Warm Ups Pin Ups and Soundboards

Alice Cooper co-founder and Hall Of Fame inductee Dennis Dunaway answers your questions!

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Warm Ups Pin Ups and Soundboards

Post by pitkin88 » Fri May 07, 2021 9:07 pm

I remember reading in Sounds about how Billion Dollar Babies played a killer version of Train Kept A Rollin at a sound check.

1) Did you play any other covers at ACG soundchecks?
2) Bowie and Ferry did covers albums in the early 70's was this ever considered for Alice Cooper? Certainly would have bought some time.
3) What covers would have thought the band might have done well?
4) When did the band start recording shows from the mixing desk?

Thanks Dennis

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Re: Warm Ups Pin Ups and Soundboards

Post by Dreary » Sat May 08, 2021 2:21 am

Once in a blue moon, we would dig out a cover at soundcheck, or in the dressing room while warming up for a show. We usually chose songs that we had done as the Spiders - things like "Jeff's Boogie", "Down The Road Apiece", "Roadrunner", "East West", "Lost Woman", "Third Stone From The Sun", and other songs from that era. The majority of our sound-checks were jams, or working on songs we were writing, or coming up with musical transitions for the set.

As for doing an album of covers, I'd much rather be doing my own songs.

We started recording tapes of our live shows in '72. They were mixed heavy on vocals for our own reference. Most had very little bass because the bass was loud enough that it didn't need to go through the PA.

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