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Message Board FAQ - Common Questions

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:25 am
by Si
MESSAGE BOARD FAQ - (Read before posting)
SickthingsUK Message Board Frequently Asked Questions
by SickthingsUK and Devon Jones

This document is an attempt to answer a few questions that seem to be cropping up more frequently then others. Some have a defintive answer. Others are just to help avoid repetition and help new members avoid simply repeating topics have have been discussed endlessly in the past. This does NOT mean the topic can`t be discussed, but will hopefully avoid pointless posts.
Questions are not in any particular order. If you have additions or improvements you'd like to suggest feel free to send them through to me and they will be considered.


Is SickthingsUK an official Alice Cooper website?
No. SickthingsUK is an UNOFFICIAL fan run site and is not affiliated with Alice Cooper.

Is SickthingsUK only for UK Fans?
Absolutely NOT!! STUK is based in the UK but covers ANY Alice Cooper news regardless of where it is happening.

Nights With Alice Cooper Questions
a) Does Alice Cooper's Radio Show play on the radio anywhere near my area?
Check for affiliate stations near you.
b) Can I listen to "Nights with Alice Cooper" online?
Yes. Check out the stations listed on the show website and you will find some that broadcast online.

Drugs and related questions
a) Did Alice EVER do drugs?
Since the release of the 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' movie Alice has come clean on his serious drug issues during the early 80s, however alcohol was his overriding addiction through most of the 70s and into the early 80s.

b) Why didn`t Alice admit the problems earlier?
There could be many reason, both personal (embarrassment, protecting his young family/friends) and professional (ie legal).

When is/Where is /Will Alice touring this year?
Check the news page for a list of known tour dates in the right sidebar including links to venue sites, ticket information etc..

What is the setlist on this year's tour or previous tours?
Click on "Setlist" under the "history" heading and click on the tour you want to know about. Setlists are added as soon as we know about them on a show by show basis.

Who is in Alice's Touring Band this year?
As of writing (Nov 2016): Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss and Tommy Henriksen on Guitars, Chuck Garric on Bass, and Glen Sobel on Drums. More info on these and past studio/touring musicians can be found on the "Timelines" section as well as the "Musicians" Section.

Who is the Woman that appears in Alice Cooper shows?
Generally it's Alice's wife, Sheryl Cooper. Occasionally she is joined by other members of the Cooper family including Calico and Sonora.

Are any concert videos supposed to be coming out to DVD soon?
There is no new information on any other possible concert DVD's from the past at the time of writing. Watch the news page for any updates.

Is Alice Cooper in the rock n' roll hall of fame?
Yes!! They finally inducted him and the original band (Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce)in 2011 after 26 years or so of waiting!

Why did it take so long?
You're guess is good as ours. It's one of life's great mysteries! The fact that the band were inducted the first time they were listed for votes speaks volumes about how the hall is run.

After the original group broke up, what ever happened with the other original members?
Neal Smith went into real estate but still records, most recently with his band Kill$mith.

Dennis Dunaway ran a shop with his wife until 2008, and he still performs and records with the band Blue Coupe. He released his autobiography in 2016.

Michael Bruce still occasionally performs as a solo performer or as the Michael Bruce Group, mainly around the Arizona area.

Glen Buxton sadly passed away in 1997

Does the original group plan to reunite any time soon?
This question comes up time and again. The members have all said that it is a possibility. There have been small scale "reunions" for special events, and of course they played together in 2011 for the Hall Of Fame induction and at the Revolver Awards in New York, but no full scale reunion is currently planned in the future and it is probably unlikely to ever happen. But you never know!

How many albums has Alice Cooper sold?
There are no exactly figures for albums available to fans. However it is often quoted that Alice Cooper (both band and solo) have sold between 50 to 60 Million Albums. Neal Smith's official website, states the original group have stated 25 Million Albums alone.

How well have Alice's albums charted?
See the charts page.

How can I contact Alice Cooper?
While Alice doesn`t have a public email address, he does now have a facebook page which is watched by Alice's personal assistant. Sending a private message through there should be seen, and dealt with as needed.
Alice himself doesn`t have much interest in computers and the internet beyond occasionally looking at things people show him.
The band, original and current, are all easy to contact via facebook pages, twitter or their own websites, and in my experience are normally happy to answer questions via those forums.

What official websites does Alice have? - The Official Site - The Radio Show Site - Cooperstown Bar - Alice Cooper's Solid Rock charity,Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and Alice Cooper's Annual Christmas Pudding Event

Are Cameras or Camcorders allowed to an Alice Cooper Concert?
Camcorders are prohibited as is any sort of recording device.
Alice does happily allow Non-Professional (fixed lens) cameras at his shows. However it is up ultimately up to the venue's camera policy if cameras will be allowed. If the venue overrides the bands policy there isn`t normally much the band can do.

(Updated November 2016)