Thanks to Marco Spijker for providing extra details and checking through all these lists over and over!!

The 70s Setlists

Flush The Fashion Tour

Special Forces Tour

The Nightmare Returns (Constrictor) Tour

Live In The Flesh (Raise Your Fist And Yell) Tour

Trash Tour

Hey Stoopid - Operation Rock And Roll Tour

South America 1995 Tour

Summer 1996 US Tour

A Fistful Of Alice/Rock And Roll Carnival Tours 1997/98

The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper Tour 1999

Brutal Planet Tour 2000-2001

Dragontown 2001-2002

Bare Bones Tour

Eyes Of Alice Cooper Tour

Dirty Diamonds

Psycho-drama 2007

Along Came A Spider/Psychodrama 2008

Alice Cooper's Theatre Of Death 2009-2010

No More Mr NIce Guy Tour 2011-2

Raise The Dead Tour 2012