• Name: Tommy Henriksen
  • Instrument: Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Born: February 21st, 1964
  • Joined: March 2011
  • Left: N/A
  • Alice Cooper Tours: 2012 onwards
  • Alice Cooper Albums: 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare', 'Paranormal' and all live material released since 2011.
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Tommy Henriksen is an American singer-songwriter from Port Jefferson, New York.

Henriksen first moved to Los Angeles to start his music career in 1991 and by the mid 90s he had formed punk band 'Parade Of Losers' (also known as 'P.O.L.'). The band released two albums – one self-titled and a follow up in 1996, 'Sprockett'. It was during this time that Henriksen met drummer Glen Sobel and the pair went on to work together in a relatively short-lived pop/rock band called 'Boink!'.

Henriksen did tech work for Alice Cooper before beginning work with Keith Forsey on a full-length album. Capitol Records released this record, a self-titled affair, in 1999; it spawned the hit single 'I See the Sun', which reached #34 on the Adult Top 40 that year. In 2000 Tommy Henriksen released the follow-up ('Selected Songs For A New Beginning') on his ZuZu Ltd Label.

He also worked as a songwriter, arranger, producer and mixer for artists such as Daughtry, Meat Loaf, Cavo, Allison Iraheta, Atom Smash, Steel Magnolia, Alice, Kumi Koda, Tohoshinki, Kimberly Caldwell, Hyper Crush, The Canadian Tenors, Fefe Dobson, Lou Reed, Christian Kane, Revis, Runner Runner, Clear Static, Framing Hanley, Halestorm, Camera Can't Lie, New Medicine,Capra, The Audio Club, Brooks Buford, BC Jean, Wes Carr and David Cook.

Tommy is featured on, and co-wrote, the 2011 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' album and joined the touring band in March 2011 as a result of his work on the album. He also played a large part in the 2017 'Paranormal' album, and while working with Alice has released several solo albums including 'Bluto Nero' (2011), 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' (2014) and 'StarStruck' (2017).

Tommy's part in the Alice Cooper family is often very misunderstood with people often asking why he's even there when they already have two flashy lead players. The fact is what Tommy does on stage is the bedrock of the live sound. While often lower in the live mix he adds an extra dimension to the sound, playing the extra parts from the original studio recordings often left out in the past by necessity. In more recent years Tommy has been taking on more lead lines but his basic job remains the same, to fill out the sound and add an extra dimension rather like a keyboardist would do, allowing the main guitarists to do duel leads and harmonies without the sound dropping away.

Tommy has worked extensively on the Hollywood Vampires project/album and been a member of the band from the start. While maybe not as famous as his bandmates he's at the heart of everything they do, both on album and on stage, including co-writing the original material.