Somewhat strangely Alice, an American of course, took part in a performance by the 'British Rock Symphony' at the Royal Albert Hall in London on June 28th 1999. He also appeared on the BRS's sole album singing on a version of The Rolling Stones song 'Start Me Up' and The Who's '5:15' as part of the 'Celebration Suite'.

UK - Coventry Evening Telegraph March 25th
Ageing rockers this summer will whip their fans into a frenzy at a Warwickshire festival. The event is being staged by Roger Daltrey, who will front the British Rock Symphony, including a band, 40 piece orchestra and choir. Three other big names have been promised by promoters but will not be named until negotiations are completed. Songs to be covered are Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who.
An album will be released in late June and will include Daltrey, ALICE COOPER, Nigel Kennedy and other artists.

It's likely Alice's involvement was thanks to Roger Daltrey. A few years earlier he had appeared at another Daltrey organised show in New York's Carnegie Hall singing The Who's 'I'm A Boy' and this was a similar deal. On the night of the Royal Albert Hall show Alice was clearly the main draw. He appeared to sing the same songs he sang on the album, plus 'Another Brick In The Wall', and 'School's Out'.

The BRS also played the show mentioned above at the Warickshire Festival and that show was shown on TV, and later released on video. Alice appears in both, although his footage is taken from the Royal Albert Hall show, another sure sign they needed his name to sell product.

A further Rock Symphony tour, now called the "Classic Rock Symphony", took place in Australia, and surprisingly Alice also agreed to play these shows, as well as a few shows in South America after the first US leg of the 'Brutal Planet' tour. All dates can be found in the Brutal Planet Timeline.

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