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Why Buy Through SickthingsUK?

Reason 1: As with anything in life it seems, this site costs money to run. Not a huge amount at present but enough. However if the site is to expand it will need more storage space and that WILL cost more money. Any income from this site goes back into costs, so the greater the income, the more chance there is of expansion.

Reason 2: It costs YOU nothing! Many people use Amazon to buy things online already. Be it a DVD, book, CD, computer gear, cameras or toys, Amazon often stock it, and cheaper then your local store. If you order through this site a small amount goes towards supporting SickthingsUK. You pay no more then if you went to Amazon direct but every little helps me cover the costs of running the site.

I've made this area separate from the main site to avoid having large adverts or pop-ups littered all over the pages. I hate that, and I'm sure most of you do to. It's ugly and intrusive, whereas here you can come and find what you want when you want it, without having advertising shoved in your face all through the rest of the site. There are 'quick links' on various pages through out the site but hopefully they are unobtrusive.

So all I ask is that IF you are thinking of buying ANYTHING, use this page, or the search boxes on the front page, and see if Amazon has what you want at a acceptable price. By ordering through SickthingsUK you are helping me, at no extra cost to you, to keep this site running.