TIMELINE Part 2: Pretties For You


(Sources mentioned in brackets)

June `69 Pretties For You released

Alice Cooper, Straight Record's five-member, all-male group are set to begin a cross-country tour starting June 3rd and continuing until the beginning of July. (Record World, 31st May 1969)

June 6-7th `69 New York, NY Felt Forum (w/ The Platters, The McCoys, Ten Wheel Drive)(Tour itinerary, advert)(Me Alice)

Scene AdvertJune 11th `69 New York, NY Steve Paul's Scene (w/ The McCoys) (advert)(Me Alice)

June 12th `69 New York, NY Steve Paul's Scene (w/ Slim Harpo and House)(advert) - Dennis Dunaway mentions them playing 6 nights at the Scene.

The band move to the Hotel Edgar, around the corner from The Allison, Where Glens` Suitcase is stolen!

June 13th-14th `69 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory (Tour itinerary)(advert)(Me Alice)

The Band move to the Chelsea Hotel for 4 days.(Me Alice)

June 15-17th `69 New York, NY Steve Paul's Scene (three nights)(Me Alice) - An advert exists that says ChicagoTransit Authority were at this venue 16th-18th June.

June 20th `69 Buffalo, NY, Buffalo University, The Filmore Room (Tour itinerary)(Me Alice)

June 21st `69 Toronto Pop Festival, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Can.(Tour itinerary and programme)

June 26, `69 Borough of York Stadium, Toronto (w/ Steppenwolf, Bread, Bloodrock, Beach Boys, Lighthouse, Chilliwack)

June 27,28,29th `69 Denver Pop Festival - Denver, Colo(Tour itinerary)

June 30th `69 - July 6th `69 Youth Expo - (w/ Ike And Tina Turner, Wilson Picket, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, J. F. Murphy Scott, Powerhouse, Madrigals, Illusion, Moby Grape, Voices Of East Harlem, 30 Days Out, Ten Wheel Drive, Kate Taylor) (poster)

July 3rd-4th '69 A flyer exists advertising The Grateful Dead and Alice Cooper at Reeds Ranch in Colorado Springs.

July 4th `69 New York, NY Roosevelt Raceway (NY Pop Festival)(Tour itinerary)(Resoli review mentions w/ Mothers))

July 5th `69 Saugatuck Pop Festival, Potawatoomi Beach, Michigan. AC second on bill to Arthur Brown. (w/ Brownsville Station, WMP, Stooges, Rotary Connection, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, MC5, SRC). ACG beaten up by bikers. Ended up in hospital

July 9th '69 Dubuque, Iowa, Senior High Gymnasium (with Vanilla Fudge. Bob Segar System) - New Report: Only 1072 tickets sold for 3,500 seater venue. Promotor lost money.

Somewhere around here, The band land in Detroit on Jefferson Street/Franklin Avenue (still with Carnel and Allen in tow). Me Alice states July `68 but that`s a year too early. This is confirmed when a couple of paragraphs later he mentions he was 21. Around Aug Alice meets Cindy Laing.

July 13th `69 Minneapolis, MN Tyrone Guthrie Theatre (w/ Zappa and the Mothers)

July 25th `69 Seattle, WA First Seattle Pops Festival, Gold Creek Park, Woodinville, Washington (through 7/27/69) (with The Flying Burrito Brothers, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds, The Youngbloods, Tim Buckley, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Spirit, Vanilla Fudge, Ike and Tina Turner, Santana, The Doors, Lee Michaels, The Guess Who, Chicago, Albert Collins, Floating Bridge, Rockin` Fu, Crome Syrcus and more.) - Alice Cooper not on at least one poster.

July 26th `69 Eugene, OR Eugene Pop Festival [Fame Expo '69]; Hayward Field, University of Oregon (with the Doors, Youngbloods, Byrds, Them, Peter, River, Truth, Bumps, Tyme, ZU, and Grant Blueboys) - Alice Cooper recieved £350 for their performance, as did The Rockin' Fu. The Doors received $12.500, The Byrds and The Youngbloods £2,000 each.

July 27th '69 Eugene, OR, Eugene Armory (w/ Steve Miller Band, Searching Soul Blues Band)

July 29th `69 Portland, OR Masonic Temple (w/ Steve Miller, Total Eclipse)

July 30th `69 Portland, OR Masonic Temple (w/ Steve Miller, Total Eclipse)

1st August `69 A contract, dated 29th October `69, refers to a recording agreement on this date.

Aug 3rd `69 Mt. Clemens, MI Sportsman's Park (Mt. Clemens Pop Festival)(w/ Country Joe & The Fish, MC-5, John Mayall, Muddy Waters, T~Bone Walker, Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys, The McCoys, The Stooges, The Up, Rush, The Früt of the Loom, The Red, White & Blues Band, Savage Grace, Ted Lucas, The Pleasure Seekers, Mainline, Charlie Latimer, Frijid Pink, Owen Love, The Attack) - eyewitness suggests Alice was too drunk to perform.

