TIMELINE 3 Easy Action


Early 1970: Shows at the Factory Ballroom, Pontiac, MI supported by 'The J.D.Shakedown'

Unknown Date: Aquinas High School, Southgate, MI ($3 entry charge - several eye witness - one mentions poss. w/ Bob Segar, Ted Nugent, The Frost, The Free, Mitch Ryder)

Mar `70 Easy Action released

Mar 13th '70 Windsor, ONT, Walkerville Collegaite (w/ Rock Monopoly) - Advert states "No Chickens Please?"

Spring `70 Approx - move to Detroit.

(A document exists showing 28 shows between March 2nd and May 9th including several shows at high schools, the Cincinnati Pop Festiva(??)l, Eastown Theatre in Detroit, the Hollywood Palladium and the 3 shooting days for filming "Diary Of A Mad Housewife" in New York City)

'70 Show in Mount Holly, Holly, MI (photo exists) - Local dance organised by Johnny Irons of radio station WTAC.

Mar 28th `70 Clifton, Cincinnati, OH Ludlow's Garage (w/ Ten Years After) [Ticket]

April 5th '70 East Lansing, Detroit, MI, Grandmothers (now called the Silver Dollar Saloon") [Advert] Advert suggests two shows on the same day.

April 26th `70 Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA (w/ Albert Collins, Chairman Of The Board, Eric Burdon & War, Haydn)

April/May '70 Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood Palladium (w/ Eric Burdon and War) - Advert in the LA Free Press

May 2nd `70 San Bernadino, CA Swing Auditorium (w/ Ike and Tina Turner, AC, Eric Burdon and War, Haydn)

May 8th '70 The Birmingham Paladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ Weaselfox, Mighty Quick)

May 9th `70 Hollywood Palladium, (w/ Ides Of March, Eric Burdon And War, Fever Tree, Hayden) [Handbill and advert exists]

Fri May 16th `70 New Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/ Stooges, Flamin` Groovies, Commander Cody, Purple Earthquake)

Sat May 16th `70 New Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/ Stooges, Flamin` Groovies, Commander Cody, Purple Earthquake)

May 22nd '70 The Birmingham Paladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ All The Lonely People, Chip Stevens Blues Band) [Flyer]

May 24th 1970 Piper Rock Festival, Nelson Ledges Racetrack (moved from Peace Park,), Akron, Ohio (w/ Rascals, Canned Heat, Cold Blood, Byrds, Smith, Glass Harp, Marble Cake) Poster exists but Alice Cooper were a late addition to the bill and opened the show (eye witness)

May 30-31st-June 1st `70, Festival of Earth and Man from Thunderbird Beach, Baton Rouge, La. (w/ Youngbloods, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Bob Seger System, MC5 Brownsville Station, Buckinghams, Ides Of March, Mason Proffit, It's A Beautiful Day & Ted Nugent and The Amboy. Show took place on a beach, apparently)

June 5th-7th '70 Toronto, Canada, Electric Circus (Poster Exists for three shows)

June 13th `70 - Cincinnati, OH Crosley Field (Midsummer Rock festival) (w/ the Stooges, Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Traffic, Mighty Quick, Bob Seger, Mott The Hoople, Ten Years After, Bloodrock, Savage Grace, Brownsville Station, Zephyr, Damnation Of Adam Blessing, John Drake's Shakedown) - Highlights of this festival were later broadcast on Cincinnati WLWT-TV under the name "Midsummer Rock". Alice's broadcast segment showed them playing "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye" & "Black Juju." During Black Juju, while Alice is crouched at the front of the stage doing the "bodies need rest"/hypnotist bit with the pocket watch, someone in the crown hurls some sort of white cake and smacks him right in the mouth [Ticket]

Me Alice: "In Cincinnati, a a club called the Black Dome, We heard about a vacant Fraternity House for rent... ...We spent what seemed like the whole summer..."

