ACAS- your view now?

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Post by steven_crayn » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:39 am

The son of Don Quijote wrote:I know there is a big difference between lyrics and poetry. Most of the poetry wouldn't work when translated into music. The lines on a song lyrics have to fit in a melody for example. My point wasn't, "I know these lyrics are weak because I'm the greatest rock lyricist of all time". I didn't claim to be anything like that.

My point was I can tell these lyrics are weak because I'm familiar with the whole Alice studio discography and most of the lyrics and also with poetry and other artists' lyrics. I don't question Alice's talent as a lyric writer. I just opined that I especially disliked that aspect of ACAS. Even geniouses don't always reach the top quality. He has created countless interesting characters and stories during his career.

From his more recent works The last temptation and Brutal planet were lyrically excellent and like I stated I truly loved those extra verses he added to Devil's food on the last tour.

My opinion would be almost weightless if I had very little knowledge of Alice's other lyrics or if I had only three Alice albums or just didn't have any interets in this aspect of music. But that isn't the case.

Are you saying a passionate movie collector isn't allowed to criticize a movie if he/she doesn't have any experience of directing movies? Is amateur's opinion always worthless? Am I unqualified to judge Shakespeare's sonets because I haven't published a book yet? I am glad you enjoy the album more than I do. We are both entitled to our opinions so let's bury the axe.
Maybe you should learn to spell sonnet before you judge Shakespeare, let alone the words of Alice Cooper!
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Re: ACAS- your view now?

Post by WickedYoungMan » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:51 am

I'm locking this thread now for a day or two for review by the other moderators. This has gone from discussing the album to discussing each other and some of the comments have gone a little bit too far. If the thread is re-opened then let's cool it down or possible warnings will be coming next.
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