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UK Tour

Post by bigbradwolf » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:06 am

Only managed to do 3 of the 5 due to university commitments but the ones I saw were truly amazing!

That moment in Leeds when after I Love The Dead the OG's broke into I'm Eighteen was a sight to behold and savour for every Alice Cooper fan. I never thought I'd see it. I'm pretty sure the announcement bolstered ticket sales and I sincerely hope something like this becomes more of a regular occurrence. Taking nothing away from his touring band. They were absolutely incredible as they always are but there was something special to how Eighteen, B$B, NMMNG, and MoL were played. It sounded raw, not very well rehearsed but what we witnessed was magical.

As for the rest of the set the highlights were without doubt Pain, The World Needs Guts and Paranoiac Personality. Alice was in fine form throughout all the shows I saw (even when he lost where he was during Poison in Manchester, he recovered admirably). I've just read the review for our local Express and Star and to be fair it simply optimises the true greatness of this rock legend. Most definitely worth a read.
I attended the book signing with Dennis on the Monday which was simply awesome. He spent so much time talking with fans and signing anything and everything. A really nice guy.
A friend in the States was able to arrange a last minute meet up with Alice in Birmingham which topped off a truly magical week. I just hope we don't have to wait too long before another Alice Cooper show.
I've heard rumours he may be being lined up for Rambling Man for an Alice show and also it looks very likely Hollywood Vampires will be hitting the Download stage in June.

Keep on Rocking Alice!

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