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Members of US hair metal band 'Motley Crue' appeared on the 'Hey Stoopid' album with bassist Nikki Sixx playing on 'Feed My Frankenstein' and guitarist Mick Mars playing on 'Die For You' with both Sixx and Mars. also getting a writing credit on the song.

On January 28th 2014 fans were shocked by the announcement that Alice Cooper would act as 'Special Guest' on what was announced as Motley Crue's farewell tour. Alice even turned up at the press conference announcement confirming it. The fact that Alice opens for anyone is a little hard to swallow, but for it to be a band so obviously heavily influence by him just made it worse. Nevertheless Crue's "All Bad Things Must Come To And End' tour began on July 2nd 2014 in Grand Rapids, MI and continued on and off for the next two years, with Alice playing every show and a third band taking a short opening slot.

To their credit Crue allowed Cooper to put on his full theatrical show including the guillotine, but having it cut down to under an hour didn't please fans, many of whom had no interest in Crue that all. However from Alice's point of view accepting the tour made a lot of sense. Firstly it cut down on his production costs a great deal, as most of the staging and lighting was provided by the headliner. Secondly he likely received a set fee per show, regardless of how many tickets were sold. And lastly, and possibly most importantly. he got to play in front of large audiences many of whom had possibly never heard anything other then the hits before.

Alice fans of course predicted he would blow the headliners off stage, and once the tour was underway the press seemed to agree. With only an hour to work with the set was a sprint through the biggest hits, with a band that could stand head and shoulders with the best in the world. Night after night they tore the roof off, with most reviews agreeing they were by far the better band.

The US tour ran for around 70 shows before winding up on November 22nd in Spokane, WA. Then on January 20th 2015 they two acts announced they were going to do it all over again for a second year, beginning with a few shows in Australia in May, before heading back out in the USA again on July 22nd for another 31 shows, 11 shows in the UK and Europe, and a final 10 more ending on December 22nd.

Alice did fit in a few headline shows during the two year tour, including two storming theatre shows in the UK, added after the reaction to Cooper opening for Crue in the UK was less then enthusiastic. He even slotted in the first Hollywood Vampire's shows in September at The Roxy in Los Angeles and the huge 'Rock In Rio' festival in Brazil, which was transmitted live on local TV and the internet. There was also the addition of 'Hurricane' Nita Strauss for the second leg of the tour, replacing Orianthi. Strauss supercharged the band to new heights. Crue never really stood a chance.

Other notable event's included the original Alice Cooper band - Neal, Michael and Dennis - joining Alice on stage at the Dallas show on October 7th, the first time all three had appeared at a single tour show.
There was also the occasion Crue Drummer Tommy Lee injured himself after the Toledo show on October 13th. Alice drummer Glen Sobel learned Crue's full set the following afternoon and that night performed with both bands. He continued to do this for the next few shows until Lee was well enough to return.