What songs from Paranormal would like to see Live?

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Re: What songs from Paranormal would like to see Live?

Post by padre_sliprat » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:46 am

AliceFan wrote:
Daggers & Contracts wrote:
padre_sliprat wrote:I went to setlist.com and posted a phony setlist but deleted it cuz I didnt wanna cause any seizures. It went like this:

Paranoiac Personality
Pass The Gun Around
Brutal Planet
Wicked Young Man
Dead Babies
KIller/I Love The Dead
School's Out
Under My Wheels
You are defiantly "Caught In A Dream." *cloud9* However, not a horrible setlist & gives a nod to the "Classics" :clap:
Yes your fake setlist was better than the actual real setlist for this tour and unfortunately I don't think that it will change at all until the tour reaches another continent in September at the Rock in Rio festival, I think Alice is content with a very standard and basic setlist at least till then, it's a shame though cause the new album has a lot of good songs on it other than pp, that deserve to be heard live but we here in the USA won't here them this year. What is your opinion on this?
My opinion? There are a lot of songs which begin with the letter 'P' on my fake list. :laugh: If I'd meant business, I woulda killed SO, NMMNG, B$B, Poison, ILTD and anything that resembles a drum solo and replaced them with - Sick Things, Never Been Sold Before, Unfinished Sweet, World Needs Guts, Give It Up, Zorro's Ascent and Sideshow. But, it ain't my circus and I don't own a big goofy hat. :rotfl:
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