Alice has appeared in quite a few TV commercials over the years. What we're talking about here is advertisments that are NOT related to either his own music or shows. Below are just a few

Anti Drugs

Alice did a anti-drugs ad for Radio Luxemborg in the mid-seventies. It was a radio ad which basically went: "This is Alice Cooper and if I hear about any of you doing drugs, I'll come over and slit your puppy dog's throat". It's suggested by press reports that the ad was dropped as being too extreme, but it's on a promotional album compilation of a bunch of anti-drugs radio spots called 'Get Off'.

1993 - Fisher Studio 24

Alice appeared in a Fisher infomercial and magazine adverts for their then new 'Studio 24' CD management system with his real Mother.

Callaway Golf

There are quite a few Callaway Golf adverts featuring Alice. You can see a few above but there are more. One ad for golf equipment featured Alice and Kenny Gee(?). They're shown on a split screen going back and forth comparing things that they like - "novels - comic books", "jazz - hard rock", etc., then at the same time they both say "Big Bertha drivers!" They look at each other funny then start all over again. "Birdies - Eagles".
Another commercial has Alice at a microphone with a grey backdrop. He says "Hi, I'm Alice C. and I have a problem." It's supposed to be like a self help program (like AA but for golf addicts.) Yet another commercial features Alice and Sheryl Cooper sitting on a couch talking.

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Alice appeared in a short 'Rennie' advert in Australia. It's very reminiscent of his scene in 'Wayne's World' (and includes Brian Nelson)(See above). Set in a hotel a bellboy arrives at Alice's room to find the band doing normal everyday things like ironing. He has indisgestion so Alice offers him Rennies.


1995 - Miller Beer

Alice appeared in an advert for Millar beer. It was first shown on UK TV in November 1995. The Sun newspaper reported on it at the time as it was over three minutes long, very unusual for UK TV at the time and so unusual that the time and date of broadcast was advertised in advance. They also mentioned that Alice enjoyed making it immensely. It was over 3 minutes long and has Alice being interviewed in a 'Late Show' type setting. The band begin to play 'Elected' before switching to a short song about a coathanger (with chicken on stage) which Alice wrote especially for the ad. Many people commented on Alice Cooper, a reformed Alcoholic, taking part in a beer advert, however at no point is Alice seen holding or endorssing the product.


1990s - CompUSA

Alice appears at 'home' in a cardigan, but wearing the make up, in this early advert.


2002 - Marriott Hotels

Alice's advert for Marriott hotels received quite a lot of puublicity when it first appeared. Rock stars weren't really supposed to do adverts. Nowadays of course it's perfectly normal.



In 2003 Alice appeared in one of his most famous TV appearances, a commercial for the UK Sky channel advertising their new SkyPlus service. The advert featured Alice (in full costume and make-up) and legendary British comedian Ronnie Corbett eating gammon and eggs while talking about the service and how cool it was. The ad aired many times, sometimes in a shortened edit.


2004 - Staples

In 2004 Alice appeared in a US advert for Staples, the stationary chain. The commercial depicts Alice in the role of a father shopping for back-to-school supplies with his distressed daughter. It is NOT Alice's real daughter but a young actress called Madeleine Martin, who obviously is unhappy about the prospect of returning to school. She declares "I thought you said School's Out Forever?" to which Alice replies "No no, no, the song goes 'School's Out For Summer'. Nice try though". The irony is that the lyrics to the song DO feature the line 'School's Out Forever' several times.. so the Kid was right!
Interestingly Ms Martin later went on to appear in US TV series 'Californication', and in one episode her character sings "Only Women Bleed'.


2000s - Airpark

Alice has appeared in countless adverts for this Phoenix car dealership. Offically it seems he's an 'endorsee' but there's suggestions he's also a part-owner or something. It doesn't really matter either way as some of the ads are pretty funny. Alice has also done several public appearances at showroom and the company also co-sponsers various charitable events Alice is involved in. You can find a selection of them on the companies facebook page.

2005 - Service Arizona

On February 4th 2005 Alice filmed a road safety advert in Phoenix. A police officer stops Alice for speeding in his golf cart. ALice claims he couldn`t renew his license because the office was closed on a Sunday, but the cop points out he can do it online. Obviously this commercial only aired in the Arizona area.


2007 - John Varvatos

In 2007 he took part in a ad campaign (TV and magazines) for clothes designer John Varvatos. He also played a specal show for Varvartos on the opening of his Detroit store and the two have become firm friends. Varvartos was also involved in the release of the'Hollywood Vampires' album.


2008 - Bidgestone Tyres

2008 saw Alice featured in the superbowl half-time advert for Bridgestone Tyres called "Unexpected Obstacles". The ad featured a car driving along a dark road at night, swirving to avoid Alice and his snake in the road ahead. It later encounters camp US celebrity Richard Simmons and tries to hit him but the tyres make it serve again... sadly.


2008 - Samsung HDTV

Also in 2008 Alice appeared in a 90 second ad for Samsung HDTV. It's mildly amusing but possibly the cheapest ad campaign ever!


2008 - Aviva

Also in 2008 Alice appeared in a 90 second ad for Samsung HDTV. It's mildly amusing but possibly the cheapest ad campaign ever!


2009 - Sony Bravia

This ad starts with Alice on the tour bus in full costume talking about throwing TV's out of hotel windows. It then shows various 'roadies' continuing the theme.


2010 - Saturn

2010 saw him in a German advert for Saturn electronics stores. The commercial took place in 'Cooper's Bar' and also featured German pop star Bill Kaulitz of 'Tokio Hotel'. The ad campaign included various merchandise, posters and Alice's image on promotional leaflets and adverts. A 3CD complation album was also released with the 'Cooper's Bar' on the cover and included 'Poison', 'School's Out', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', and 'Hey Stoopid' amongst other rock standards. Ex-Alice Cooper roadie and execution Ron Volz was an art director on the commercial.


2016 - Apple Watches

Alice showed up in this short advert for the the then new Apple watch. The advert seemingly shows him trying playing golf and trying to make a putt but failing. He then looks at the watch that tells him he's walked far enough so he gives up and walks off screen.


2018 - Desert Financial

In 2018 he turned up in the superbowl advert for the Desert Financial credit union performing 'School's Out' and appearing from inside a ATM.


2018 - Fiat Chrysler

in 2018 he turned up in an advert for the Fiat Chrysler car which sees a guy running around finding various black items to decorate Alice's dressing room while 'Under My Wheels' plays on his car stereo. There are tow alternate Alice Cooper endings. In one Alice appears at the end in full makeup and costume, including snake, and in the other he's looking for his snake.

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Other Commercials:

  • Somewhere between 1969 and 1971 Alice Cooper filmed a commercial in which they were 'Excedrin Headache Number #27' (or #47 or #48 depending on source). However the Excedrin people go cold feet and the ad was never shown. The script called for them to surround a typical mid-American guy in a big overstuffed chair, screaming and banging on their instruments like the rudest rock & roll stereotype your imagination could produce.
  • Alice recorded the TV-Shop commercial for a rock compilation CD in Sweden, early in 1996.
  • Around July 1995, Alice appeared in a Sam Goody commercial driving a bus. It was only scheduled to appear in a limited area.
  • In 1997, a Molson Canadian Beer Commercial featured 'No More Mr Nice Guy' with a new vocal recording of Alice.
  • In the early 2010s ALice apparently appeared in an advert for Omega watches, but for the life of me I don't remember it and can't find any other information!
  • There have been many commercials using Alice Cooper songs in the background, normally 'School's Out' of course.