Kachina - (1971-1972) - Kachina the first snake and she was the 'Killer' cover girl. Kachina perished down a toilet drain in a Tennessee hotel room during the 'Killer' tour. She was actually owned by Neal Smith (who still owns snakes to this day).

"Kachina, was the name of Alice Cooper's first snake, it's the one on the 'Killer' album cover. Where he got it was from Neal Smith his original drummer.
Neal took care of it, made it fat and sassy for Alice to use on stage at night. One night Neal asked me to go to the pet store at the Totem Department Store that used to be on 32nd street and Thomas in Phoenix. He wanted me to buy live white mice, Kachina's favorite, she wouldn't eat dead mice or brown mice, she liked them white and alive. When I told the sales girl what I wanted and what for she said, "I don't think I can sell them to you for that." Then I asked to speak to her manager he said "Our business is to sell them the mice, what they do with them after they are sold is their business." Well, the story has a happy ending for Kachina and Alice.
They sold me the mice. Kachina ate before the gig that night feeling fat and sassy, and Alice was spared for another show that night.
Neal said months later that they had to catch a plane and they couldn't find her. They looked all over, since she was nowhere to be found they had to leave thinking someone must have taken her. Shep got a phone call from the the Holiday Inn, evidently she had crawled up under the bed springs and was left in the room. The next person to get the room was Charley Pride, a black country singer popular at the time. He called room service because there was a snake in his room! LOL"

"Alice had an even stranger pet in Topanga Canyon. His coffee table was like a giant fish tank with a glass table top and sand with rocks inside, you had to look close to see the Gila Monster lizard. Don't think he would like to brag about owning that since it is still illegal to capture. They have nasty teeth that they grind their prey with, and as a defense mechanism they blow themselves up with air to look bigger than bitesize, then open their ugly mouth to let out the most gruesome white noise. Alice says "It makes a wonderful conversation piece around the coffee table." (Band Friend Skip Ladd, March 1999/September 2000)

Yvonne (1972 'School's Out') - There was a rumour saying she almost suffocated Alice one night while he was preparing her for the stage, and that security guy Norm Klein cut her head off to free Alice. It's not true, just another story created for the publicity.

Eva Marie Snake (1973 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour) - Eva was named after a movie star (Eva Marie Saint).

Angel (1977 - 1979(?)) - Angel was the winning snake in a competition held in Anaheim in 1977 to find Alice a snake for the 'King of the Silver Screen' tour. She died when she was bitten by a rat during dinner time.

Veronica (?) - Alice spoke about a snake named Veronica during various radio interview, but it seems to have just been a name he threw around. Of cours ethe name of the snake in the first Marvel comic book was 'Veronica'.

Mistress (1986) 'The Nightmare Returns' tour (Credited on the back of the video).

Lady Macbeth (1998) The 'Rock and Roll Carnival' Tour. In fact, Lady Macbeth was the snake that was supplied for the European Tour by Sickthing Bill Crowe. They continued using the name on the US leg, but it was a different snake. In 2003, Bill got the call again and Lady Macbeth (the exact same snake) returned to active duty for the 3 UK Bare Bones shows in July. Again, a different snake was used in the US show and no snake was used in the mainland Europe gigs. Unfortunately she died in the mid 2000's and Bill obtained a new snake, Dali, who was used in subsequent UK and European appearances. Sadly Dali also passed away in 2013.

Since at least around 2000 when a snake is required Alice has generally made use of borrowed local snakes, changing as he moves around the world. He no longer owns a permanent snake.

Others information from Brian Nelson:

'Julius Squeezer' was a short lived name that I think it someone came up with in a radio contest.
(Renfield, December 1995)

By the 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' tour we were using a few different snakes off and on, and using different names back and forth for whatever reasons.
(Renfield, December 1995)

Alice and the band guys used to keep the snake in the old the days. Later it usually became the job of one the roadies (I took care of it for a couple of tours in the late 80's). The snakes came from various sources - there's a place in LA called "Slither City" that loaned us one. A friend of Elvira's was a snake expert and he helped us out a couple of times. There's a custom made metal case that the snake travels in that has a built-in heating pad in it.
(Renfield, March 1996)

I think the snake on the 'Hey Stoopid' tour was a python. All the others were boas.
(Renfield, August 1996)

The House Of Blues Show

Alice Cooper has been using snakes in the show for thirty years with few problems, until a show at the 'House of Blues' in Los Angeles in August (19th?) 1998, when it decided to relieve itself all over the floor.

"If we could get him to do that every night, we would," Cooper once remarked. "I never expected there to be eight piles the size of a Doberman Pincher and this thing just kept going and going. And Johnny Rotten was in the audience, and he says, 'God, do you do that every night?' And I said, 'Yeah, I know just where to touch the snake.' He was very impressed. That was one of the great moments on stage. There's hardly anything that compares to that, because there was nothing I could do. He just kept going and the audience was laughing and I couldn't do anything about it. It was all over - my whole stage costume was covered - and I had ten more songs to go, and it smelled so bad I was gagging..."

The Heating Pad Incident

While on tour in the USA in August 2004, the hired albino snake being used during the show had an unfortunate mishap. When the snake was fed it managed to eat its heating pad as well. Here is the full story as reported by the owners of the snake at Amazon Reptile Center

The snake was scheduled to be on tour for six weeks to perform nightly with Alice during one song . Of course, it is normal to feed a snake during this duration. So Alice Cooper's personal assistant, Brian, went to a pet store, purchased an appropriate sized rat and fed the snake. Normal stuff. What happened next is the odd part. The snake ate the rat but got a hold of a corner of her heating pad and proceeded to continue swallowing and eat the heating pad. Mr. Cooper's assistant found the snake as she finished this portion of her meal.
As much of a freak accident as this was, we have to figure that the scent of the rat was on the pad and that combined with the heat was enough to confuse the albino Burmese python to think she was still eating a rodent. Brian immediately contacted us to advise of the situation. Of course we had to find off-tour housing and a vet that could do the work not only for a reasonable price, but in the middle of Connecticut on a Sunday!
Brian and I started calling around and he found this 'rescue' facility after a series of referrals. The proprietor, Allison seemed trustworthy and caring. We all agreed to leave the snake at her facility and use the next day or two to find an experienced vet. Alice, Brian and I agreed to "retire" the snake from tour forever, and I signed ownership over to Allison so that she can live in a comfortable habitat. The snake went through surgery with flying colors and is recuperating in her care. The next thing that I knew, OUR SNAKE was FAMOUS and all over the news including CNN and even "The Tonight Show". Everyone's concern was for our snake to survive and it seems that this will have a happy ending.