ConcertLive are a company who in the 2010s released various Alice Cooper products, seemingly with little to no input from Alice Cooper management. The information here is what I could gather from first hand experience and rather vague memories and that of other fans dealing with the company.

It all started in 2010 a company called 'Simfy' seemed to have done a deal allowing them to record live Alice Cooper shows and sell the recordings the same night. The recordings came either on a data stick or on CDr's, and you picked your copy up at a stall at the venue after the show. Because of time constraints only about 2/3rds of the show was on the discs/stick, the rest you downloaded when you got home.

This was a great idea, and while the sound quality of the recordings was hardly studio quality it was perfectly acceptable. However there were problems. At some shows their equipment must have failed, so they just pressed up a different show and sold that instead, hoping no one would notice. You could always tell, as Alice would normally mention the city he was playing at certain points during the show, for example during 'Be My Lover' or at the end of the show when he would shout 'Thank you (insert city here)'.

For a while you could also purchase many shows directly from their website, but again you didn't always get the show your ordered.

In the UK the same basic deal was offered by 'Concert Online' during the 'Theatre Of Death' tour. Shows available as MP3's on a data stick in a little card presentation box. These were great, but some people had problems downloading the final tracks, discovering either they weren't available, or that the recordings they could download were, again, from another show.

In 2011 a UK company offered the same service from the UK for various European shows. 'ConcertLive' made various shows available on double CDr sets in identical didgipak sleeves, with a small sticker on the cover to denote which show the recording was supposed to be. Again the encore's were to be downloaded later, and again people had issues trying to get the recordings, and sometimes finding that what they got wasn't from the show they had bought.

The shows were also available to download on the companies site, but again, what you paid for wasn't always what you actually got, or complete.

In the following years ConcertLive released various novelty items all repackaging the shows they had, including a badge/MP3 player, and a wristband, along with more normal products CD products.

For example they offered a 'Ultimate Live Collection' which featured three shows on 2cd's each in a large gold box. The shows advertised were Birmingham, Lille and Weisman 2011. It was offered as a limited edition 24 hour sale, but was on sale for a lot longer, and despite taking your money when you ordered it took months for the box to actually arrive. When it did it was a bit of a mess. For a start the box was ridiculously large for the limited contents, which had to be padded out by tissue paper and bubble wrap.

Then there was the content of the CDs. The Weismen show was in fact clearly the Alexandra Palace show that had been released officially as 'No More Mr Nice Guy Live'. The track listing included 'Fire' which was only played in London, and listening to it confirmed it was the London show.

The next set of discs was the Lille show, for which they had the wrong date printed on the cover. It was the Lille recording though (Alice always mentioned the town during 'Elected), but the whole show runs at around 2/3rds the correct speed! Everything is slowed down and it's almost unlistenable.

Finally you got to the third disc, Birmingham, which WAS actually Birmingham, and ran at the right speed. The track listing was wrong though...

They also released a vinyl version of their 'Ultimate *Live* Collection', which was a similar gold box with three otherwise available LP sets, 'No More Mr Nice Guy Live', the 'Slicker Than A Weasel' bootleg, and the 'Dragontown' studio album. So basically they made up some boxes and threw in three random albums they had in the warehouse.

By this stage even the most diehard fan was getting fed up with them. The endless delays in delivery, and the hopeless responses to issues with their products eventually wore people out and when they offered another 24 hour sale to their "top 100 Alice Cooper customers", this time a 7" box set of the same old recordings, most people weren't at all surprised to find the item on general sale before their 'priority slot'. In all honestly I don't know if the 7" set was ever actually released.

As of writing ConcertLive seem to have become 'Livestyled' and changed their business model completely, no longer offering their live recordings, and it's no great lose to Alice Cooper fans that they have. They were a cowboy outfit, with no quality control, who were just out to con dedicated fans and collectors out of as much money as they could get.