• Name: Sheryl Cooper (Sheryl Goddard)
  • Instrument: Dancer, Nurse etc
  • Born: May 20th 1956
  • Joined: 1975
  • Left: N/A
  • Alice Cooper Tours: Sheryl has performed on and off since the 1975 'Welcome To My Nightmare' tour.
  • Alice Cooper Albums: Strictly speaking probably none, but she appears in the original 'Welcome To My Nightmare' live film and numerous other videos and TV appearances, often uncredited.
  • Links: None.

Sheryl Goodard originaly auditioned for a part in the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' show in 1975 with little knowledge of Alice Cooper or rock music in general. A trained ballerina, Sheryl got the part, playing various roles including the original 'Cold Ethyl' in the 'Only Women Bleed' sequence, and during the following tour found herself spending more and more time with the show's star. The married on the 20th March the following year.

Since then she has been Alice's almost constant companion frequently taking part in the live shows. She also appeared in the movie version of 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' and, briefly, in 'Roadie' with Alice along with the promotional films for the 'Lace And Whiskey' album and many other occasions.

Her father William Goddard was a pastor of First Baptist Church of Pasadena. Her mother Beverly Goodard was school teacher and homemaker. She has a sister, Shauna, who is also a profesional dancer.

Sheryl started dancing at age 6, with ballet lessons, and as a teen she danced and portrayed characters at Disneyland for three years. She studied with some of the dance community's most notable masters including Ruth Page, Robert Joffrey, Joe Tremaine, Glen Tetley and Michael Kidd. Sheryl's ability and hard work led her to win scholarships from both Robert Joffrey and Rolland DuPree. By 2011 she held weekly classes at a private dance studio in Scottsdale, AZ and two weekly classes at Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Sheryl Cooper In High School.
Photos from 1974 High School Year Book, a year before meeting Alice.

Away from Alice Cooper her professional credits include The Pasadena Dance Theater, a high profile dance company in California and extensive work and study with Lou Conte of the Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago. Besides her work in traditional dance theatres, Sheryl has worked for some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names. Her music video list includes Aerosmith, The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. She also performed for The Rock Music Awards, MTV Awards and the American Music Awards. Sheryl has danced professionally with Goldie Hawn, Steve Martin, George C. Scott and the late great Jackie Gleason. She also appeared as part of the original cast of "Zoot Suit" as well as the production of "Movie Movie".

Nowadays Alice and Sheryl travel everywhere together with 'Nurse Sheryl' nearly always having a part in the show, wearing ever more outlandish costumes and make up. While other Cooper dancers, including her daughter Calico for some years and Tiffiny Lowe, have all done an excellent job it's Sheryl who really defined the roles played in Alice Cooper shows, and being married to the leading man gives her a freedom no one else could ever have. It's unlikely many others would get away with slowly licking Alice's face every night!!

Sheryl is also heavily involved in Alice's 'Solid Rock' charity in Phoenix, AZ, espcially in the planning and staging of the annual Christmas Pudding show. She also still directs a local Phoenix schools Christmas play.

Sheryl Cooper 2017 (c) SickthingsUK Sheryl Cooper 2017 (c) SickthingsUK