Aberdeen Hotel Punters

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Aberdeen Hotel Punters

Post by VinceRaven » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:08 pm

Quick word of warning to anyone on here who was staying in a hotel next to the venue last night and had card payments declined. I've subsequently heard that for some people (I was using cash at all times thankfully) that these 'declined' payments were in fact taken from their bank accounts or are pending to do so. Worth checking if you had any instances like that.

It's a pity there was still so much snagging with the new venue and hotels as it caused quite a few problems that detracted from the overall experience a little bit.

I heard this morning that the taxi queue outside the venue didn't clear until around 2am.

Yes, 2 am. In the rain.

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Re: Aberdeen Hotel Punters

Post by del » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:38 pm

Thanks, I was at the same hotel and had a decline on my card but have checked now and it's ok.

Agree with you on the snagging issues. Had a couple of gripes for the venue and the hotel that frustrated me a bit.

Advertising the hotel as "adjoining the venue" and "providing immediate access" should have meant direct access without going out in the wind and rain but actually meant a connecting door you couldn't use because the venue wouldn't allow it. My wife, with only a vest top on, was not amused..

Untrained bar staff in hotel and venue were slow to awful. In the hotel after the gig one of them kept serving the last person in the queue first and when we complained she apologised but said she was trying to minimise the queue at the end of the bar and just carried on..

Frustrating at the time but overall, didn't detract from a great gig for me.

I did like the local bus driver who went to work in full Alice gear and make up though. Nice touch.

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