June 24th '70 "Wild Wednesday - 12 groups in 12 hours - Twin Concert Stages" *Sherwood Forest*, Davison, MI (w/ Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, MC-5 , Rationals, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Frijid Pink, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Dream Delight)(MC5 site)

June 27th `70 Detroit State Fairgrounds, Detroit, MI (w/ Savage Grace, The Werks)

`70 Monticello, IN - Lake Shaffer resort

July 4th `70 Midsummer Night Rock Fest, Michigan State Fairground (w/ Rotary Connection, Alice Cooper, SRC, Black Murder, Fugi, Wesselfox, Street Noise, Milestone, Magic Circus, Chimo, Poor Souls)

PosterJuly 12th `70 The Factorie Ballroom, Detroit, MI (w/ Loki, The Meat Light Show, The Sunstorm Lightshow) (flyer left)

July 17th '70 Middle Earth, Indianapolis, IN (w/ Rig) - Flyer exists

July 18th `70 -Salt Lake City, UT - Terrace Ballroom (w/ Love, Fever Tree, AC) - Handbills exist showing Alice playing with Fever Tree, however posters exist with Alice Cooper listed but with Blue Cheer playing instead. However to add to the confustion apparently Blue Cheer canceled as well to be replaced by 'Blue Mountain Eagle'. The truth is Alice Cooper did not appear, Love was supported by Fever Tree and Blue Mountain Eagle that night.

July 23rd `70 Chicago Underground, Warren, MI (w/ The Asemblage) - Chicago Underground Bootleg

July 24th `70 The Newcoast Festival in W. Nottingham, Chester County, PA on July 24-26, 1970. (w/ Stooges, Zephyr featuring Tommy Bolin, Cactus, Bloodrock, Amboy Dukes featuring Ted Nugent, Bob Seger System and others)

July 25th `70 The International Room, General Motors Institute, DetroitJuly 25th `70 The International Room, General Motors Institute, Detroit (w/ The Rationals, Brownsville Station)

August '70:

"August of 70 went to the show at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.  Decided to go for a walk under the bleachers with the people that i was with and we came across a group of skinny long haired guys dressed in clothing made of auto upholstering.  As we walked by, one asked if we had any acid.  We asked, who the f**k and what the f**k are you guys supposed to be?  They said they were Alice Cooper.  We hung with them and from that point on, went to every show they performed in the Detroit area.  People hated them and would leave when they came on stage so we decided they needed a fan club. 
We stole a sewer cover and covered it with paint and would drop it on a tie dyed t shirt.  Then we would stencil 'Alice Cooper Fan Club' over it.  We wore these to a record signing appearance at the music man at Tech Plaza, across the street from the GM Tech Center in Warren, MI. and Alice told us from now on, we got in for free.  He, Dennis and Neal all signed a poster for me which i still have today.  Shortly afterwards, they were appearing at the Eastown.  I went up to the ticket window and told them that Alice's fan club was here and we were to get in for free.  They said f**k off.  I pulled out a ball peen hammer that i had painted gold and told them to give it to Alice and tell him that his fan club was here.  They left, came back and let us in for free.  Alice used to use the hammer to beat on his mic stand during 'Sunrise'.
We hung with them until just after 'Love It To Death' when they became too big to hang.  We figure that Al wrote '18' about us.  Anyway, we used to get in free to all of the shows and would hang backstage with them.  Somewhere i have a picture taken back stage at The Silverbell when they appeared with Mitch Ryder and Detroit."
(Pete Gruich, February 2012)

Aug. 4 - 9 `70 Electric Factory in Philadelphia Pa. arranges a festival, originally slated to be called 'Harmonyville', which was to be located on the Delaware River in Northern New Jersey, opposite Bushkill, Pa.. The lineup included Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, Poco, Miles Davis, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Hot Tuna, Small Faces with Rod Stewart, Ten Years After, Eric Burdon and War, Jefferson Airplane, Savoy Brown, Little Richard, Jethro Tull, Tony Williams Lifetime with Jack Bruce and many, many more. Workshops were to include the likes of Willie Dixon, Big Mama Thornton, Muddy Waters, Alvin Lee, Jorma Kaukonen, Larry Coryell, Shugie Otis and possibly others. While there are adverts for this show there appears to be no proof it actually happened.

Aug 7th or 8th `70 Mosport Raceway, north of Toronto, Ontario Strawberry Fields Festival (Alice covers cripples in watermelon)(This was thought to be April `69 however I have had confirmation of it being in `70 and featuring Led Zeppelin, Mountain, Leonard Cohen, Sly & the Family Stone, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Procol Harum, Eric Burdon and War, Delaney and Bonnie, the Youngbloods, Grand Funk Railroad, Cactus, Melanie, and Crowbar(Jozef Chirowski), Ronnie Hawkins) - Me Alice mentions this as April but that`s not correct. The Strawberry Fields festival was initially to have taken place near Moncton, New Brunswick. The event was to run each day from low to high tide on a sandy beach where the tide goes out 1.5 miles. The event was re-scheduled at the last minute to Mosport Raceway, north of Toronto. Nine hundred miles from the original site. Thousands of Americans were denied entry into Canada for the
Festival on the grounds that they "failed to produce adequate monies to support themselves." Ten thousand Americans did make it.

