Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

DDP at Chiller 31 Oct 2005

The Dennis Dunaway Project lit up the stage at the Chiller convention this weekend. Setlist ran Hello Hooray / Big Apple Dreamin' / Man Is A Beast / Fire Engine Girl / Me and My Boys / Billion Dollar Babies / Home Sweet Home / Kandahar / Killer / Muscle Of Love / (Don't Fear) The Reaper (w/ special guest Joe Bouchard) / I'm Eighteen. STUK's George Orlay got to join the band on stage for "more Cow Bell" on Reaper as well and reports the new material is top notch!! Row on the DDP album!!

There is a small article on TNT (UK) magazine today. About a third of a page.

Muzicisfaze has a review of 'Dirty Diamonds'... in Romanian!

Alice On Skinner 30 Oct 2005

It's now confirmed that Alice Cooper will be a guest on 'The Frank Skinner Show' on ITV (UK) this Thursday at 11pm.

Tickets for the Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding show on December 17th officially go on sale next saturday (10th) at 10am however radio station KDKB appear to already be doing a pre-sale of some kind. Confirmed appearances at the show include Alice and the Band, Roger Clyne, Styx, Jeff Keith of Tesla, John O'Hurley and Pete Cummings.

The Sunday Mirror (UK) has a short non-story today and of course Contact Music have copied it.

And lastly a short update on the Australian 'Celebrity Spelling Bee'. As expected it was a false alarm with the only Alice content being a brief clip of Alice on the US version of the show.

Radio Alert 29 Oct 2005

Sorry for the short notice and vague details but Phoenix Fire Radio are running an Alice Cooper special tonight sometime between 6pm and midnight. Not sure what timezone that's in though but I *think* they are 5 hours behind UK time which would make it 11pm-5am tonight, and the site doesn't have much info to help, or any details about exactly what the "special" will include. Also, the netfeed is too fast for dial-up so I won't get to hear it either!
(Thanks Damien)

Roger Waters Online have posted the Interview Alice did with Roger last week on the radio show.

Alice is likely to be the guest on 'The Frank Skinner Show' on ITV (UK) either this Thursday or next. He's definitly going to be recording the show this week but this weeks show details don't mention him, hence the uncertainly.

Small Stuff 29 Oct 2005

King County Journal has a short interview with Alice.

MTV in Brazil voted Alice number 6 in a poll "frontman" on a show called "Top Top" this week.

Steve Hunter Interview 27 Oct 2005

In the latest of our exclusive interviews with Alice Cooper associates past and present we talk to guitar legend Steve Hunter who's association with Alice goes right back to the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album and continued through to the 'From The Inside' tour in 1979. Devon sent through a long list of questions which Steve was kind enough to take time to answer and I think it throws some interesting light on how the period. Check it out the interviews page.

Also: Union, the band featuring Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, have added another UK show to their November tour at Queens Hall, Nuneaton on the 29th November. Tickets are £15 in advance available from the venue.

Dennis Dunaway Goes Live 27 Oct 2005 is now live!! Check it out!! It's still under construction but there's a biography, Q&A, photos and news page up and running with a store and audio section on it's way. Beware though it takes a while to load on a slow connection but is worth the wait!

There *may* be an interview in today's copy of Metro, which is one of those free papers and is available in the London area (and maybe elsewhere).

Australia's Channel 7i is running an advert for their version of 'Celebrity Spelling Bee' which starts this coming Sunday. The advert includes a few pics of the celebs that will appear on the show and Alice Cooper is one of them. We don't yet know any more than that. It could be they are using clips from the US version of the show that Alice took part in a while. Alice is NOT listed in the list of stars on the Australian version. More info when I get it.
(Thanks Mark)

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