The Following is a list of Alice Cooper Promotional videos.

  • 'School's Out' Tour Promo Film '72 (Live Audio)
  • "Elected" '72
  • "Hello Hooray" '73
  • "Teenage Lament '74" '73
  • "No More Mr. Nice Guy" '74
  • "Department Of Youth" '75 (U.K.)
  • "You And Me" '77
  • "(No More) Love At Your Convenience" '77
  • "How You Gonna See Me Now?" '78
  • "(He's Back) The Man Behind The Mask" '86
  • "Teenage Frankenstein" '87
  • "Freedom" '87
  • "I Got A Line On You" '88
  • "Poison" '89 (Uncensored Version)
  • "Poison" '89 (Censored Version)
  • "Bed Of Nails" '89
  • "House Of Fire" '89
  • "Only My Heart Talkin'" '90
  • "Hey Stoopid" '91
  • "Love's A Loaded Gun" '91
  • "Feed My Frankenstein" '92
  • "Lost In America" '94
  • "It's Me" '94
  • "Gimme" '00
  • "It`s The Little Things" '01
  • "Mankind" '05
  • "I'll Bite Your Face Off" '12

The promo video for 'School's Out' consists of Audience footage from NYC, Miami and Hollywood Bowl; soundcheck footage from Hollywood Bowl; and band footage from NYC, Miami and Hollywood Bowl.

The video of "Clones (We're All)" is not, in fact a promo promo video in that it's actually an appearance filmed for the TV show 'Pink Lady And Jeff' and not filmed for general promotional use.

If you are going to include two listings for "Poison", the extra one being the "Uncensored" version which includes some topless shots of the excellent rockchick - then I guess you might have to include the third edit of the video which was the one actually shown on MTV which didn't have some of the "bondage" shots the home video version has. The MTV one has a few replacement shots in it.
(Renfield, July 1995)

The drummer in the 'Poison' video is actually a guy called Anthony who just happened to look like Eric Singer.

Is Alice against releasing archive video?

Alice ain't against it. There's no easy answer to that question - and I'm not sure I even know the answer - the music business is weird and super political. There ain't tons of "classic" stuff - at least not as much as you may think.. Different people own the rights to different videos and films - and you have to be realistic about keeping these things a LITTLE mainstream cuz you want to sell more copies than to just the hard-core sickies. This ain't to say there won't be more stuff. I could definitely put together a 'Prime Cuts Pt.2'.
(Brian Nelson, June 1995)

The promotional video for 'I'll Bite Your Face Off' features footage shot at the Download Festival and the special 100 Club show in London and shows actor Johnny Depp joiing the band on stage.


Here's my take on the whole video history thing. I might have to take a little credit for the bit of attention that the "Elected" video has gotten because I always tried to make a very big deal out of making sure this was always mentioned in all of Alice's biographical material. Music Videos (or promo clips as us old timers referred to them before the advent of MTV) have been around before rock n roll even reared its ugly head. Most, if not all of these "videos" were of the artist performing a song--maybe with a backdrop if they got fancy. In the 60's, The Beatles and a few other bands made some videos that were a bit more like the we know of today. They were made specifically as promotional vehicles for the current single. The 'Strawberry Fields' video was very psychedelic and showed the Beatles running around in a park -frontwards and backwards. There were others by the Who and the Stones, etc. as well.

The thing that stands out about the 'Elected' video is that there was no performance or lip-synching which was very unusual. It also was possibly the first video that had a storyline. And, the most subtle yet significant thing, was the editing. The editing was done in a quick, choppy fashion which ultimately came to be what MTV was most cited for. After people noticed MTV was a force to be reckoned with, commercials and TV shows (Miami Vice) started to pattern themselves to look like MTV with this editing style.
(Renfield, September 1995)

Be Chrool To Your Scuel - Twisted Sister

In 1985 Alice recorded with metal band Twisted Sister on a track called 'Be Chrool To You Scuel' and also made an appearance in the video for the song. The video was released on a VHS compilation of Twisted Sister videos called 'Come Out And Play'.

Westlemania III

(by Chris Corridan, July 2000)

In March of 1987, Alice Cooper was a participant in a WWF wrestling pay-per-view event called Wrestlemania 3. That event set an indoor attendance record of 93,173 paid. Amongst wrestling fans, Wrestlemania 3 remains one of the most revered of events (arguably the most worshipped event of the entire history of wrestling pay-per-views, which now boasts a total of over 250 such events, including 16 annual Wrestlemanias.)

Alice was "in the corner" of Jake "The Snake" Roberts (real name, Aurelian Smith Jr), as Roberts locked horns with The Honky Tonk Man (real name Wayne Farris.) Naturally, Alice got a huge response from the crowd, as it was at the Pontiac Silverdome, just outside of Detroit - a city synonymous with Alice.

At the time, Roberts was one of wrestling's most popular good-guys, known for bringing a live snake in a bag for each match. After winning a match, Jake would ceremoniously dump the python on top of a beaten foe. The Honky Tonk Man was the perfect rival -- he was a cowardly Elvis-wannabe character, noted for having smashed an acoustic guitar over Jake's head weeks before the event. What better way to get even with the phony musician than for Jake to enlist a REAL heavy metal icon to watch his back. It was oldies versus heavy metal! Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, Jake Roberts lost the match via pinfall. However, the fans were not entirely disappointed. Alice and Jake had a few laughs trying to introduce The Honky Tonk Man's pesky manager, Jimmy Hart, to Jake's pet python named "Damien."

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