Aug 9th `70 - Jackson, MI - Goose Lake Int. Music Festival (w/ Jethro Tull, John Sabastian, Savage Grace, SRC, Flock, James Gang, Stooges, Ten Years After, Suite Charity, Detroit, Bob Seger System, Frost, Mountain, Rod Stewart and The Faces).

Aug 10th '70 Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, Utah, (w/ Amboy Dukes and Brownsville Station)

Aug 14th`70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Johnny Winter, Tin House)

Aug 15th '70 Eastown Theater, Detroit MI. (w/ Johnny Winter, Tin House) (eye witness)

Aug 16th `70 - Me Alice infers that Easy Action is out. Shep runs into Nimbus 9 in Toronto. Leo Fenn has taken over as acting Manager while Shep And Joey try and find new ways to make money. Leo sends a copy of the album to a young assistant at Nimbus 9 called... Bob Ezrin. He hates it. Ezrin meets the band for the first time the day after the Watermelon incident (Aug 16th)at the Skyline Hotel(presumably in Toronto). He hates them. Fenn continues to hassle Ezrin to see the band live, which he finally does in Max`s Kansas City which is in NY.

Aug 23rd '69 Galaxii event at CNE Grandtand, Toronto

Aug 25th `70 - Washington, DC, L'Enfant Square, Medicine Ball Caravan show. (w/ Sageworth And Drums, Hot Tuna, Stoneground)

Due to their appearance on the 'Soundtrack' album to the film 'Medicine Ball Caravan' it has been long assumed Alice Cooper was part of the whole tour but this wasn't the case. In fact 'Stoneground' were the only band to actually travel with the Caravan and play every show. The Caravan was put together specifically for the purpose of making a film about it, and the hippy movement, in the wake of the huge success of the 'Woodstock' film. It was basically a group of around 150 hippies and scene leading lights travelling across America and setting up concerts as they went. Warner Brothers bankrolled the project and the bands were simply flown in for each show, different artists each time. Alice Cooper only played this one show, and the track on the resulting album isn't in fact live, but a studio cut with added audience.

High Times:
"After Woodstock, many people wanted to cash in on the emerging counterculture market. Warner Brothers lined up a national tour dubbed "Medicine Ball Caravan" that was supposed to feature the Grateful Dead and Merry Pranksters, but Kesey was considered too much of a loose cannon, so the Pranksters were rejected for the less threatening Hog Farmers. Then the Dead pulled out, replaced by B.B. King. The tour and subsequent movie flopped."
[Note: B B King in fact only played one show early in the schedule]

Martin Scorsese was the Associate producer, Post-production supervisor of the movie.

Zappa Quote from Mothers Press Kit:
"Any normal sort of teenage combo might have become enraged by something like Freddie Weintraub's exquisite 'Medicine Ball Caravan' ad campaign, where Warners stoops to the hiring of fake hippies ($10 a day, 10 days, $100 to "Get out there on the psychedelic bus and promote this groovy movie . . . . ."), and then sends a bunch to one of its concerts (like the one we played at Pauley Pavilion) to pass out crappy little leaflets. Some old ordinary group might get pissed off at stuff like that, but we just sit round and say how lucky we are. After all, it could be worse . . . we could still be with MGM. "

MEdicine Ball CaravanTracklisting of Album:
The Youngbloods-Act Naturally
B.B. King-Medley: How Blue Can You Get/Just A Little Love
Doug Kershaw-Medley: Louisiana Man/Battle of New Orleans/Orange Blossum Special
The Youngbloods-Hippie from Olema
Sal Valentino-Dreambo
Alice Cooper-Black Juju
Stoneground-Medley: Freakout/It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry
Delaney and Bonnie-Free the People

Rolling Stone Interview published Oct 15th `70:
"They hassled us more than anybody ever did. Owsley's people, who were running the PA system said, 'We don't like them, they're theatrical. We don't want them to go on. They might break our microphones.' They're all into Hog Farm Earthy Jams. And we said, 'What are you talking about? Warner Brothers hired us to go on this thing. We had to get the Washington police to let us on. And the Jefferson Airplane came up and told the people who were running the PA to let us play. 'We dig them, and they'll use our equipment.' So we went on and used the Airplane's equipment, and had the crowd standing. It was really incredible."
[Note: In fact it wasn't Jefferson Airplane as such, it was 'Hot Tuna', made up of three members of Airplane, and with a fouth (the drummer) standing in for the show, so the mistake is reasonable.]

