Alice Cooper, Edmonton 1975

Prepare to be shocked... Alice Cooper, godfather of 'Shock Rock', killer of chickens and all-round bad influence on your kids plays golf!

Oh you knew... well of course you did, it's been no secret for decades that Alice is obsessed by the game, but despite that the mainstream press still seem to think they have uncovered some amazing fact, and run endless golf-induced headlines around the world. If it isn't golf it's a shocking report that he's religious. Somehow the music often gets forgotten completely.

Alice began playing golf back in the seventies and by the end of the decade could be seen at a few pro-am tournaments in the US. However this new, healthy addiction really took hold after he cleaned up in the early 80s, and since then Alice has become extremely good, his handicap being reported at one stage to be as high as 2-4 (which is very, very good apparently). Nowadays he plays almost every day, and is often accompanied by various band members who he's 'infected' over the years. He's been featured in endless golf magazines, TV shows and online articles and when not on tour frequently appears at various charity golf tournaments, including his own event in Phoenix every year. He even titled his second autobiography 'Golf Monster'.

Amusingly one of the most common statements the press used to come up with when talking, often disparagingly, about his hobby is that he played with either presidents or vice-presidents (Gerald Ford is often stated) something which at that point he had never actually done. Of course since the 80/90s Alice has probably played at over 100 charity golf events, so there's a good chnace by now he actually has played with a few ex-presidents or similar people, and he has played golf at least once with Donald Trump, although it was before he ran for office.

As of 2006, Alice claimed to have had three "hole-in-one's".