Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

BC Show Announced 31 Aug 2005

A new show has been announced for October 25th at The Sunwave Centre in Salmon Arm, BC. Normal priced tickets are on sale as well as Fanfire packages.
(Thanks Bruce)

The Alice Cooper Photo book by Wolfgang Heilemann first mentioned late last year is finally out. It's listed on AmazonUK but they haven't updated their page yet to show it as finally available. However you can order it direct in the UK here and the USA here. I haven't seen a copy yet but it looks very interesting with lots of rare pics. They accept Paypal and Credit Cards and claim to ship on payment.
(thanks Darren)

There's live reviews of the Syracuse show at Syracuse Post Standard and Daily Orange. Seems it rained rather hard at the outdoor venue.

AmazonUK are listing a double pack DVD of 'Brutally Live' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' for release on October 24th. You can pre-order it here.

More on Biloxi 30 Aug 2005

Latest news indicates the Hard Rock Casino sustained 50-75% damage and will need to be completely rebuilt. Reportedly, the guitar out front, said to be the "worlds largest", still stands. The casino's sit on barges in the gulf. More than one now rests in downtown Biloxi. 285,000 without power. 80 dead. Most areas still "unreachable."
(Dwight Frye)

In other news:
New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have appeared at and HiBias.
And there's another short Golf article at News10.

Biloxi Problems 30 Aug 2005

Reports are reaching me that the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Biloxi, where Alice Cooper was scheduled to play on October 2nd, has been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina which is currently causing destruction in the area. According to a local news item the venue will be rebuilt next year. This obviously means that Alice's show will have to be rescheduled or canceled. More info if/when I get it.
(Thanks Dwight Fry)

Syracuse Post Standard has a short article today about Alice and golf.

US Concert Reviews 29 Aug 2005

Carolina Concerts has a review and pics of the Atlanta show (Thanks Benji) and The Washington Times has a review of the Wolftrap show.

Sunday Stuff 28 Aug 2005

Cincinatti Weekley has a rather silly aricle comparing Alice to Jimmy Buffet and Hilary Duff.

Wisconsin State Journal has a short interview in the lead up to the Madison show. has a 'Dirty Diamonds' review as does Inside Pulse.

Saturday Morning 27 Aug 2005

The Greenley Tribune has a new interview with Alice Cooper. You have to register to see it but it's free.

There's a short 'Dirty Diamonds' review over at VueWeekley.
(Thanks Steve)

Penns Peak have a few photos from the Jim Thorpe show online (thanks Mike) and MaxFM have a few photos of their competition winners with Alice at the VA show.

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