In 1972 John Grissim published a book entitled "We Have Come For Your Daughters: What Went Down On The Medicine Ball Caravan" which told the whole story (from his viewpoint) of the Caravan. It features one early photo of Alice backstage at the Washington show and a couple of pages discribing the bands participation with the Washington show.

"...for it is at this point that Mike Forman [Warner Bros representative] finally manages to intimidate enough people into believing he's running the show. To this end he is able to yank Stoneground off the stage on the grounds that the police have insisted the concert end at 9 P.M. sharp. This leaves barely enough time for Alice Cooper to set up and close the show. For a minute all is confusion, but eventually Stoneground reluctantly leaves the stage. [Tom] Donahue (One of the leading figures in the Caravan and on the Hippie Scene) is unable to stop the exodus in time. Somehow Forman has done the unthinkable — pulled the rug out from Big T. The man is livid.

For that matter so are the Alembic sound people [providers of the P.A. System, Famous for their work with the Grateful dead], not only because of Stoneground's short set but because of Alice Cooper, a young man (real name, Vincent Furnier) who leads a rock group composed of what appears to be four amphetamine drag queens gone mad. Alice Cooper is not music but an insane theater act. A year ago the group performed in San Francisco on a bill with Iggie and the Stooges and the Flamin' Groovies, two groups likewise notable for their excessive stage dramatics, destruction of instruments, microphones, loudspeakers, and anything else within range. Alembic had handled the PA for that concert and claims Alice Cooper broke three expensive microphones in the process. Now here it is Washington and Alembic is vowing to kick Alice off stage or, barring that, not record his performance.
The argument is heated and personal, but in the end the necessity of the moment produces a stalemate. Alice goes on stage and Alembic's Bob Mathews angrily kills the power to the 16-track. His gesture has no impact on the audience, for Alice Cooper is far more visual than auditory. He appears before the microphone wearing a dress and a silk scarf which he dramatically removes to the beatless cacaphony of half-acid rock, revealing a black body stocking beneath. His eyes are heavily etched with mascara, his hair long and straggly, his body deathly thin and grotesque. Here stands a gaunt-vindictive horribly anemic wicked witch straight out of 'the Wizard of Oz'. He leaps about the stage, sneering, snapping and taunting his viewers, twirling a handmike, casting voodoo spells, spinning around like some speed freak dervish, and otherwise succeeding handily in keeping L'Enfant Square fascinated.

There's method to his madness. Five years ago back in Phoenix, Arizona, Alice and the boys were known as the Spiders, a group that was going nowhere until it opted for a new look. "We took on the faggot image," Alice says, "because it freaks out the parents the most. All we had to do was go into drag shops and buy all these cheap, incredibly glittery whorey things. It's been great fun." The ploy began to pay off almost immediately. Of course it helped that Alice adopted a few tricks to his act, like floating a weather balloon full at worms over the audience and popping it with a BB gun. or tearing apart crabs and fish and throwing the pieces to the crowd. In Chicago he once terrified the Kenetic Playground by toying with a giant boa constrictor that had just eaten rabbit. He once shaved several cats (his own he claims) from the waist down, spray painted them, and released them into the audience. One time in Vancouver, B.C., a naked girl ran onto the stage and was promptly incorporated into the act when the group covered her with shaving cream, added a bag of feathers and flagellated her with dead chickens.

There is a good deal more intelligence and humor to Alice Cooper than meets the eye on stage. And it seems fitting that the group should appear at a caravan concert, for its entire act is deliberately structured to distort the already distorted imagery of rock 'n' roll, to use the media for maximum shock value.
And at this moment Francois Reichenbach [The director filming the movie] loves it. In fact he's ecstatic. As Alice vamps and swirls, Francois likewise weaves in unconscious counterpoint, shouting instructions to his crew, pointing, gesticulating, clasping his hands, and beaming with unalloyed delight. Alice begins his finale with an eerie hypnotic ritual, removing his necklace to swing an amulet back and forth, repeating, "Sleep. All bodies need sleep," with the cracked voice of an old woman while the music takes on clockwork syncopation. The stage falls dark save for a single spot on the amulet.
The suspense builds in relative silence as Alice reaches down for a powerful hand-held spotlight. Suddenly he switches it on and beams it at his audience, screeching WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! at the top of his voice. The music thunders into an endless crescendo. The drummer stands on his seat now, using his drumsticks like baseball bats to bash away at a set of giant cymbals. The stage is engulfed in a rainbow wash of flashing lights as Alice reaches for a large pillowcase full of chicken feathers and throws it out at the crowd. L'Enfant Square breaks into cheers and applause, rising to its feet as the flurry of feathers is carried back by the breeze to surround the chicken-feather flinger in a small blizzard. At this instant the crescendo reaches a crashing tonic chord that Alice punctuates by aiming a flare gun into the sky and launching a pyrotechnic rocket that explodes in a dazzling shower high over the square. That's Alice Cooper—and at 9:40 P.M. that's the show."
From: "We Have Come For Your Daughters: What Went Down On The Medicine Ball Caravan" by John Grissim 1972.

