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David Lee Roth, 40 years ago...

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 1:06 pm
by Dannorama
From a July 1980 interview...

David Lee Roth: I had a terrible dream that one night I woke up and walked out of the dressing room and everybody said 'You can't go out there with your hair like that. You look like Robert Dandy or Jim Plant!!' So I ran back into the dressing room and cut off my hair, real short an' everything, and when I came out, they said 'Jesus Christ! Now ya look like Johnny Rotten!' So I went back there and colored it – what else could I do? – and I drew lines on my face and put on make-up. And what they said was 'Alice Cooper is dead!' And I woke up screaming.

Alice wasn't dead. He was devising.