The Alice Cooper song 'Mankind' was recorded for this 2006 movie, which stared Michael Madsen, Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez and Ben Kingsley. A promo video also exists and appeared on the official movie website for a while before disappearing, never to be seen again. It features Alice, with clips of the movie. Unfortunatly the song is NOT on the official soundtrack album, or on the DVD of the movie. In fact it isn't in the movie at all!! The whole situation was rather odd as the film's makers made a relatively big deal about Alice's song, producing a promotional video and everything. Quite what happened is a mystery. In the end there is no trace of Alice in any form in the movie.

A promotional test pressing of the soundtrack album supposedly exists featuring the full 5 minute track but I've never seen a trace of it. However someone has posted the audio to youtube.

Oh, and the film's pretty awful anyway.