Prime Cuts
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'Prime Cuts' traces the history of Alice Cooper up to the 'Hey Stoopid' album. It features archive footage and interviews.

There are two versions of this video. The US version features a few minutes extra footage of Alice talking about Kane Roberts and Kip Winger.

Also, There are two different covers to the European version. The original cover featured a shot of Alice on-stage with white hat and coat. This was an error by the European manufacturers. The correct, second, cover is the shot of Alice with the flower on his head.

There is a VCD version (on two discs)(CMM DD 111) and a DVD version was released on 1st June 1998.

Prime Cuts: The Alice Cooper Story

'The Alice Cooper Story' DVD was released on 24th September 2001 and compromises the original Alice Cooper 'Prime Cuts' home video on one disc, with a second disc containing 80 minutes of supplementary material. Features include: Interviews with original Alice Cooper band-members Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, and Dennis Dunaway; 27 minutes worth of dress-rehearsal footage from the 1987 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' tour; never-before-seen VH-1 'Behind The Music' interview footage; rare live footage of Slash & friends performing 'Elected'; brand new and exclusive interview with Alice filmed in L.A. in March 2001; song selection via the Alice Cooper Virtual Jukebox; extras accessible via interactive 'Cooper game'; fully animated opening sequence and menu and in the UK it came in a special gatefold and textured sleeve based on the `Billion Dollar Babies` snake skin theme.

To skip the interactive game and see all the additional footage without the hassle of playing the game use the DVD player remote control and manually input Title 2 chapter 1 (from info that was on

It should be noted that the original single disc Region 1 version (NTSC) of Prime Cuts, released by Image Entertainment some years back, has some addition footage of the Kane Roberts (Nightmare Returns) band not on later versions. It also has the correct aspect ratio of 1.33:1 along with superior picture quality as disc 1 on the more recent version has been cropped to 1.85:1 thus losing much screen information top and bottom. Even the graphics on the opening title have been altered to accomodate the widescreen format.
(Mother Mercury, message baord Aug 2005)