Aug 29th '70 Island Park, LI (Near Long Beach), Action House (w/ Hog)

Aug 30th `70 Festival in West Virginia, - canceled (w/ Manitoba Hugger, Fuse (Cheap Trick), The Tayles, Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent), SRC, Bob Seger, MC-5, Siegel-Schwall, Stooges (Iggy Pop), 3rd Power, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Tongue and Django)

Aug 30th `70 Sound Storm II, Big Country Ranch Resort West Finely, PA (contract exists but isn`t signed)

Aug/Sept `70 Me, Alice: Band arrive at Pontiac Farm, Detroit, MI Me Alice infers they were there for 18 months.

Me Alice: "We got a three week gig at a small hotel in Ann Arbour, MI for $500 a week plus room and board. Ashley Pandel managed the bar.

Autumn 1970 Toledo OH State Theatre (Support Jim Stein)

Sept 2nd-5th '70 Ungano's, New York, NY (Advert in Village Voice)

Sept 5-7th '70 Central Texas Music Festival, Highway 95 between Elgin and Bastrop, TX (w/ MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Stooges, Ike & Tina Turner, James Cotton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chambers Brothers, Alice Cooper, Freddie King, Eric Burdon & War and many more...) (Poster exists)

Sept 8th `70 New York, NY - Max's Kansas City (AC reportedly arrested for saying "tits")

Sept `70 New York, NY Max's Kansas City (first time Bob Ezrin sees the band perform)(NME BE int also mentions elsewhere that the band opened with Sun Arise) These could/are likely to be the same show. Ezrin later joins the band at the Pontiac Ranch to work on songs for the next album.

Action HouseSept 9th `70 Long Island, NY, Action House(Rolling Stone article)

Sept 19th '70 New Orleans, LO, The Warehouse (w/ The Stooges, MC 5) (Advert exists, Show happened (photos exist) but without the Stooges who are listing a show in Canada the following day)

Oct 9th `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Cradle, Mutzie)

Oct 10th `70 Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Cradle, Mutzie)

Oct 16th '70 Grand Rapids, MI, Grand Valley Armoury (w/ Mike Quatro, Jam Band, The Ones) (Poster exists)

Oct 17th '70  Memorial Gym, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois (w/ S. R. C., Chase, Frijid Pink) - Advert exists

Oct 31st `70 Ypsilanti, MI, Bowen Field House, Eastern Michigan Univ.. ( w/ SRC, Brownsville Station, Jam Band, Mutzi, Insanity's Horse) (ticket/flyer/eyewitness) [Ticket] - Interesting another source says they never showed up!

(Oct 31st `70 Detroit, MI, Eastowne Theater)

Nov 1st `70 The Früt  Palace, Mt Clemens, MI

Fri. Nov. 6- Sat Nov 7th `70 - Dewey's in Madison, WI

Nov 11th `70 Eighteen/Is It My Body released without there being an album to promote as yet.

Nov 11th-15th '70 Mojo magazine (2005) mentions that Black Sabbath supported Alice Cooper at the Whiskey A Go Go, LA between the 11th and 15th November in 1970. This is also mentioned on various Black Sabbath tour date lists. Mojo magazine states that during those five nights, Sabbath played two sets a night.
NOTE: I haven`t yet found any other evidence that this is correct.

Nov. 17th '70 Los Angeles, CA, Homecoming Dance, UCLA Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom (w/ Bones, Christopher Milk)

Nov 25th `70 Salt Lake City, UT - Fairgrounds Coliseum (w/ Wishful Thinking) Tickets for a previous AC show were valid for this show by returning the unused ticket for an exchange.