Aug 8th`69 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Savage Grace, All The Lonely People)

Aug 9th `69 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Savage Grace, All The Lonely People)

Aug 13th `69 London Ontario, Wonderland Gardens - Wonderland Pop Festival (w/ Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention, The Funky Parliaments, Terry and The Pyrates, The Solid State)

Aug 14th `69 London Ontario, Wonderland Gardens - Wonderland Pop Festival (w/ Cat Mother &The All Night News Boys, The Nice, Rge Rock Show Of The Yeoman, The Stone Soul Kitchen)

(Flyer Exists)
Review in the London Free Press, 15th Aug `69. The headline reads "Wonderland 'rocked' by pop festival". The festival ran 13th and 14th Aug.
Alice Cooper gets the biggest mention in the review:
"Alice Cooper stomped on a metal satchel, speared the big bass drum, threw microphones and stands on the stage, drummed out all the violent motions of war, and died.
"It was a groovy scene. And it happened in London.
"Alice Cooper--it's the name of a light-popping, five-man rock group from Arizona--was one of six groups on stage Thursday at Wonderland, wrapping up London's first pop festival."

Aug 21st `69 Eugene, OR Eugene Armory(w/ The Truth-Poster)

Aug 22 - 24th `69 Vancouver Pop Festival, Paradise Valley Resort, Squamish, BC(w/ Chicago Transit Authority, Grateful Dead, The Byrds, Guess Who, Canned Heat, the Rascals, Poco, Chambers Brothers, Grass Roots, Sony Terry and Brownie McGhee and others)

Aug 26th `69 The Carrawee Ballroom, Flat Rock, MI (W/The Excells)

Aug 1969(last two weeks) Toronto CNE, Galaxi Youth PAvillion - presumably this would be close to the known Vancouver date. The Advert says "from the Coke Cola stage four times daily during the CNN" and lists lots of bands". Nash The Slash in attendence.

That summer, there was an indoor gig called the 'Youth Pavilion'. On a hot afternoon about 3 pm, performing on a three-foot high portable stage, Alice Cooper made his Canadian debut. The group was one of many unheralded bands to play the venue. No make-up, no props, just this grungy band from Detroit who were not only noisy but great fun to watch, especially Alice. He snarled around the stage, while the guitars screeched through fuzz-boxes. I was among a lucky crowd of 50 or so 'youths' who were witness to greatness in the making and didn't know it.
(Nash The Slash)

Aug 30th `69 The Silverbell Hideout, Clarkston, MI (w/ The Sunday Funnies)
Aug 30th `69 Salem, OR State Fair (w/ the Box Tops, Twice Together)

Sept 13th `69 Toronto, Ontario Canada Varsity Stadium "Rock N Roll Revival" (w/ Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Junior Walker and the Allstars, Chicago Transit Authority, Doug Kershaw, Tony Joe White, Screaming Lord Sutch, Cat Mother & The Allnight Newsboys, Whiskey Howl, Nucleus, Milkwood, Plastic Ono Band (w/ John Lennon and Eric Clapton))

The Chicken show.
The band also backed Gene Vincent at this show.

Sept 14th `69 Toledo, OH Raceway Park (w/ The Turtles, MC5, The Amboy Dukes, Alice Cooper, The Frost, SRC, The Pleasure Seekers, The Rationals, Savage Grace, Rush, The Früt, Life ) (poster)

Sept 16th `69 unknown (review in The Spectrum)

Sept `69 Buffalo, NY SUNY Buffalo

Sept `69 Washington, DC Tom Donahue Caravan, location?

Me Alice: We Went to Washington DC for a concert and the Grateful Dead refused to let us use their sound system. Grace Slick insisted we be allowed to go on or she and Jefferson Airplane would refuse to play. Airplane sites list something with the Dead in Sept but no more info.

Fall `69 - Diary of a mad house wife filmed

Oct 4th 1969 Junior Chamber Of Commerce Fair at Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. A contract signed by Vince Furnier exists. Two sets played.

(Oct 10th `69 Detroit, MI - Grande Ballroom (with the Amboy Dukes, SRC) - possibly didn`t happen)

Oct 11th `69, Detroit, MI, Grande Ballroom (w/ The Who, Alice Cooper, Sky)

At the GBMW2 Neal Smith recounts a story about Keith Moon. The band we're supporting The Who at either The Eastown Theatre or the Grande Ballroom, Detroit. During 'Black Juju" Keith Moon was playing along perfectly behind a screen at the back of the stage.

Somewhere around here the band return to LA and moved into 2001 North Ivar in Hollywood.

