Titles of demos are easily and sometimes changed by the time they are done for an album.
(Renfield, October 1995)

The lyrics, as sung by Bon Jovi on 'Rockline' went something like this:

Used to be a billion dollar baby
I used to be the eyes that made you scream
Used to be the one that I could talk to
But now there's something else [Alice?], there's you and me
I used to think I really didn't need you
But I used to think that only women bleed
And I ain't gonna cry no more
I've been to hell and back before
Watch me as I walk out the door
Because Alice doesn't live here anymore

Love Transfusion (Alice Cooper/Desmond Child/Vladimir Matetski)

Recorded by Iggy Pop for the 'Shocker' Soundtrack, Alice also recorded a demo of the song around the same time.

Take It Like A Woman (Alice Cooper/Desmond Child)

This was written for 'Hey Stoopid' but NOT recorded. It is NOT the same song that appeared on 'Brutal Planet'.

Chemical Reaction

Written and demoed for the 'Hey Stoopid' album. A version of this turned up on YouTube some years ago. Considering how many compilations there are of the Epic/Sony material it's a little surprising they haven't included this on one of them, but honestly they probably don't even know they have it.

Bad Angel

From the 'Trash' sessions. No further information

Aggrolat (Alice Cooper/Desmond Child/John McCurry/?)

From the 'Trash' sessions. No other information.

Good Girl Gone Bad

From the 'Trash' sessions. No other information.

Your Love Is My Prison (Alice Cooper/Child)

This was written for 'Hey Stoopid' and recorded in demo form.

Stiletto Libreto (Cooper/Richardson/Coler)

Listed as being writen by Alice, Ian Michael Richardson and Nicholas Coler - both also co-writers of 'Feed My Frankenstein'.

Growin' Up The Hard Way (Cooper/Child)
Sacred Heart (Cooper/Child)

Two more Alice Cooper/Desmond Child songs, but these appeared on the BMI database around 2022 so could be from much later writing sessions. Child was certainly posting on social media about having been writing with Alice around this time.

If Fourth Street Could Talk (Alice Cooper/Dick Wagner/Tommy Caradona/Derek Sherinian)

This was written for 'Hey Stoopid' and recorded in demo form.


From the 'Hey Stoopid' sessions. No other information.

I Dare You (Alice Cooper/Shaw/Blades)

This was written for 'The Last Temptation' and recorded in demo form.

Invisible Strings (Alice Cooper/Shaw/Blades)

This was written for 'The Last Temptation' and recorded in demo form.

Best Friend

Another one written for 'The Last Temptation'

Born Guilty

Again from 'The Last Temptation' period. A demo exists.


Alice mentioned this one on June 1st 1998 in an interview for London`s X-FM. No other information though.

Jezebel (Alice Cooper, Garric, Johnson, Morris, Roxie)

Unreleased song from the 'Dirty Diamonds' Sessions.

Midnight Crawler

Presumably from around the 'Along Came A Spider' period (Lane also co-wrote 'The One That Got Away') this song was written by Jani Lane of Warrant. There are two demos of the track, one with Alice singing and one with Jani. Both were made available after the singers death by Lane's former girlfriend Sheila Lussier on Soundcloud.

My Favorite Mutation (Cooper, Garric, ?)

A incomplete song mentioned by Alice in a 2011 interview for 'The Rockpit' as being written for 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' but left off the album. He mentions there was quite a bit of material from the album sessions that he liked but wasn't finished.
Update: Apparently this became 'Bad Situation, a bonus track on 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'.

Feng Shui (Cooper, Andrew Frampton)
Glitter (Cooper, Andrew Frampton)
Love's Sick Joke (Cooper, Andrew Frampton)
Like Stars (Cooper, Andrew Frampton)

All four of the titles above are listed at the BMI (copyright agency). None have been recorded or released as of writing.

As Long As My Heart Holds Out (Cooper, Dick Wagner)
Thief Of Hearts (Cooper, Dick Wagner)
I'm Gonna Haunt Your House (Cooper, Dick Wagner)
Keeping An Eye On Time (Cooper, Dick Wagner)
You Fed Me To The Wolves (Cooper, Dick Wagner)
Misery Train (Cooper, Dick Wagner)

More songs, this time co-written with Dick Wagner and registered with the BMI for copyright purposes, so they exist, possibly as Dick Wagner demos. Again there's no known release as of writing. These ones were registered around the time Wagner passed away, so could have been done to protect his estate in terms of any possible future royalties if the songs were ever used.

Hard Baby To Rock (Cooper, Wagner, Georgia Leigh Middleman, Ray Vivian)

Georgia Middleman is an American country singer who, as of writing, has released three solo album between 2001 and 2008. None of them appear to feature this song.
"Ray Vivian" is a mistake in the official copyright listings. It should be "Vivian Rae". Rae worked with ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Dick Wagner on several songs including 'The Light Of You Love' from the 'Remember The Child' project. Middleman also worked with Wagner so that's the connection. Even through this link I can't find any trace the song has ever been released.

Turn Back Time
Victim Victoria
You Were Lovely While You Lasted

Three songs listed as being written by Alice Cooper and guitarist Pete Friesen (Trash/Brutal Planet). No information on when exactly they might have been written.

Message In Your Madness

Nothing else known.


Listed on the BMI database as written by Alice Cooper. No other information.

Drowning In The Jealous Sea (Cooper, Wagner, Sherinian, Caradonna)

From around the 'Trash'/'Hey Stoopid' (1990) period this was apparently considered for 'Hey Stoopid'.

Fall In Love (Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith, R L Altman III, Titus Printice Glover, James Dewitt Yancey [AKA J Dilla])

This is a remix, recorded by Rap artists 'Slum Village', and features a sample from 'Shoe Salesmen'' hence the original band credits.

Cool Hand Loc (Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith, Matt Dike, Jeffrey Fortson, Lawrence Ross, Anthony Smith [AKA Tone Loc])

Another rap song, by Tone Loc, sampling Alice Cooper (hence the credits). This time it's 'Is It My Body' they sample.

There's almost certainly quite a few more of these sampled rap songs around. They are all going to be horrible so I have no intention of searching them out and listing them. They aren't unreleased songs, or even anything new of interest.