Nov 27th 1970 Chicago, IL, The Syndrome (Listing in Billboard) (w/ MC5)

`70 - Wheeling, IL - Wheeling High School

`70 - Windsor, Ontario - Walkerville High School

Dec 7th `70 Northern Virginia Community College (in the cafeteria) for $300.00 Vs 50% of the door

Dec 11th `70 The Loft, Lakeville, MI (w/ The Maxx)

December `70 - Me Alice: The band are in RCA Mid-Recording Centre in Chicago trying to piece together four songs for Warner Brothers(Demo for a new album presumably) with Bob Ezrin and Alice was commuting between there and a trailer in Detroit where Cindy was selling Xmas trees. The band were still at the Pontiac Farm. Alice says they were in pre-production with Ezrin for two months(Oct-Nov?). The tracks he claims were recorded were `Eighteen`, `Is It My Body`, `Nervous` and `Sun Arise`.

Dec 25th `70 Eastown Theatre, Detroit (With Bob Ezrin playing Keyboards!!) (Love, Alice Cooper, The Früt) (eye witness)

Dec 26th `70 Eastown Theatre, Detroit (With Bob Ezrin playing Keyboards!!) (Love, Alice Cooper, The Früt) (eye witness)

Dec 27th `70 Toledo Sports, Ohio, Arena, (Alice Cooper headline over Love)

Dec 28th `70 Chatham, Ontario

Dec 29th `70 St. Louis, MO

Dec 30th `70 Chicago, IL ?

Dec 31st '70 Chicago IL, Chicago Coliseum (w/ The Byrds) (eye witness - "The Byrds played after them in the wee hours of the morning")

HOLDING:The Baltimore area show `The Barry Richards Show` also recorded around this time(`18`)
HOLDING: Winter 1970 - Pittsburg S.M.A.P. (Sunshine Music America Peace) - They were a last minute fill-in for Cold Blood, who canceled - Eyewitnesses confirms this happened.
HOLDING: The Silverbell Hideout, Clarkston, MI (w/ Mitch Ryder & Detroit)


Barry Ricards ShowJan 1st `71 The Sherwood Forest, Davison, MI (w/ Universe, Smack Dab)

Jan 2nd `71 Birmingham,Mi Palladium (w/ Werks, Salvage)

Jan 15th-16th `71 Dania, FL Pirates World (w/ MC5, Brownsville Station) (ticket and poster exist) [Ticket] CLASHES WITH:

16th January 1971 - Eastown Theatre, Detroit - (w/ Beefheart, Amboy Dukes, Ry Cooder) ??

Beefheart lists has him here in 15th-16th Jan `71. This is shown on a venue gig list from the time. They have photos and a lot of text about it! Review mentions Ry Cooder opened and Amboy Dukes played. The set opened with at track called `Alice in Blunderland` However a bit further down it has:
"Phil Gough: Just to let you know Alice Cooper was not on the bill the night I went (January 15, 1971) which was the opening night of the tour."  So that leaves him there on the 16th.
He had to be around as: Interestingly Beefheart recorded for TubeWorks on the 15th Jan.
Michael: "I just met the man who directed many of the video shoots for WABX Tube Works, a TV program in the early '70's  which featured both touring and local bands  playing live. The video in question was, in fact, shot after the Magic Band's show in Detroit with Alice Cooper and Ry Cooder. They drove out to the studio (now WXON TV 20), set up, and played what you hear."
There`s a bit from the producer of the show that mentions Cooder was recorded as well but that footage appears lost.  
It's possible they did play there 16th Jan with Beefheart etc and recorded the Tubeworks footage that evening as well.
However lastly, A local Windsor Star advert on the day of the second show (16th) also doesn't list Alice Cooper as playing the show, which adds weight to the fact they didn't and someone somewhere is wrong or is confusig 'Cooper' with 'Cooder'.

Jan 15th '71 'Turn On With Barry Richards' show performance recorded (apparently live) in Washingtoin, DC. Transmitted the following day.

Jan 16th `71 The footage known as `Detroit Tubeworks` filmed for TV.

Jan 26th `71 Fillmore North, St. Lawrence Market, Toronto (w/ Free, Cactus)

Jan 29th '71 Fillmore North, St. Lawrence Market, Toronto (w/ SRC) (Ticket exists)

Wed Feb 3rd `71 Birthday party thrown for Alice in Pontiac, MI

Feb 14th `71 The Sherwood Forest, Davison, MI (w/ The Whiz Kids, Ice Nine)

Feb 18th `71 "Eighteen" mentioned as being number one in Cleveland

Feb (21st?) `71 `Love It To Death` released.