Me Alice reports they played a new Coliseum in Las Vegas with `A Group Called Smith`. The Audience hates them.

Oct 29th `69 Sign new contract with Straight Records.

This contract states: "..Will serve to modify, supersede and add to the recording agreement dated august 1st 1969 and approved by the Los Angeles Superior court September 17th 1968."
The first contract must have been for one album with the option on more, which they picked up for a further two albums.  
The MB book contract wasn`t signed/completed by Cohen until the 17th.
What else can we get from this document.   It`s an extension for two more albums with the option of an extra year if they sell 150,000 of these two albums. These must be Easy Action and Love It To Death.  
Easy Action has to be completed by Nov. `69, just a month after this contract is signed.
And Love It To Death has to be done by May 1st `70.  
Easy Action to be released by Feb 1st  
They have an exclusive songwriters deal with Straight.  
Straight promise to pay $6000 dollars a year to the band for their services in addition to royalties.

Oct/Nov `69 Easy Action recorded?

Oct 30th-Nov 2nd `69 (not every night) San Francisco, CA Fillmore West (w/ It's A Beautiful Day, Ike and Tina Turner)(Poster exists) [Ticket1, Ticket2, Ticket3, Ticket4]

Oct 31st '69 Detroit. MI Olympia Stadium - Black Magic Rock And Roll. (Billed as Arthur Brown, Timothy Leary, Frost (with Dick Wagner), Ralph Adams, Mystic Peter Hurkos, Amboy Dukes, Bonzo Dog Band, The Stooges, Coven, Pink Floyd, Savage Grace, Kim Fowley, Sky, Teegarden And Vanwinkle, Satan (himself), SRC, Frut, Bob Segar, All The Lonely People, Pleasure Seekers) - Alice was listed on the posters but did NOT play (eyewitness) Pink Floyd are also on the poster but appear to have been in England the following day going by their dates lists.
Eye Witness Randy Foley Kindly clarrifies the situation:

"I attended this concert.  Called the Black Arts Rock‘n’Roll Festival, it was a fiasco, and a rip-off.  Produced by shifty Mike Quatro, it touted Pink Floyd, Arthur Brown, the Bonzo Dog Band, and many of the Michigan bands, including Alice Cooper.  I still have the original program and hand bill.  And in the program, I wrote down the bands that played, in order.  They were, in order from opener to closer: Plum Wine, Pluto, Ted Lucas, Frijid Pink, Früt, Teegarden and Van Winkle, The Stooges, Peter Hurkos, Sweetwater, SRC, Coven [set censored], Savage Grace [set aborted], The Frost [appeared, weren’t permitted to play], The Amboy Dukes [appeared, weren’t permitted to play].
As you can see, no Alice Cooper."

Toronto 1969Me Alice: At the beginning of December Shep and Joey left for New York and stopped paying rent on 2001 Ivar. We all packed it in and went home to Phoenix.

Nov 1st `69 The Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI (w/ The Amboy Dukes, SRC, Richmond) (Eye Witness)

Dec 29th '69 The Chicago Pop Festival, Aragon Ballroon, Chicago, IL (w/ Howlin' Wolf, Coven, the Stooges, HotSetUp (?), Baby Huey, Mason Proffit, Rotary Connection, Bangor Flying Circus, Bob Seeger, MC 5, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Litter)

Dec 31st `69 Toronto Masonic Temple Auditorium (formerly The Rock Pile) New Years Eve (w/ Teegarden & Vanwinkle, Keith McKie, Moonshine)(Me Alice mention and ticket exists) "and from there to Detroit." [Ticket1] [Ticket 2]


Jan 2nd `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Flamin' Groovies, SRC)

Jan 3rd `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Flamin' Groovies, SRC)

January 16th `70 Pasadena Rose Palace: (Lee Michaels, Eric Burdon & War, Missiah) (from article in 'Easy Action' press kit)(ticket/poster exists)

January 17th `70 Pasadena Rose Palace: (Lee Michaels, Eric Burdon & War. Missiah,) (from article in 'Easy Action' press kit)(poster exists)

Jan 30th `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Stooges, The Früt )

Jan 31st `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Stooges, The Früt )

Me Alice states the band spent February in Canada.

Me Alice: "In Cincinnati, a a club called the Black Dome, We heard about a vacant Fraternity House for rent... ...We spent what seemed like the whole summer..." This sounds like it could be later(he describes the fraternity guys returning which would be when school resumed in Aug/Sept and we know the band were in town and has been included there.

20th Feb '70 The Birmingham Paladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ Chip Stevens Blues Band, Richmond) (Flyer exists)

21st Feb '70 The Birmingham Paladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ Chip Stevens Blues Band, Blues Train) (Flyer exists)

Mar `70 Easy Action released