Alice Cooper & Friends

This is a video which was released in the mid-eighties. It features about 25 minutes of Alice and also includes footage of The Tubes, Nazareth and Sha Na Na. It was recorded at the first night, 19th June 1977, of the 'Lace And Whiskey ('King Of The Silver Screen') tour at the Anaheim Stadium, California. Alice was in pretty bad shape on this show/tour and at the end of the tour he checked into hospital.

Songs included on the tape are: School's Out, Is It My Body, Under My Wheels, Billion Dollar Babies, You And Me, Only Women Bleed, Lace And Whiskey, and I Love The Dead

While, as Renfields statements below show, this wasn`t exactly Alice at his best (quite the opposite) this footage is almost the only surviving (and only commercially available) film of this tour and as such worth seeing if for nothing more then to see the infamous 'Chickens with Machine Guns' during `Lace And Whiskey` as poultry-kind finally gets revenge for The Toronto Incident!

In my opinion (and Alice's), it's horrible. Alice at his worse. Very drunk and very lethargic. It's from 1977 prior to him committing himself to the hospital. It's only for the very hard-core or morbidly curious.
(Renfield, March 1996)

 It is the worst piece of video ever shot in the history of music. Sadly, Alice was at the worst phase of his drinking career and literally close to death. The video reflects this all too well. Simply unwatchable.
(Renfield, May 1997)