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by Headbangers Ball
Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:51 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Alice tribute bike
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What a fab idea LT - cant wait to see the photos of that project.

We are bikers too, have had a couple of Harleys, but now own a Triumph Rocket.

Guess your going to airbrush the tank etc? Just EXACTLY what are you going to paint? :laugh:
by Headbangers Ball
Sun Mar 11, 2007 7:13 pm
Forum: Alice Cooper - On Tour
Topic: "Along Came A Spider" - Your Thoughts on the Album Title
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jessejane66 wrote:Must hear the tunes first... It always come right down to the music for me anyway.


Yep! For me too.

I never liked the sound of 'Dirty Diamonds' and all that 'garage' stuff, so maybe this is more promising.

Certainly has more of an Alice 'ring' to it! ;)
by Headbangers Ball
Tue Jun 06, 2006 7:24 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: If Alice Cooper Where A Tree... - What Kind Would He be?
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A TREE???!!!! Oh come on people!!!! Alice would have to change his name again!!! How about..........

Scotty Pine or Joshua Tree.