Miss Christine and the GTOs

Miss Christine Frka

Miss Christine (Christine Ann Frka) was a member of the GTO's, a band signed to Frank Zappa's 'Straight' record label. She is also featured on the front cover of Zappa's 'Hot Rats' album peaking over the edge of an empty swimming pool. She was Alice's girlfriend in the late 60s and has often been credited with creating the Alice Cooper look. While that is probably overstating it, the GTO's did like to dress the Cooper boys up like full size barbie dolls, and certainly Miss Christine would have had an influence on Alice. Christine Frka passed away on November 5th 1972.

From Alice's autobiography 'Me, Alice':

"I met 'The GTOs' at Cander's for the first time. 'The GTOs' were the first organised groupies and "GTO" stood for many things: Girls Together Outrageously, Girls Together Occasionally, Girls Together Only, and Girls Together Often. The five or six of them, Miss Christine, Miss Pamela, Suzi Cream Cheese, and Miss Lucy had started a rock band, but they were more of a mixed-media event than musicians. People just got off on them. They were a trip to be with. At the time we met, one of them was testing how far she could abuse her body with drugs. There was also a boyfriend who took so much amphetamine his bones had disolved, and he slumped in chairs like a rolled sock. Miss Pamela was a smiling open-faced girl who looked just like Ginger Rogers.
I met Miss Christine, the GTO I was to fall madly in love with, across a bowl of shared matzoh ball soup. She was one of the skinniest girls I ever met, and she made me look muscular. When she teased out her frizzy, mousy-brown hair, she looked like a used Q-Tip."

Pamela Des Barres (Miss Pamela) was another of The GTOs and in her classic autobiography, 'I'm With The Band' she has the following to say about the period she was involved with Alice:

"October 15 [1968]...Here I sit in the new pad. I finally found a ghetto in North Hollywood after 92 agonies... Oh, well, it's onward and upward with the GTO's. Christine and I went to see Mr. Tim and he was in the lobby with a mud pack on. So charming. He wanted to play ice hockey again, but Christine wanted to visit her new fave-rave, Alice Cooper at the Landmark."

The GTOs
Alice Cooper, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce with The GTOs.

The Landmark Motel was in the throbbing heart of Hollyweird on Fountain Avenue, very close to where Jim Morrison threw away the bottle of Trimar. Burgeoning rock celebs always stayed there; in fact, Janis Joplin was about to poke holes in her veins for the last time within its seedy walls. Christine was aflutter over Alice, a skinny, caved-in guy from Arizona whose real name was Vince. I had never seen her so perfectly put together-- her new outfit of one-half pant leg and one-half skirt was pressed to a stiff sheen; her clown eye makeup was nearing Emmett Kelley status; and she plucked imaginary lint from her lapels, expounding nonstop about the virtues of Alice Cooper. He was virtuous indeed; their blossoming romance was right out of a twenties movie, all innocence and flushed cheeks. They held hands and gazed at each other sideways, this tall, skinny girl we called the Dr. Seuss character of the group, and Vince/Alice, soon-to-become idol of millions. I don't know if they ever had sex, but they were clearly in love and made for each other at that precise moment in time. She gave him an outrageous makeup job and threw some of his clothes together into an outfit that defies description, enhancing his scrawny rib cage immensely. I met the rest of his group and took a shine to the drummer, Neal, and we sipped sodas by the pool while Alice effused over Christine and his new record deal on Frank's Bizarre label.
Alice had his very own autobiography, called 'Me, Alice', because he became so royally famous. He described us very sweetly (see above)."

"Rehearsals for the Shrine show went on and on despite traumas within the GTO camp. Christine was torturing Alice Cooper by dropping perfumed handkerchiefs in the pathway of Arthur Brown, who happened to be rehearsing His Crazy World right next door..."

From Pamela Des Barres website:

Miss Christine's Story: She, too was born in San Pedro of Yugoslav parents. She was a "sickly kid," she says, and had a "big complex about being skinny." (She is tall and lean, the type of girl who would have been called "beanpole" by her schoolmates.) "Pop music brought it all together for me socially," she said. "It brought people together, it gave me friends." She says she is the cold, cruel one in the group, but she's not. She's bright and quite outgoing. She met Zappa when he returned to LA from New York for a concert, when she was living in Franzoni's commune. "We talk about groups a lot," she said. "That's because it's glamourous and because we're very young. If you have a fave rave in a band, it's like having a soldier in the war; you write him letters and you worry about him." When Zappa returned to LA for good, she became his housekeeper and governess to Moon Unit, Frank's daughter. "Mercy and I sent the Velvet Underground a dozen roses with our pictures on the back," she said. "You can't be subtle." Miss Christine loves clothing and makes all her own, which can only be described as junkshop harlequin. The night of our interview she was wearing a knitted patchwork jump suit in a hundred colors, colored pipe cleaners coiled into her frizzed character; not a bad description."