'Halo Of Flies'

The Dutch release of 'Halo Of Flies' was actually only released by public demand. The story goes that a Dutch Radio DJ started using it as a radio jingle on his show
because he liked it so much. His listeners started to demand it be released as a single. It came in the Dutch national top 40 in 1973 at number 17 and rose
to number 5. Not only that but it came in at number 8 in the 1973 list of most popular songs ever and was still there at number 4 in a similar chart 40 years later!!
(Thanks to Angelo for the background info)

  Country Cat Number Date Other Tracks Sleeve Notes
7" USA? PJ9285(?) 16th August '71 ?   Rare Acetate
"Alt. Edit Version - 6:33"
7" Holland WB 16296 73 Under My Wheels Yes
7" Thailand     You Drive Me Nervous
Under My Wheels