TIMELINE 12 From The Inside


July `78 Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack released

Oct `78 How You Gonna See Me Now single released

Oct '78 Alice and Bernie Taupin are at the Savoy in London to do press duties.

Oct 16th `78 Alice and Bernie Taupin begin a short promo tour by travelling from Los Angeles to Kansas City, MO

Oct 17th '78 Alice And Bernie travel to St Louis, MO

Oct 18th `78 Alice And Bernie travel from St Louis to Detroit, MI

Oct 19th '78 Alice and Bernie go from Detroit to Miami Beech, FL (a few more primo stops follow this date)

Oct 31st '78 Alice and Bernie Taupin appear on 'Screams In The Night' on radio WHBQ in Memphis, TN

Nov 17th `78 From The Inside Album released


From The Inside AdvertFeb `79 From The Inside single released

(Tourdates available from this period seem to show the possibility this is incomplete)

Feb 6th `79 Midnight Special recorded

Feb 9th `79 First Midnight Special Transmission featuring Alice performing six songs from the new album.

Feb 11th `79 Grand Forks, ND Field House Operation Deep Freeze (w/ The Baby's)

Cream May `79: On the first date, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Alice's limousine broke down on the way to the hall, ravaged by a -45 degrees chill factor. So Alice, his wife and Shep hopped out, stuck out their thumbs and hitched a ride to the show.

Feb 13th `79 Omaha, NE Civic Auditorium [Ticket]

Feb 14th `79 Madison, WI Dane County - Alice takes part in "milk in" event with cow?!?

Feb 16th-17th `79 Detroit, MI Cobo Hall [Ticket]

Midnight Special repeat transmission

(February 17th `79 Neal Smith Flying Tigers at Barnaby's, Bridgeport CT)

Feb 18th `79 Evansville, IN Roberts Municipal Auditorium

Midnight Special repeat transmission.

Feb 19th `79 Kansas City, MO Kemper Arena [Ticket]

Feb 21st `79 Cleveland, OH Richfield Coliseum (Ticket Stub Exists)

Feb 23rd `79 Minneapolis, MN Metro Centre [Ticket]

Feb 25th `79 Cedar Falls, IA UNI-dome (part of the university of Iowa) [Ticket]

Feb 26th `79 Green Bay, WI Veteran's Mem. Coliseum

Feb 27th `79 Indianapolis, IN Market Sq. Arena [Ticket]

Feb 28th `79 St. Louis, MO Checkerdome [Ticket]

March 2nd `79 Cincinnati, OH Riverfront Coliseum [Ticket]

March 3rd `79 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall at Kentucky Fair And Exposition Center (w/ The Baby`s)(18,000 attendance) [Ticket] (more info courtesy of Hunter Goatley)

March 4th `79 Chicago, IL International Amphitheater [Ticket]

March 5th `79 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium [Ticket]

March 6th `79 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Arena (ticket)

(second leg)

March 28th `79 Rapid City, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center - (tentative)

March 29th `79 Denver, CO Sports Arena [Ticket]

March 31st `79 Oakland, CA Oakland Coliseum Arena [Ticket] [Ticket]

April 1st `79 Los Angeles, CA Forum (w/ The Babys)

April 2nd `79 Los Angeles, CA Forum (w/ Babys) - (tentative)

April 3rd `79 Seattle, WA Washington Center Coliseum

April 4th `79 Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum (w/ The Babys)(poster)

April 5th `79 Portland, OR Memorial Coliseum - (Tentative)

(April 6-7th `79 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Wolcott, CT Nightowl Club Cafe)

April 6th-7th `79 Seattle, WA University Of Washington -(tentative)

April 8th `79 Las Vegas, NV, The Aladdin (poster/flyer)(Tentative itinerary lists Las Vegas show at the Aladdin on April 7th)(w/ The Baby`s) [Ticket]

April 9th `79 San Diego, CA Sports Arena [Ticket]

This show was filmed and released as `The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper`

April 10th `79 Tucson, AZ Tucson Arena [Ticket]

April 11th `79 El Paso, TX, El Paso County Coliseum - (tentative)

April 13th `79 Forth Worth, TX Tarrant County Convention Center (w/ Babys)[Ticket]

(April 12th and 14th `79 `79 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Norwick, CT Saturday`s Cafe)

April 14th `79 Oklahoma City, OK Norman Center (review mentions he`s already played 17 cities) [Ticket]

April 16th '79 San Antonio, TX Convention Centre [Ticket]

April 17th `79 Baton Rouge, LA Riverside Centroplex (w/ The Babys) [Ticket]

April 18th `79 Houston, TX Sam Houston Coliseum [Ticket]

(April 20th `79 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Brookfield, CT Stage 3)

(April 27-28th `79 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Milford, CT The Apple)

May 17th-19th `79 New York Palladium - CANCELED

May 29th-31st '79 Three nights booked for London Wembley Arena but canceled [Ticket1][Ticket2][Ticket3]

July 27th `79 The Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona owned by Alice is hit by a fire bomb thrown through a rear window by an unknown vandal on July 27. Over $200,000 worth of native American artifacts are destroyed, as are some of Cooper's gold records, stored at the rear of the emporium.

Aug 3rd `79 Marvel Premier #50 released

Fall `79 Filming `Roadie`