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Fifty Years Of Alice Cooper 27 May 2018

'Welcome To My Nightmare: Fifty Years of Alice Cooper' is a new limited edition deluxe book  by well known rock journalist Martin Popoff and is due out on August 18th directly from publisher WymerUK only. The press release goes as follows:

"This large format tome from Martin Popoff is an easy to read book utilising his celebrated timeline with quotes methodology, allowing for drop-ins on all aspects of Alice’s busy life. The author has made use of his extensive archive of interviews with Alice and the band as well as producers, designers and even The Amazing Randi, world-renowned magician and inventor of Alice’s legendary guillotine prop. 'Welcome To My Nightmare' is an immense addition to Alice Cooper scholarship. Alice Cooper was one of the biggest concert draws in the seventies with a string of gold and platinum albums to his name. Alice continued to shake pop consciousness with 'Welcome to My Nightmare' and a string of hit ballads. He appeared regularly on TV and talk shows. Following a debilitating drug and alcohol addiction and subsequent notorious dark period in the early eighties which is addressed in the book, Alice returned to gold and platinum status with albums like 'Trash' and 'Hey Stoopid', featuring smash singles “Poison” and “Feed My Frankenstein.” He’s never stopped touring and being a multi-media whirlwind since - Alice, with his pioneering use of facepaint, remains one of the most famous faces in America. The key here is the rich content Popoff brings to the project. 'Welcome To My Nightmare' is sure to impress the Alice expert and novice alike, with new revelations and interviews turning up page after page.
Fully illustrated throughout with many unpublished photos this is the largest and most comprehensive Alice Cooper book ever published."

Beasto Blanco have announced a batch of European and US shows for June and July. Tickets are on sale now and the list of shows  goes as follows:
June 22nd - Leipzig, Germany, Matapaloz Festival
June 23rd - Ukk, Hungary, Ukk and Roll Motoros Festival
June 24th - Budapest, Hungary, Crazy Mama Music Pub
June 25th - Manastier Di Treviso, Italy, Krach Club

July 19th - West Dundee, IL, Rochaus
July 20th - Braidwood, IL, Top Fuel Saloon
July 21st - Chesterfield, MI, Diesel Theatre
July 22nd - Cleveland, OH, The Agora Ballroom
July 24th - Louisville, KY, Trixie's
July 25th - Johnson City, TN, The Hideaway
July 26th - Nashville, TN, The Basement East
July 28th - Tulsa, OK, IDL Ballroom

The Metro has a new short interview with Alice about the forthcoming Hollywood Vampires shows.

Ian Chapman, author of the recently released 'Experiencing Alice Cooper - A Listener's Companion' will be appearing at the Dunedin City Library in Dunedin, New Zealand on May 30th to talk about his book and also playng a short acoustic set of Cooper classics. The event starts at 6pm.

Three New Shows Announced. 22 May 2018

Three new Alice Cooper shows have been confirmed filling in gaps in October, two of which we already knew about. Tickets appear to be on sale. The dates are:

October 5th - Waterbury, CT, Palace Theater
October 6th - Syracuse, NY, Crouse Hinds Theater
October 27th - Warren, OH, Packard Music Hall

Dennis Dunaway joined the Hollywood Vampires last night for 'School's Out' and you can watch footage here!

Vampires Are Go 21 May 2018

The Hollywood Vapires tour begun this weekend with a few warm up shows in North America before they head to Europe next week. The mainstream press seems more interested in Johnny Depp's new hairstyle then the music, so not much to cover there, however the new set list has a few new original songs included including 'The Boogieman Surprise' and 'Bushwackers', while there a few new covers as well - AC/DC's 'The Jack' (with the clean lyrics), The Who's 'Baba O'Riley', Bowie's 'Heroes' and 'People Who Died' by the Jim Carroll Band - the last two sung by Depp. Other then that they run through 'Im Eighteen' and 'School's Out' for Alice, 'Combination' and 'Sweet Emotion' for Perry, and the first album original tracks 'Dear Drunk Friends', 'Raise The Dead' and 'Bad A I Am' along with other covers from last year.

Ryan Roxie has a week of events running up to the official release of 'Imagine Your Reality' this Friday. To start with there's the amusing new video for 'Live And Die In L.A.' which you can see below. Then Roxie will take over the BandItRock radio station on Wednesday between 9 and 10pm local time (repeated Saturday). BandItRock will also run a "voting battle"  today and tomorrow on facebook and instagram which should go up soon featuring the new video against a band called 'H.E.A.T..
On Friday there will be an album release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm featuring Roxie playing the new album and  signing CDs. Later in the evening there is a guest appearance by ex-Motorhead/current Scorpions drummer Mickey Dee.
Saturday has a special acoustic show at 'Sticky Fingers' in Goteborg with Timo Raisanen while there will be a second acoustic show at The Oyster Bar in Stockholm on May 31st.

Damon Johnson has launched a PledgeMusic campaign for his new solo album which is due this year. Incentives range from signed CDs, stage gear to a round of golf and new Gibson guitars!

Nita Strauss talks to National Rock Review about her forthcoming solo album and working with Alice.

There's three new Alice Cooper albums set for vinyl reissue from Rhino due July 17th. This new batch includes 'Da Da', 'Flush The Fashion' and 'Zipper Catches Skin' all on coloured vinyl.

New Roxie Single and Album Pre-order 16 May 2018

Ryan Roxie is set to release his latest album ‘Imagine Your Reality’ on May 25th, ahead of this he has released the latest single from the album – ‘To Live And Die In L.A.’ You can now pre-order the physical CD, as well as the already announced vinyl editions. See below for links.

