Detroit Muscle Tour with Ace

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Re: Detroit Muscle Tour with Ace

Post by Daggers & Contracts » Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:32 pm

Dannorama wrote:
Sun Jun 06, 2021 12:56 pm
I scored 5th row in Charlotte. If this is anything like the 2019 show in Madison, WI, then I should be in the perfect line of fire for the Billion Dollar bill cannon. I got a bill in 2006, but it has since been lost. I'm hoping to replace it. To me, this is a dream line-up. I demand that the Mustang/Detroit Muscle logo be on a shirt. To anyone sitting on the fence about prices, I feel you. Concerts are ridiculous these days. (My first concert ticket cost $9.50 - period. No surcharge or nothing.) That being said, I'd urge you to think hard about the future. I hate regrets.
I bit the bullet last year (before Covid hit) & had Father's Day not too far away. Now, they're not less than 100 miles away! May the Coop live long & prosper! :clap: Hoping for more dates to be added.
Maybe one off's (in small venues) w/o Ace. Not that I don't like Ace, he's a fine guitarist. I have some of his material & saw Kiss multiple times. P.S. I saw a lot of bands that were promoted by the Local Radio Station (in a small club) for a $1.01 cents except for the Ticketmaster surcharge! Maybe $5 w/surcharges. One band was .38 Special. They had just started their "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" Tour. Good show - Donnie Van Zant came out w/a Fifth Of JD & poured shots to those in front!
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Re: Detroit Muscle Tour with Ace

Post by rgallie » Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:33 pm

I wonder what UK proces will be?..I have to say we have been lucky with Alice prices so I wont be bummed out. I am £300 for 2 "gold circle" GnR tickets where i could end up anywhere....2019 I had 4 front row Alice tickets in Aberdeen for about £160

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