Alive Enterprises is the company formed by Managers Shep Gordon and Joe Greenberg back in the late 60s to oversee all Alice Cooper business matters. You should find their name all over official albums and merchandise. Joe Greenberg left the business in the late 70s/early 80s, but Shep has used variations of the name for various business ventures over the ears including Alive films, and Alive Culinary Resources. At one point Alive Enterprises managed movie star Raquel Welch, who reportedly had quite a crush on Alice.

You may also see another company name occasionally, 'Nightmare Inc.'. Nightmare Inc. (Previously 'Black Widow Productions') is Alice's own privately owned company used for business purposes. Brian Nelson, Alice Cooper archivist and persona assistant, once mentioned that under most circumstances he was the only direct employee of Nightmare Inc. when Alice isn't touring, as he worked directly for Alice, unlike others working behind the scenes who work for Shep and Alive.