This page is about official merchandise that's been released over the years, but for obvious reasons I'm not about to try and list every single licenced item ever released. That would be insane. Just in terms of t-shirt designs the numbers would be huge. No, this is simply a page to show some of the more unusual, fun or interesting items that have surfaced through the years that aren't covered elsewhere.
Also these are just the things I recall off the top of my head so if you remember something else by all means email me and send in a photo.

Bobble Heads


Knucklebonz 2017

Spencers Gifts 2001


Funk POP 2018

The first (top hat) Pop is the standad version, the second was exclusive to 'Hot Topic' stores in the US and EMP in Europe.

Art Asylum

1) The Jack-In-The-Box came in two versions, one holding a skull, and one holding Alice's own head.
2) Is an 18" figure which sings 'Welcome To My Nighmare'

Action Figures

Lunch Box

Teddy Bears

There have been multiple versions of the Alice Cooper Teddy Bears over the years begining around 2000.

Racing Champions Cars