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Blue Coupe Funding Campaign 30 Sep 2012

Blue Coupe, the rock band comprised of Albert and Joe Bouchard from the original Blue Oyster Cult and R & R Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway from the original Alice Cooper Group, are raising money to complete 12 songs for their latest album, which will feature guest singers Tish and Snooky of Manic Panic as well as other surprise celebrities.
So far, Blue Coupe have funded the recordings through sales of their last record, 'Tornado On The Tracks', which featured Robby Krieger of the Doors on guitar. But in order to hire quality people that can complete the new recording in time for the holiday season, Blue Coupe cordially invite you to show your support.
Here's the breakdown;
$6000 to hire a producer to mix the album.
$2000 to master the recordings including a vinyl single.
$500 for graphics.
$1800 for manufacturing.
Reaching these goals will enable Blue Coupe to improve the quality of this album.

In appreciation, Blue Coupe are offering special incentives for your funding, like things the band actually used in the making of the record and props from their videos.  And they are offering more insight into the creative process through some of the demos that were used to arrange the songs on the record. And the biggest supporter will get an executive producer credit on each record.

All extra funds will go toward recordings of unique covers and video production and promotion. Give what you can and thanks for spreading the word about Blue Coupe.

You can find all the details of incentives and you can pledge at Indiegogo.

Suggest A Song For The New Show 24 Sep 2012

The official Alice Cooper facebook page is running a poll to find out which song, that Alice hasn`t performed live in a LONG time, you'd like to see in the new show. This is a very cool idea and could be the chance to hear an overlooked Cooper classic in the new setlist. Unfortunately some "fans" seem to think he hasn't played 'Poison', 'School's Out', 'No More Mr Nice Guy' and various other standard concert songs for "a long time".... In fact most of the songs from the last tour have votes, including 'Poison' with nearly 2000 votes!!

According to a post on Twitter Orianthi will be the musical guest on "Oh Sit" at 8pm EST/7pm CST on the CWTV channel in the USA.

Eyegores 23 Sep 2012

Alice was at this year's Eyegore awards in Hollywood and presented an award to director Guillermo Del Toro before checking out this year's Alice Cooper themed Halloween maze. have a full report and pics.

Press Enterprise has a short interview with Alice talking about this years Universal Haunted House.

Glen Sobel picks his top 10 drum albums over at Music Radar.

Some people will remember earlier this year Dick Wagner was in Italy working with local band 'The Mugshots'. The first fruits of the collaboration are now available in the form of their first international video for the song "Free As I Am" which you can check out on YouTube.

Rhino will be reissuing the 'Killer' album on high quality vinyl on 26th October.

Beasto Blanco - Breakdown 18 Sep 2012

Chuck Garric's Beasto Blanco have released the video for 'Breakdown' which you can see below. The video also features the "dangerous" Tiffany Lowe (from the 'Theatre Of Death' tour) and Chuck's partner in crime Chris Latham, while the song itself has AC drummer Glen Sobel on drums, Calico Cooper on backing vocals and is produced by Tommy Henriksen.

Sunflower Jam 17 Sep 2012

As previously announced Alice was back in London at the weekend and appeared at the Sunflower Jam last night at the Royal Albert Hall. He apparently performed 'School's Out', 'Elected', 'Nadine' (Chuck Berry Song) and 'Smoke On The Water' with the all star band which included Brian May, Ian Paice and John Paul Johns! Metal Hammer have some photos. Alice also recorded an interview for Planet Rock that should air sometime today.

Q magazine are asking for questions to ask Alice for a forthcoming feature. Find out how to submit a question here.

The debut Beasto Blanco video, for the song 'Breakdown', is due to be revealed at 10am PST tomorrow. Assuming all goes okay I'll try and post it up here as soon as I can! Beasto Blanco is, of course, Chuck Garric's new band!

UK Door Times 13 Sep 2012

There's apparently been some confusion with the advertised door opening times for the October UK shows, in part due to the fact there are two opening acts for these shows. These are the correct door times (which may differ from what has been advertised elsewhere):
Oct. 24th Cardiff - 6.30pm
Oct. 25th Wolverhampton - 6.30pm
Oct. 27th Bournemouth - 6.30pm
Oct. 28th Wembley - 6pm
Oct. 30th Nottingham - 6.30pm
Oct. 31st Edinburgh - 6pm
Nov. 1st Sheffield - 6pm.

Nights With Alice Cooper have posted a video of Alice chatting with Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills And Nash) recently which you can watch here.

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