Taupin is best known as being Elton John's lyric writer. He is credited as co-writing the 'From The Inside' album. Alice and Bernie had been friends for awhile before the album, and more importantly-drinking buddies. As Alice tells it, they had talked about working together for a long time but if anything, their drinking also slowed them down. So, when they had sobered up the time was right.

How much Taupin actually contributed to the album is just speculation. Archivist Brian Nelson said he understood Taupin's contributions were fairly minimal, but he does receive credit throughout the album and accompanied Alice on a promotion tour at the time. In interviews Alice gives Taupin equal credit. Whether he actually wrote finished lyrics, or acted more as a soundboard for Alice we will likely never know, and in the end it doesn't really matter as it's obvious Taupin had a heavy influence of the final album.

"I started telling him about the characters and when we started writing the lyrics I would do one and he’d fire one back at me, it was like a ping-pong match of lyrics. So Bernie and I would sit there and I'd tell him about characters like Jacknife Johnny, a Vietnam vet and I’d say, ‘Okay, here's the story – he married a girl, he came home, everybody rejected him and then on top of it they rejected him because he brought home a Vietnamese girl.’ And so it just started right there. And pretty soon we'd written a whole album like that."