Zipper Catches Skin Timeline



Aug 25th `82 Zipper Catches Skin released

Nov `82 'I Am The Future' released (according to boxset - it was April `83 in UK (review in Kerrang))

Nov '82 Alice turns up at an Iggy Pop show in Nov 82 on either 28th or 30th at Devil House in Tempe. Virgin (with Glen Buxton) were the support act.


July/Aug `83 After recording 'Dada', Alice returns home to Phoenix where his drinking comes to a head. He`s not eating and dangerously thin. The family check him into a hospital but before Doctors could help treat his alcoholism, they had to stablise his physical condition, he was critically malnourished and close to death. He was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. He was in hospital for two and a half weeks, drying out. He was visited by Coach Emmitt from Cortez High days. He realised that he had to stop drinking and went 'cold turkey'. ('Behind The Music')

Sept `83 Alice is finally sober for good. He spends most of the next three years at home with his family.

Sept 28th `83 Dada released