Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Merry Christmas 25 Dec 2007

This will probably be the last update of the year as I'm heading Stateside for the new year so I'll take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy christmas and give thanks to all those who helped out or sent in information this year. Without you this site couldn`t continue. Now it's time to look forward to a new album and tour next year but before that here's a few last minute news items that could be of interest.

The DVD of Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' is now out in the USA and as promised features Calico Cooper's cameo that was cut from the final movie.
(Thanks Sharon)

There's another new promo from the Avantasia album featuring Eric Singer here.  The album is due on January 28th and also features Alice. A deluxe edition has a DVD with interviews and other features.

Alice is a contributor (with a quote much like the other artists did in the Life and Crimes booklet) in the new book, 'Van Halen: A Visual History: 1978-1984'. 

There's some great photos from the Dennis Dunaway Project New York show last week up now here.

Small Stuff 20 Dec 2007

PsychoPat has posed some photos from this fears "Feed The Children" event at Cooperstown.

Alice has been confirmed as appearing at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic again this year which takes place in Palm Springs on January 17th-21st.

Excellent Icelandic band Dimma will be playing in New York City this evening at the Knitting Factory, 19 West 24th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue. Tickets are just $10 and they'll have a extra special guest joining them for a Alice Cooper classic.

The official Eric Singer site has posted some cool photos from the recent ESP show in Mexico which included Chuck as well.

The Llanelli Star has a short piece about Keri Kelli and his appearance at the Coleg Sir Gar school during the UK tour.

New Roxie Song 17 Dec 2007

Today sees the (official) release date of the first single by Ryan Roxie's new band 'happypill', and the best bit is you can download it NOW for free. Check out this page for all the info about the 'Conscience Free Download' of "This Year".

AZCentral has a review of the Pudding show.

MusicBoxOnline has a new interview with Dennis Dunaway Project guitarist Rick Tedesco discussing the bands forthcoming cover of Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream'. has a couple of Alice articles in Danish.

Today's Dedication Ceremony 15 Dec 2007

Thanks to Blacklace for this quick report of the dedication ceremony which took place a couple of hours ago:
" arrived driving a JCB and wearing his Doctoral robes, mortar board and sunglasses!  They were only on stage for a few minutes, to accept a banner from local children (pics later) and then the Chaplain said a prayer and they were off for (Xmas Pudding) sound checks."
She also sent through some pics which you can see here.



Alice Dedicates The Rock 15 Dec 2007

According to PR Newswire Alice Cooper and Jordin Sparks will help dedicate 'The Rock' Teen Center on Grand Canyon University's campus, 3300 W. Camelback Road. The event, with music, is 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Alice will again be attending the Scottsdale Annual Collector Car Event which happens between Jan. 12-20th, 2008. This year he'll be selling a "1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing custom re-creation" which will be auctioned with profits going to "The Rock" kids center project. Check it out here.

On December 21st, the Dennis Dunaway Project will be performing at the Knitting Factory, NYC. Also on the bill will be  'Forever In Terror', 'Magnesia', and Iceland's most powerful band, 'Dimma'. The lovely Blanca will dance to "Kandahar" and Steve Conte of the NewYork Dolls will sit in with the band.

There's a new audio interview with Eric Singer up over at Metal Express Radio.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune has a couple of articles on Chuck Garric which we missed when they came out. The first is here and the second here.

Roxie is Back!! 12 Dec 2007

Hello there Ladies & Gentleman...Hello there Ladies Gents...

Your humble host Ryan Roxie here...

I wish I could start EVERY letter I wrote out with a Cheap Trick quote! But alas, we are not here to discuss the legendary status of "Trick", but to kick start the debut release single of the band I have been working on for the greater part of 2007 and heading into 2008, Happypill.

I'm very proud of the music and the sound that we have been able to put together as a band, and I'm very excited for you to listen to it... so much in fact, that I'm giving it to you.

I have come up with some unconventional means of promoting the music with the concepts of the Conscience Free Download (C.F.D.) and Splitting The Profits (S.T.P.). But with a little help from my friends (this being you) and a bit of good ol' fashioned luck, I'm hoping that the Happypill debut single "This Year" will reach each and every ipod, cell phone, and boom box within the continental universe in the coming year.....aim high, right!?!

Sooooo....if you haven't been by the Happypill myspace site lately, please drop on by so you can see and hear what I'm talking about.

My "official" launch date is set for December 17, 2007 (you know me and the "77" by now, don't cha!)....but your involvement can start any day you would like to. Just shoot me an email at and tell me you are ready to help start working "on the pill" and I'll send ya some info on ways that would really help us out.

Simple stuff really, but just things like featuring our song "This Year" as your site's theme song and making "Happypill" your "top friends" on sites like myspace and facebook...... plus, stopping people randomly in the street and scream "Happypill" repeatedly in their face until you drop from exhaustion....see, simple stuff!

I just wanted to sincerely thank you beforehand, because I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past, which has helped me create what is now in the present, and now gives me great hope of what we will be able to accomplish in the future....

Remember....if YOU believe in UNICORNS....UNICORNS will believe in YOU.....wait, that wasn't what I wanted to say....that sounds crazy, no?...........or is it?

Peace, Love, and Happypill


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