You And Me

Words and music by Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner
From the album Lace And Whiskey (1977)
Transcribed by ???

Well, the sheet music seems right on the money, with maybe a very small
exception, and maybe not even that. Trick is, you capo first fret, and
then all the chords are more do-able:

Intro is same as chorus (chords, that is):

Dm7                          G(7)       F - G   C          C/B    Am7
(possibly Am7/G after that)
You and me ai'nt no movie stars,          what we are is what we are

Dm7                      G(7)               E7     A7
We share a bed, some lovin' and TV    ...yeah

Dm7                       G7               F  G   C        C/B     Am7
That's enough for a working man          What I am is what I am

Dm7              E7                           F
I tell ya babe, that's just enough for me.

And the VERSES:

E7                             A       Asus4   A           (x2)
When I get home from work       I wanna wrap myself around you
I wanna take you and squeeze you till the passion starts to rise

(notes on 5th & 6th string walking down:    A, G#)

F#m7                         Bm7                     F#m7             A7

If I could take you to heaven, that would make my day complete...

Sounds great, especially the last part here when you hit A7.