Ryan Roxie about the single – To Live And Die In L.A. – “The straight ahead riff-rock guitar part, the sardonic lyrics and over-all angst were originally concocted years ago, but I could never get the balance of sarcasm & anger just right…until now. This song was actually very therapeutic in helping me let go and make certain situations in my life ‘water under the bridge’…And in the end, ‘To Live & Die in L.A. was too good a phrase to just be a cop/action/suspense movie”

The upcoming album “Imagine Your Reality” (Only Physical May 25th) Digital TBA – is Ryan’s first official solo release and sees him joined by other noteworthy musicians, including a collaboration with CHEAP TRICK’s Robin Zander on the track “California Man” to the un-sugarcoated tale of life in La-La Land with “To Live And Die In LA”

Ryan says: “With this album, I think we kept the spirit and power of the 3.5-minute rock song intact as well as keeping the dream of guitar-driven music alive and well. I can’t wait for people to experience my reality.” “Imagine Your Reality” was produced by Kristoffer Folin,Tommy Henriksen and Jon Bordon. It was recorded and mixed at Purple Skull Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Vinyl Preorder Link –
Compact Disc Preorder Link –

“Imagine Your Reality” track listing:

01. Big Rock Show
02. Over And Done
03. California Man
04. To Live And Die In LA
05. Uh Oh Song
06. Me Generation
07. Look Me In The Eye
08. Hearts In Trouble
09. Nevermind Me
10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

As the Hollywood Vampires head off on tour photos from Kyler Clark reveal the new line up of the band. Along with Alice, Joe, Johnny and Tommy they've brought in Glen Sobel on drums, Chris Wyse (Ace Frehley, The Cult, Mick Jagger) on bass and Buck Johnson on keyboards.
The Evening Standard have a short piece on the band.

Reggie Vinson, who worked with the original band back in the seventies, including co-writing 'Billion Dollar Babies', has his autobiography this month. It's callled 'Still Got A Song In Me' and is likely to contain a fair amount of Alice Cooper related material as Reggie was a friend of the band for many years.

Ingo Geirdal of brilliant Icelandic band Dimma is interviewed by Garg Iceland, about his ongoing relationship with Dennis Dunaway. It's in English!

Scam Alert 10 May 2018

Be aware that there is some moron on Twitter trying to impersonate both Alice Cooper and Ryan Roxie with the aim of getting your personal details and bank account information. If you receive an unexpected message from anyone connected to the band from an unfamiliar account it's extremely likely to be a scam, especially if the sender doesn't speak proper English!! You have been warned, not that anyone is likely to be fooled.

Q103 in Albany have a new phone interview with Alice talking about the upcoming Vampires shows, the band, and not retiring any time soon!

AZCentral has a report about the recent (April 28th) 'Alice Cooper Birthday Par-Tee' at Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa, AZ which featured a host of guests including Fee Waybill of The Tubes, Tommy Thayer of Kiss, Don Felder, Geoff Tate, Larry the Cable Guy and the Platinum God himself Neal Smith! The event raised over £250k for 'The Rock' teen center. Alice took the stage to run through the hits including 'No More Mr Nice Guy', Under My Wheels', 'Be My Lover' and 'Lost In America' before playing 'Rock And Roll All Night' with Thayer and closing with 'School's Out', with Neal and Dash Cooper joining in.

Ryan Roxie has a new single coming out soon ahead of the excellent 'Imagine Your Reality' album, which is due May 28th. It's called 'To Live And Die In LA' and will be up on Spotify soon. Make sure you follow his Spotify page to be notified when it arrives.

Backstage Access has a new interview with Nita Strauss about her forthcoming solo album and the Kickstarter campaign.

Loudwire has a report from the 'Ride For Ronnie' charity bash last weekend which includes some cool photos of Chuck and Calico performing as Beasto Blanco, but you'll have to scroll down a long way to get to them!

Vampire News 04 May 2018

Various posts have been appearing from 'The Hollywood Vampires' showing them working on the forthcoming album and tour. One particular tweet from Zachary Nevel shows a photo of him with Alice and reveals that Slash, Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin of Guns'n'Roses will all appear on the new album. Over the last few months various other names have been hinted at in similar social media posts, including both Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Of course right now this is all still speculation, it will probably be a while before we get the full details on the album.

Billboard have a new interview with Alice chatting about recent events.

Dash Cooper and CO-OP have released a lyric video for their excellent new single 'N.O.W.' which you can check out here. The video includes a brief introduction by Alice.

There's a new 'Ask Alice' video up. This time Alice talks about his movie appearances.

Nita Strauss is interviewed by Metalwani talking about her forthcoming solo album, the kickstarter campaign and touring with Alice. Wrestling Inc also have a short chat with Nita about her recent Westlemania appearance. She's also on Loudwire talking about what inspired her to start playing guitar. Nita's Kickstarter campaign has reached an amazing $121,000, on a target of just $14,726. Nita says that this will allow her to record and promote the album fully including live shows.

Beasto Blanco have also been in the studio in North Hollywood and have a new record almost done. You can check out a brief blast here.

Bob Lefsetz has posted a fascinating 1hour 45 minute interview with Shep Gordon for his most recent podcast which features all sorts of background to Alice Cooper history. You can hear it here.

KNAC have a short review of Ryan Roxie's new record 'Imagine Your Reality'.

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