• Name: Reb Beach (Richard Earl Beach Jr.)
  • Instrument: Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Born: August 31st, 1963
  • Joined: 1996
  • Left: 1998
  • Alice Cooper Tours: 'Summer '96', 'School's Out For Summer '97/98.
  • Alice Cooper Albums: Live material released between 1996 and 1998.
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Reb Beach joined Alice for the Summer '96 tour with Scorpions and perfromed on the live album 'A Fistful Of Alice'. Reb came to Alice after a successful stint with another ex-Alice Cooper musician Kip Winger in 'Winger' which also featured ex-Alice keyboards/guitarist Paul Taylor.

Reb joined Dokken at the end of the 1998 Alice duties, after which he joined a new line up of Whitesnake in 2002 and continued to work with a reformed Winger. He continues to split his time between Whitesnake and Winger recording new music with both.